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Written By T.J. McBride on February 22, 2023Last Updated on February 24, 2023
Support and opposition voiced at event on Tempe Entertainment district

A recent public debate organized by the local organization Tempe First was intended to increase opposition to a sizable development task in Tempe. A new area and practice area for the Arizona Coyotes, a tunes venue, multi-family housing models, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores would all be part of the Tempe Entertainment District.

The job was opposed by two listeners, but some locals also spoke out in favor of it. On May 16, Tempe voters will decide the fate of the$ 2 billion + project.

The first stage of development includes the Coyotes area and practice facility.

Arizona sports bettinghas been a reality since September 2021 in Arizona. Tempe doesn’t have any real bookmakers at the moment. SaharaBets is the casino companion of the Coyotes. Given that there are now financial sportsbooks in all of the major sports venues in the Phoenix area, it might be a good idea to add one to the new space.

46 estate does make up the Tempe Entertainment District. & nbsp, it will be located on Priest Drive and Rio Salado Parkway just west of Mill Avenue, south of Arizona State University, and south of the Salt River. The Coyotes area and training facility are the project’s icing on the cake. There will be 16, 000 seats in the area.

The second phase of development will involve building the area and practice facility. After that is finished, the area around the new area will be renovated and developed. Visitors will be housed in a number of hotels, but locals won’t be forgotten. Plans even call for the construction of multi-family cover.

Additionally, plans call for the construction of a music venue, as well as space for eateries, shops, and grocery stores.

Bluebird Development will be the creation staff. The enormous 4 million square feet project will be primarily funded with personal funds. Tempe does receive$ 50.2 million from Bluebird in exchange for the property.

Two criticize the task.

Two individuals voiced their opposition to the Tempe Entertainment District.

Gayle Shanks, a Tempe First member, was the first to methodically point out potential flaws in the project & rsquo’s financial plan. According to Shanks, there are worries that the expenses will outweigh the benefits.

I believe the financials do not make sense, & ldquo. & rdquo,

Lauren Kuby, a previous Tempe City council member, was the next speaker against the task. Kuby discussed potential customers overcrowding problems and tax breaks that programmers might be trying to secure.

& ldquo, neighborhoods in the southeast are going to suffer greatly from the traffic jams and bottlenecks we are just causing. & rdquo,

She added that a casino at the new market was another issue she was worried about.

During Q & amp, A, supporters offer their two cents.

After the lectures were finished, a question-and-answer program started.

Tempe native was the first to respond. Theodora Shekerjian. She expressed her excitement over the potential revenue income from the business.

It is a fantastic project, & ldquo. It will generate revenue earnings for Tempe, which will be used to fund initiatives like affordable housing. & rdquo,

Doug Royse claimed to have spent his entire life in Tempe. The land the project may sit on is already vacant, which is why he is supporting it.

& ldquo, It & rsquo is acquiring a useless piece of real estate that is not making any money. & rdquo,

Voters will have the last say in this. On May 16, they will vote on the job in a particular election.

Photo taken in Tempe, Arizona
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Written By T.J. McBride on February 21, 2023Last Updated on February 23, 2023
Rate songs for raffle entry with Ultimate Playlist from Arizona Lottery

Is there space for one more music streaming service among Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Pandora, and so many others? In the hopes of the Arizona Lottery. It is launching a brand-new mobile app called & nbsp that combines daily cash raffles with music.

Players and players at Ultimate Playlist & ldquo listen to songs, rate them, and then they & rsquo re-enter daily raffles and drawings with a$ 20,000 jackpot. The Arizona Lottery has not yet provided a lot of information about Ultimate Playlist.

The AZ Lottery advertising software is a free, non-lottery game andrsquo.

The Arizona Lottery has been going strong for more than 40 years. It has provided billions of dollars to education, conservation, human services, public safety and the arts. Up until the last few years, it was one of the only ways to gamble in The Grand Canyon State. Sports betting, both online and retail, is now available to Arizonians.

Ultimate Playlist is referred to by The Lottery as & ldquo, a free-to-play mobile app, raffle game, music discovery, and song-promotional tool. The app will be accessible on both Android and iPhone platforms, & rdquo.

Every day, Ultimate Playlist may provide 40 brand-new tracks for customers to listen to and price. Users can participate in regular cash raffles and drawings for a payout while using the application. The jackpot is worth$ 20,000, while there are$ 2,000 worth of raffle prizes. & nbsp,

This game is a & ldquo, free, non-lottery game, as made abundantly clear by the Arizona Lottery. & rdquo, That may seem contradictory, but the US state contests have very strict regulations regarding online gambling. The Arizona Lottery promotes the app as a non-lottery game for this reason, despite the fact that listeners can get raffles and be eligible to win cash jackpots.

