. Gila River Resorts CEO Recognized As AZ Influential Minority Business Leader

Gila River Resorts CEO Recognized As AZ Influential Minority Business Leader

Written By Marian Rosin on April 26, 2023
Kenneth Manuel of Gila River Resorts recognized for leadership

Kenneth Manuel essentially works from home. The CEO of Gila River Resorts & amp, Casinos, was raised in the same neighborhood where he currently works.

AZ Big Media late named Manuel one of the 23 Most Important Minority Business Leaders in the State. For someone who began their career in the casino industry in 1994 as a slot attendant, that & rsquo is an honor.

His journey is described as inspiring by AZ Big Media as & ldquo. & rdquo,

According to Manuel, diversification in business is inevitable.

All casinos in Arizona are owned and operated by Native American tribes. Arizona online casinos using real money are not legal in the state, though social and sweepstakes casinos are legally available to Arizona players.

Michael Gossie, the editor-in-chief of AZ Big Media, claims that Manuel and the other 22 company leaders they highlighted andldquo were chosen because of the influence they are having on the tradition of Arizona’s business community. & rdquo,

Individuals who view diversity, equity, and inclusion as a necessity rather than an initiative are referred to as”& ldquo ,”” They & rsquo.” Their work and administration are bolstering both their businesses and their communities. & rdquo,

Richness and respect come hand in hand, Manuel told AZ Big Media.

& ldquo, I believe that diversity is something that almost comes naturally if you have a fundamental principle of respect. And I put what I preach into training. I want everyone to be at ease. It is a privilege to be recognized as one of Arizona’s top diverse leaders, & hellip. I take pride in serving as a role model for residents of my neighborhood and paving the way for others who want to become outstanding officials. & rdquo,

Manuel climbs his way up the stairs.

Manuel was raised in Arizona’s Gila River Indian Community. He told the Phoenix Business Journal of those times,” There were a lot of struggles, & rdquo.” He claimed that he also had a background in the entertainment and hospitality sectors. He saw the improvement it gave his neighborhood. And since the beginning, he has collaborated with many of his staff people and ldquo. & rdquo,

He was promoted to games officer, casinos director, and then acting casinos producer after his original 1994 experience working as a slots operator. Offers for Gila River Resorts’ recent CEO continued after that.

    Sheraton Grand at Gila River & rsquo, s Wild Horse Pass, management
  • Gila River Gaming Enterprises, Inc. Board of Directors President
  • Member of the Casino Expansion Owners Team, 2007 – 2013, 2017 – present
  • Chairman of the Expense Committee
  • Mentorship Committee part

Manuel gained extensive knowledge of casino hotels while serving as committee chairman.

& ldquo, I was exposed to all of the various departments, casino operations, and perspectives from the tribal government. & rdquo,

Tribal leaders were so impressed by Manuel & rsquo’s management abilities and leadership style along the way that they chose him to lead the five-year Enterprise Pathways Mentorship Program as assistant chief executive officer. In the same program, he had received training for professional leadership.

Manuel is named CEO for the first time in the Gila River Indian Community.

He became the first Gila River Indian Community member to hold the position forever after being named CEO in 2017. He & rsquo is currently a part of the Casino Expansion Owners Team.

In that capacity, Manuel helps to oversee construction of Gila River’s three currently operational gaming properties: Lone Butte, Vee Quiva, and the recently renovated Wild Horse Pass – plus the upcoming Santan Mountain Casino set to open in late spring or early summer.

The CEO has benefited from being a part of the community growing up. For instance, it enables him to view any changes made to the Enterprise & rsquo from two perspectives: business and community. When Gila River Hotels & amp, Casinos teamed up with the Arizona Cardinals in 2019, he did so. The community & rsquo now has opportunities for youth that were not available to him when he was younger thanks to partnerships with them and other sports teams, according to Manuel.

The Gila River Indian Community’s largest source of income today comes from its involvement in the entertainment and hotel sectors. That gives him a”& ldquo ,” or” vested interest ,” in what we do every day, according to Manuel.

The Enterprise stated on Manuel & rsquo’s leadership that all of his formal education, on-the-ground experience, and training( including a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management ) had led to & ldquo, unprecedented growth and development that had contributed to the long-term sustainability and progress of the Gila River Indian Community.

Manuel is a strong supporter of team & rsquo,

This isn’t the first moment Kenneth Manuel has received attention from the media. He was named one of Native Business Mag‘s Top 30 Directors in 2020.

Manuel told the newspaper that he gives his success credit to both his neighborhood and his coworkers.

I’m a big believer in teams, & ldquo, I & rsquo. There is a strong sense of pride in the neighborhood. & rdquo,

He also emphasized to the Phoenix Business Journal the significance of a business leader being grounded and aware of an enterprise’s vision, purpose, and mission no matter what business & rdquo, & ndash.

& ldquo, I’ve found it fascinating to observe how gaming has enhanced our community’s quality of life. The company’s profits are used to fund initiatives like cover, healthcare, education, and social services. & rdquo,

Nevertheless, according to the Enterprise, Manuel has fostered a collaborative culture that inspires and empowers roughly 3, 000 team members. & rdquo,

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