In the end, it is just a drawing in title. Officially speaking, it is a audio software with games that can be played for free.

Only a few details about the game have been provided by Arizona Lottery.

The Arizona Lottery has not yet provided information on the game, such as genres of music or featured performers. The right-holder is a co-owner in the business. Rightsholder is & ldquo, a brilliantly straightforward music rights search engine designed with music licensing and synchronization specialists in mind, according to its website. & rdquo,

Ultimate Playlist is still a puzzle aside from that. It will be fascinating to learn more about the game and, in the end, to observe how it affects loading of games and music.

Arizona Lottery image
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McBride, T. J. is a writer and reporter based in Denver who covers the Denver Nuggets as a beat writer. He contributes regularly to PlayTexas on issues surrounding the illegal gaming market. His byline can be found across many websites such as ESPN, FiveThirtyEight, Bleacher Report and others.

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Written By T.J. McBride on February 21, 2023Last Updated on February 23, 2023
DraftKings to build retail sportsbook by TPC Scottsdale in Phoenix

It was inevitable that major operators would later become interested in golf courses as more professional sports teams collaborated with sportsbooks. At TPC Scottsdale, which hosts the Phoenix Open annually, DraftKings is constructing a real betting.

When it debuts in October, the financial betting will be the first at a PGA Tour golf program. It won’t be the last, for sure.

Arizona’s fourth physical sportsbook will be DraftKings & rsquo.

There’s just a few brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in the state, but there are 18 sportsbooks available for online sports betting in Arizona. The new DraftKings retail venue will become one of just four physical sportsbooks in Arizona.

In Scottsdale, building is currently ongoing and should be finished in eight weeks.

The DraftKings casino may include 40 betting kiosks and seven ticketing windows. 400 people can sit inside, and there is more space on the patio around. The course & rsquo, 18th hole, and the TPC Scottsdale clubhouse are both directly across from the location.

PGA Tour believes that bookmakers will attract more supporters.

Natural bookmakers at the PGA Tour’s events have a number of advantages. They can increase audience participation and in-person presence at events. Additionally, they can draw in a younger, more varied fan base for the sport.

In Arizona last December, bets on sports totaled more than$ 600 million. That & rsquo, or more than$ 500,000,000 in a single month. According to Norb Gambuzza, senior vice president of media and entertainment for the PGA Tour, it & rsquo is understandable why the Tour is excited.

& ldquo, Through the lens of sports betting, one part of the overall strategy is to attract more new fans and increase engagement with current ones. That is really at the top of the list when we discuss our plan. Building the betting is one type of erect in that technique, which includes a variety of other activities as part of it in this market access deal in Arizona. & rdquo,

The ability to place bets increases how much more people enjoy watching sports and going to sporting activities. Additionally, when there is money on the outcome, fans tend to engage themselves more deeply in a sport.

Phoenix native Patrick Fortuna, who attended the Phoenix Open earlier this month, told Cronkite News that he believes real casinos at events will spark interest from spectators.

A sportsbook encourages people to gamble regardless of the situation, & ldquo. And I believe that even though I am not a huge sport fan and that I enjoy golf, I would still be more encouraged to come to this location if there were more sportsbooks that would encourage people to wager on the sport. and take pleasure in sports. & rdquo,

Phoenix Open tournament presence is great.

There were other sportsbooks besides DraftKings that were interested in opening a real betting at ITC Scottsdale. Gambuzza told Cronkite News that because it is far from various casinos in Phoenix, there is little to no competition there.

& ldquo, If you were to map and plot the locations of all these( sportsbooks ), you would notice that we have a slight geographic advantage, are distinct, and are located close to an area with an economic advantage that is somewhat more wealthy. Therefore, I believe that is one of the factors DraftKings was intrigued by this as well because of its potential to be a little bit unique from the others. & rdquo,

The Phoenix Open’s large attending also helps. That reality wasn’t lost on DraftKings, according to Gambuzza.

& ldquo, It is this golf tournament that has such a unique personality and large turnout. Andhellip, you have this fantastic competition, the Thunderbirds, who manage it, Waste Management as the tournament’s patron, and TPC Scottsdale. If we’re going to do this, we have the components for a truly unique and powerful venture, so let’s do it, it kind of came to that. & rsquo, Andrdquo

It’s interesting to note that, with the exception of the Phoenix Open, DraftKings & rsquo sportsbook will be accessible to everyone. During the February game, it will serve as a hospitality area for VIP visitors.

Arizona’s major stadiums and venues have in-house casinos.

The second retail sportsbook at a golf course on the PGA Tour is DraftKings. It & rsquo, however, is not the first at Arizona’s home of professional sports teams.

In actuality, physical sportsbooks are housed in & nbsp, the home arenas and stadiums of the NFL & rsquo, Arizona Cardinals, MLB +, and Arizona Diamondbacks as well as the Phoenix Suns.

    Arizona Cardinals’ home State Farm Stadium: BetMGM financial betting
  • Phoenix Suns’ home stadium, Footprint Center: FanDuel financial casino
  • The Arizona Diamondbacks’ household field is Chase Field, and Caesars Entertainment is a financial sportsbook.

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McBride, T. J.

McBride, T. J. is a writer and reporter based in Denver who covers the Denver Nuggets as a beat writer. He contributes regularly to PlayTexas on issues surrounding the illegal gaming market. His byline can be found across many websites such as ESPN, FiveThirtyEight, Bleacher Report and others.

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Written By Adam Hensley on February 7, 2023Last Updated on February 8, 2023
AZ AG warns sports bettors of Super Bowl scams

Arizona & rsquo’s attorney general wants to ensure that potential bettors use legitimate sportsbooks with Super Bowl LVII less than a week away.

People should be on the lookout for con artists and additional illegal bets options, according to Attorney General Kris Mayes.

While some Arizonans wager on constitutional athletics, it’s important to keep in mind that con artists are out there attempting to steal your money and personal information, according to Mayes. & ldquo, Make sure you are betting on activities when you wager on the Super Bowl or any other sporting event, not whether an unlicensed betting will seize your winnings. & rdquo,

Arizona sports betting and dependable gaming

Mayes also gave some advice on what to watch out for when placing a sports wager in addition to his information.

For starters, make sure the Arizona sports betting outlet of your choosing is licensed. There are 18 licensed operators to pick from, including DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars and BetMGM (among others).

Also, watch out for sportsbooks that don’t adhere to any regulation requirements or have no security standards. There are quite a few improper casinos outside of the nation. These are referred to as offshore books and are exempt from the same regulations and rules as licensed users.

Consistency has thus been a problem on those websites. For instance, in April 2022, one of the biggest offshore sportsbooks went live for more than two days. The website stated that it was unavailable for scheduled preservation, but it never gave its users advance see.

Another reliable axiom is that if a deal seems to good to be true, it most likely is. The Arizona Department of Gaming needs to be informed of any suspicious action.

On Super Bowl 57 wagers alone, Arizona could win more than$ 60 million.

PlayInAZ predicts that Arizona could see roughly $63 million in Super Bowl betting this year. With 18 sportsbooks to choose from, there’s no shortage of options for the big game.

And each sportsbook offers countless bets outside of basic point spread, moneyline and point total wagers. Take Caesars, for instance. In an interview with FOX 10 Phoenix, David Grolman of Caesars said the sportsbook has more than 2,000 different ways to bet on the Super Bowl.

We have a ball plate with 600 different wagers, he said, adding,” Andrdquo.” Will the coin flip be heads or tails from & ldquo, Everything from, and lsquo? And from. And to. Will, the first score be a safety? & rsquo, also known as

The 2023 Super Bowl could do wonders for the state’s economy as a whole, not just for its gambling sector. Early estimates are that the big game could bring $600 million to the state.

In 2015, Arizona hosted the Super Bowl. According to a study from Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business, the game brought in$ 700 million that year. impact.

According to the transfer, the 2015 Super Bowl has the biggest financial impact of any occasion to have ever taken place in the state of Arizona.

Super Bowl LVII is positioned for a large number of bets across the nation.

Sports bettors may be able to wager more than$ 1.1 billion on Sunday & rsquo, the big game, according to projections.

Super Bowl LVII would be the most heavily bet-on final in league history if that measure turns out to be accurate.

Given the increase in sports gambling both nationally and internationally, it makes sense. Sports gambling is permitted in 33 states and Washington, DC.

Shutterstock image
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Hensley, Adam is a journalist from Des Moines, Iowa, who currently works for the USA Today Network. His byline has appeared in the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated and sites within the USA Today Network. Hensley graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019 and spent his college career working for the Daily Iowan’s sports department, both as an editor and reporter.

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Written By Jarrett Huff on February 14, 2023
2023 Super Bowl a big day for Arizona sports betting

Millions of people watched the Kansas City Chiefs’ 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2023 Super Bowl in Glendale on Sunday nights. Thousands of sports stakes were placed throughout the weekend along with those millions of viewers.

100 million stakes were placed over the course of the trip, according to GeoComply, a organization that verifies geographic locations for the origin of wagers. The ability for players to survive bet on the game, according to GeoComply co-founder and CEO Anna Sainsbury:

Super Bowl LVII for & ldquo was a record-breaking occasion. According to GeoComply data, Americans & rsquo’s interest in legally wagering on the Super Bowl has never been higher. Additionally, it demonstrated how many State Farm Stadium spectators embraced their new capacity for wagering while watching the game in people. & rdquo,

In and around State Farm Stadium alone, where the game took place, more than 100,000 transactions took place on Sunday. Around 8,000 new accounts were created in the Glendale area to partake in Arizona sports betting. This was the first Super Bowl to take place in a state where sports betting is legal.

Sportsbooks that offered Super Bowl betting options overall saw a 25% increase from last year’s game. FanDuel reported, at its peak, it was accepting 50,000 bets every second, with around 2 million customers using the platform throughout the game.

What were the results for Arizona Super Bowl punters?

The Eagles were the favorites for most of the country heading into Sunday’s game. Caesars Sportsbook reported that of the 19 territories it operates in, 17 chose the Eagles (-1.5) to cover the spread. One of the two territories where more people bet the spread on the Chiefs was Arizona, which collectively favored the Chiefs. For the moneyline, Arizona joined 11 other territories in favoring the Eagles.

According to DraftKings, Arizona joined all other territories, aside from Kansas, on a majority of bettors favoring the Eagles to cover the spread.

FanDuel announced on their Twitter account hours before kickoff that an Arizona bettor had bet$ 460,000 on Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to score a touchdown at any point in the game(- 115 ). Kelce had ultimately score a touchdown off an 18-yard go. He became the highest-scoring tight end in NFL playoff history as a result, making that fortunate Arizona bettor$ 400,000 richer.

On Sunday, a bettor at the BetMGM sportsbook near State Farm Stadium put down $547,000 on over 49.5 points (-125) to be scored in the game; the largest bet on the game made at the time. The Chiefs and Eagles combined for 73, allowing the bettor to win $437,600. The same bettor put down $52,000 on the coin toss to be heads – but it landed on tails.

It’s not too early to place a wager on the Super Bowl the following month.

Despite the NFL & rsquo’s season coming to an end after the Chiefs’ victory, The following Super Bowl has just started for league & rsquo. Who will probably take Kansas City’s place as the 2024 Super Bowl champions has already been predicted by some bookmakers.

The Chiefs have the best chance of winning Super Bowl LVIII at + 600, according to DraftKings, after emerging from the AFC. The San Francisco 49ers have the best possibilities in the NFC at + 800. At + 900, the Eagles are the NFC’s second-place finisher.

As far as the Arizona Cardinals are concerned, Vegas has little faith in the team’s Super Bowl potential. The Cardinals currently sit at +20000 odds; far below the next-lowest NFC team, the Chicago Bears (+8000). They share the worst odds with the AFC’s Houston Texans.

The NFL winter of 2023 will be very uncertain for the Cardinals. Kliff Kingsbury, a previous head manager who was fired, has yet to be replaced. Additionally, star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has been the subject of trades since before Arizona & rsquo’s season ended, and franchise quarterback Kyler Murray will likely miss some of the season recovering from a torn ACL.

On February 11, 2024, Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, may host the Super Bowl LVIII game.



Image by Shutterstock
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Written By Hill Kerby on February 10, 2023
Sportsbook bonuses for 2023 Super Bowl

Sunday for the Super Bowl is quickly approaching. For Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, all eyes will be on Arizona and Glendale & rsquo State Farm Stadium.

Every sign points to the Big Game being the most wagered-on in US sports betting history, and Arizona sportsbooks are offering promotions galore in the hopes of cashing in on more of the action.

That means attractive offers for Arizona bettors to jump on. In total, five sportsbooks are offering $7,211 in bonuses for new users. If you’re traveling to the Grand Canyon State and are looking to get your money down on the 2023 Super Bowl, these are offers you won’t want to miss.

Super Bowl Bonus from DraftKings Sportsbook

If you haven’t signed up for the DraftKings Sportsbook yet, the Super Bowl will be your best opportunity to do so this year.

As long as you make a minimum$ 5 deposit, you will receive the following as part of the generous DraftKings welcome bonus:

  • $ 50 Bonus Play
  • 20 % Deposit Match Up to$ 1,000
  • Once you place your first wager, you will receive$ 200 more in bonus bets( must be$ 5 ), which will be paid out in eight bonus wagers of$ 25 each, regardless of the outcome of your wager & rsquo.

This present only lasts until 11:59 ET on Super Bowl Sunday, so no promo code is required.

Throughout the first quarter of the game, DraftKings will also be running a business where any viewers may place bonus bets.

Super Bowl Bonus from Caesar’s Sportsbook

New users at Caesars Sportsbook can go “Full Caesar” with a first-time bet credit of up to $1,250 if your first bet loses. All you have to do is join Caesars Sportsbook Arizonaand enter the Caesars promo code LEGALFULL

By registering, You & rsquo will also get 1,000 Reward Credits and 1,000 Tier Credit for Caesars Rewards.

Caesars is also looking after its current clients. All people have the option to sign up for further promotions, such as:

  • Raffle for a$ 57, 000 Imagine Payment
  • Long Shot Single-Game Parlay( SGP )
  • Possibilities Increase

Super Bowl Bonus from BetMGM Sportsbook

One of the best casinos in the US, BetMGM is the owner of opulent casino resorts all over the world. Additionally, it runs the BetMGM Sportsbook at State Farm Stadium, where the Big Game is held. & nbsp,

The BetMGM Sportsbook is easy to use and has multiple offers special for the Super Bowl. New customers can receive their choice of the following:

  • Bonus Code PLAYBONUS: A first-bet offer of up to$ 1, 000. You & rsquo will be reimbursed with bonus bets in$ 200 increments( up to$ 1, 000 ) if your first wager loses.
  • Bonus code PLAYBONUSSB: Place$ 10 on the Big Game for your initial wager, and you’ll get$ 100 in bonus bets right away.

The BetMGM Sportsbook$ 100, 000 Big Game Prop Bet Challenge is open to all users. Enter the contest by visiting the BetMGM Sportsbook app’s available offers and responding to the 15 ball bet-related issues.

Anyone who correctly answers all 15 questions receives$ 100,000, but all players who get at least 12 correct receive a$ 5 bonus wager. A$ 10 bonus bet is given to those who correctly respond to 13 questions, and a$ 100 bonus for answers to 14 questions.

Super Bowl Bonus from BetRivers Sportsbook

Both new signups and existing customers are eligible for Super Bowl offers at BetRivers Sportsbook.

Once new users sign up for BetRivers Sportsbook and use the promo code PLAYRIV, they are eligible for a 2nd Chance Bet( up to$ 500 ) on any wager with – 200 odds or greater( e.g., not– 300 parlay ).

Every user can sign up every day to take advantage of further promotions like sports squares, Bet Match promotions, and profit boosts.

Super Bowl Bonus from Betfred Sportsbook

Claim up to $1,111 in Welcome Bonuses at Betfred Sportsbook Arizona by using promo code BETBONUS at signup.

To qualify, new users must wager$ 50, but they will also be given a$ 111 bonus wager. Beyond that, Betfred will reimburse you up to$ 200 per week for any weekly net losses you incur during the first five weeks. & nbsp,

Effective bettors have many reasons to use Betfred, even though any winning weeks reduce your ability to fully cash in on the benefit. Even better if you outperform each of your first five months!

Super Bowl Bonus from FanDuel Sportsbook

Last but not least on this list, FanDuel is the number one online sportsbook in the US. Sign up with FanDuel Arizonaand receive a No Sweat First Bet up to $3,000.

All customers have the option to sign up for additional promotions like the$ 10 million & ldquo Rob Gronkowski & rsquo, Kick of Destiny & hrde, and the No Sweep Same-Game Parlayandrdqua promo. Once you’ve signed up, make sure to read the FanDuel app’s terms and conditions for the maximum wager requirements.

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Kerby Hill

Kerby Hill is a proponent of safe, legal betting, and is grateful to be able to contribute to growing the industry. He has a background in poker, sports, and psychology, all of which he incorporates into his writing.

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Written By Grant Lucas on August 28, 2021Last Updated on February 3, 2023
DraftKings Arizona Pre-Launch Sign-Up Offer

One of the nation’s top legal sports betting companies has already opened an in & nbsp in Arizona. Additionally, DraftKings Sportsbook is prepared to offer extra wagers as a welcome bonus to new clients.

DraftKings introduced its mobile betting app in the state on Saturday after obtaining a license from the & nbsp, Arizona Department of Gaming. Grand Canyon State bettors is then open and fund their online transactions.

New users can use a sign-up reward from DraftKings to start their execute as soon as the state introduces regulated wagering on September 9.

Up to $1250 to bet on sports
250% Slots + Table Bonus
150 Free Spins On Gorilla Or Buffalo Ways
50 Daily Boost For Your Massive Wins
Grab your 175% + 50 free spins
UP TO $1,250
On Caesars
Stream NFL Games In App For Free
+ Get 1,000 Caesars Reward & $1,000 Tier Credits
Redeem for Bet Credits, Hotel Stays, & More!
Use Promo Code: LEGALFULL
GET UP TO $1,111
In Fred Bets
Bet $50 Get $111
Get $200 a Week for 5 Weeks
Daily Odds Boosts
Use Promo Code: BETBONUS
No Sweat First Bet
Up to $1,000 No Sweat First Bet
Available on iOS, Android & Desktop
To Claim: Click Bet Now

Bonus wagers worth$ 150 are available from DraftKings Arizona.

Partner of TPC Scottsdale, where it intends to open a retail sportsbook, DraftKings Arizona looks to build its customer base in the Southwest.

The operator will give out$ 150 in extra wagers just for signing up as a way to accomplish that. Only new consumers of DraftKings are eligible for this offer. Additionally, the bonus will run out in seven days after & nbsp.

When customers register their accounts, they may not see the credit pop up right away. DraftKings will pay out the bonus bets once Arizona sports betting goes live Sept. 9, just in time for users to use those bonuses on NFL betting when the season kicks off that night.

How to register with DraftKings Arizona

Utilizing the DraftKings sign-up give requires much time and effort on the part of punters.

Consumers may record their new accounts and be on their way by giving a few important pieces of personal information. This information aids DraftKings, which is accessible on & nbsp, iOS & bnp and & ndbpsg, Android, in verifying customers & rsquo, ages, and identities to ascertain whether they are eligible to take part in regulated wagering.

What details must users provide?

  • whole title in law
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number’s final four figures
  • a home handle
  • e-mail handle

People will finish the sign-up procedure after agreeing to the DraftKings terms and conditions, just like that. DraftKings will start processing the$ 150 extra as a result.

Users can open or fund their accounts without actually being in Arizona. However, bettors will need to be located within condition lines once lawful betting begins on September 9.

Pictures by AP / Charles Krupa
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Grant Lucas

Grant Lucas is a lifelong activities author who has covered the higher school, collegiate and professional ranges. A graduate of Linfield College in McMinnville, Grant has covered activities and written features and sections surrounding prepared activities, Linfield and Oregon State athletics, the Portland Trail Blazers and golfing throughout his career.

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Written By C.J. Pierre on May 4, 2022Last Updated on February 6, 2023

In Arizona, Surf Paradise will participate in the financial activities betting event. There is now a transitory retail casino location at the racetrack thanks to an agreement with Unibet.

One of eight sports teams or organizations to obtain permission from the Arizona Department of Gaming to start wagering operations is the renowned horse race place.

Now operational is the Unibet Sportsbook Arizona mobile app. We might start seeing more people go out for a moment of horse racing with this fresh in-person gambling alternative opening up before the Kentucky Derby weekends.

Up to $1250 to bet on sports
250% Slots + Table Bonus
150 Free Spins On Gorilla Or Buffalo Ways
50 Daily Boost For Your Massive Wins
Grab your 175% + 50 free spins
UP TO $1,250
On Caesars
Stream NFL Games In App For Free
+ Get 1,000 Caesars Reward & $1,000 Tier Credits
Redeem for Bet Credits, Hotel Stays, & More!
Use Promo Code: LEGALFULL
GET UP TO $1,111
In Fred Bets
Bet $50 Get $111
Get $200 a Week for 5 Weeks
Daily Odds Boosts
Use Promo Code: BETBONUS
No Sweat First Bet
Up to $1,000 No Sweat First Bet
Available on iOS, Android & Desktop
To Claim: Click Bet Now

What Turf Paradise’s Unibet Sportsbook has to offer

Turf Paradise, located at 19th Avenue and Bell Road in northeast Phoenix, already holds wagering on live and simulcast horse racing. Now the track, alongside Unibet, is offering betting on other sporting events.

C. J. Pierre took the picture.

The Paddock Room on the first floor of the Grandstand is where visitors can find the momentary sports betting place. To cash scoring tickets, there are six gambling kiosks and a life teller. The place is occupied by 25 large-screen TVs. Four screens are also set up to track the constantly shifting chances of sports events.

It’s a thrilling time for Turf Paradise because we’ll continue to offer pari-mutuel bet on horse racing, but also with our spouse Unibet, provide another kind of betting on additional activities as well, & rdquo, said Vincent Francia, general manager of the organization.

For the time being, the service will be available for sports betting from 11 am to 6 pm on Mondays through Fridays and 10 am until 6 p.m. on weekends. But, those days will change for soccer season in the fall.

The track will continue to add to the AZ Sportsbooks market. A more permanent betting area is in the design stage. It will be located in a large banquet room on the third floor, across from the Turf Club.

The in-person gaming debut of Turf Paradise arrives just in time for the Kentucky Derby.

This is the ideal time to open a retail betting location because the Phoenix area & rsquo, the historic horse racing track, will be very busy during this time of year.

On Saturday, May 7, the track will host its final racing day of the season with the Turf Paradise Open Spring Futurity. That will also take place ahead of the Kentucky Derby.

The best two minutes in sports, or & ldquo, has long been associated with the race. & rdquo, but this is also the first time Arizonans will have a chance to place wagers on the Derby by using betting apps. Several AZ Sportsbooks are offering specials and bonuses on the big race.

This year’s Kentucky Derby is scheduled to take place on the industry. Zandon is currently out of article 10 and is a 3-1 popular on the day line odds. Next up at 7 – 2 is Epicenter & nbsp, followed by AndnBsP, and Messier at 8 – 1.

This is a great opportunity for Arizonans to make travel plans to the renowned record. Opening in 1956, Surf Paradise is regarded as the first sports company in the valley. Additionally, it’s a fantastic location for Kentucky Derby viewing. You can, however, participate in the activity this time by placing a bet.

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Written By Marian Rosin on February 2, 2023

The impact of a Super Bowl doesn’t stop at the thud of a player tackling a player; the host city will also feel the impact. And Arizona is no stranger to the financial perks of hosting a SuperBowl. Feb. 12 marks the state’s fourth time hosting the Big Game at State Farm Stadium in Glendale. Arizona sports betting apps will be the first to experience a Super Bowl in their state.

The Arizona Super Bowl number committee’s president, David Rousseau, stated:

& ldquo, It has an unmatched exposure and economic impact on our area. & rdquo,

Enthusiasm aside, estimates vary considerably on how much hosting the Super Bowl can actually profit a city. In 2021, the NFL put that figure at $300 million to $500 million, and others have it as high as $800 million. Experts at VisitPhoenix expect the upcoming Big Game to bring in about $600 million, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

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Does Arizona benefit from an Arizona Super Bowl?

However, VictorMatheson, the College of the Holy Cross economics professor specializing in the economic impacts of mega-sports, painted a more muted picture in a talk with PlayInAZ. Looking back at previous host cities’ experiences, he puts the actual economic impact of Super Bowl hosting at $30 million to $130 million, most commonly around $100 million.

Some of the elements contributing to those lower numbers, according to Matheson, are:

The result of squeezing

Instead of increasing the number of guests nevertheless, hotel visitors who come to town for the Big Game push away visitors who might have otherwise checked in.

Funds from the Super Bowl does not remain in the host city.

First of all, various NFL team receive the funds. To handle the flow of Big Game business, a lot of work is imported.

For instance, Matheson suggested that an Uber driver from San Antonio, Texas, does briefly work in the Phoenix region over the Super Bowl weekend. They also spend the money in San Antonio after that. Additionally, staff members working in hotels and rental cars may receive some extra time, but they do not receive significantly higher fees over the long weekend. Profits are returned to commercial.

A family of four spending$ 10,000 on a Super Bowl vacation will leave very little of that money in Arizona. Phoenix is typically quite active at this time of year, big game or no major game, according to Matheson.

Of course, number cities have added costs, such as significantly higher costs for police extra and public transportation, which can significantly reduce revenue.

Financial effects of earlier AZ Super Bowls

Arizona has previously hosted the Super Bowl three days: 1996, 2008, and 2015. ( In 1990, the state forfeited its 1993 slot that had already been scheduled because next – Gov. Martin Luther King Day was unjustly canceled by Evan Meacham.

EricKerr claims that When Arizona hosted Phoenix & rsquo, vice president of insights and development, in 2015, it had an economic impact of$ 720 million. Through income, some of that was used to fund town, state, and state income.

His estimate is consistent with findings from an Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business socioeconomic impact review. These advantages were reported to Fox 10 Phoenix by Kerr:

  • The number of rental car facilities tripled the normal business.
  • & nbsp, the seventh-highest hotel occupancy on record, at 95 %.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport & rsquo saw 180, 000 passengers pass through on Monday, making it the busiest day of the post-game.

The 2015 numbers were addressed by Matheson.

There is no denying that the Super Bowl is a significant hospitality function. & rdquo,

He emphasized that the majority of the money goes to the business owners of hotels, airlines, rental car companies, etc., even though some of it remains in Arizona as a result of taxes. Phoenix still receives a small portion of the Big Game ticket sales.

In any case, financial record might not be repeated.

The 2015 Pro Bowl was held in Glendale on the Sunday before that year’s Super Bowl, but Las Vegas does host the event this time. Therefore, Super Bowl 57 & rsquo’s overall economic impact on the Phoenix region might not be significant.

In the end, Glendale’s Super Bowl 42, which was held in 2008, may serve as a warning: The city & rsquo, the mayor at the time, admitted to ESPN that it had lost$ 1 million during the hosting process.

According to Matheson, the temporary increase in local delight that comes with having may be the true benefit.

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The biggest effect of Super Bowl altruism is

Local charities may profit from Super Bowl profit, RayArtigue of the strategic planning and marketing company Artigue Advisors noted. Through Habitat for Humanity, the NFL does construct houses or parks.

And Rousseau asserts that the tremendous impact & rdquo of hosting the Super Bowl here won’t end when the game clock runs out. In keeping with this, the NFL Foundation and the Host Committee have joined forces to create the Super Bowl Legacy Grant. It will give grants to organizations that support underprivileged populations in achieving the following goals:

  • enhancing children access to high-quality education
  • promoting availability and justice by taking positive action
  • putting efforts for recycling and food healing into place
  • enhancing the general health of the populace, with a focus on children

The NFL Foundation’s senior director and vice president of generosity, Alexia Gallagher, stated:

& ldquo, The NFL places a high priority on creating lasting memories in each of its host cities that benefit the neighborhood, both before and after the Super Bowl. & rdquo,

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Written By Martin Harris on June 24, 2021Last Updated on January 30, 2023
Last week the Arizona Department of Gaming reported a big revenue increase from the state's tribal casinos.

Gambling in Arizona are back in operation. Ethnic game contributions to the state and its cities, towns, and counties are also included.

Last week the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) reported total gaming contributions from the state’s tribal casinos for the fourth quarter of Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 were almost $33.8 million. That’s a 32% increase over the fourth quarter of FY2020, and almost twice the total from the previous quarter.

Solid rise andrsquo for tribal casinos and their recipients, according to ADG producer

The ADG reported$ 25.5 million in cultural gaming contributions for Q4 of FY2020 last year.

With each statement, the statistics for FY 2021 have alternated between reduces and raises. The ADG reported$ 13.9 million in contributions for Q1 in September 2020. Next, in December, those numbers increased to$ 31. 7 million for Q2. Efforts dropped once more to$ 17.6 million for Q3 in March of this year before rising suddenly to close FY2021.

According to Ted Vogt, director of the ADG, seeing the year-over-year increase was fascinating andrdquo.

Not only is it obvious that Arizona Tribal Gaming has experienced a strong bounce, but each of these extra gaming dollars will also help important initiatives like schools, stress centers, wildlife conservation, and more, according to Vogt.

Tribes are required by the particles to give 12 % of their Net Win to local towns, cities, and regions. 88 % of the remaining goes to the ADG. That wealth, in particular, is donated to the Arizona Benefits Fund, which subsidizes a number of state-wide money.

The Instructional Improvement Fund, which supports Arizona institutions, may receive around$ 17 million, or just over half of the total, from the Q4 contributions from FY2021. For the Trauma and Emergency Services Fund, an additional$ 8.5 million has been set aside.

Also, just over$ 2.43 million may be given to the Arizona Tourism Fund and Arizona Wildlife Conservation Fund.

ADG costs will be covered in the meantime, with an additional$ 675K going toward the education, treatment, and prevention of problem gambling.

Tribal-state particles guarantee money for the position and cities.

Tribes operating the state & rsquo are required by the tribal-state gaming compacts to give 1 to 8 % of their gaming revenue to the government as well as to cities, towns, and counties.

Essentially, a portion of Class III Net Win is contributed by the nations. Before running expenses are taken into account, the Net Win represents the discrepancy between the casino’s wins and losses.

The number of achievements is determined by a sliding scale. Only 1 % of a casino & rsquo’s first$ 25 million in Class III Net Win is contributed. After that, the percentage rises from 3 %( for the following$ 50 million ) to 6 %( the following$ 25 million ), and finally, it goes up from 10 % for everything over$ 100 million.

Early this year, the tribes and Arizona changed their particles to allow for more board games and sports betting. in. May the amended compacts received federal approval, thereby going into effect.

Currently the ADG’s timeline targets the start of the NFL season in September for sports betting to go live.

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