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Written By Kerby Hill on May 8, 2023
A Powerball ticket bought in the Phoenix area has won $50,000.

& nbsp, an Arizona ticket hit four out of five numbers plus the Powerball in last Wednesday’s powerball drawing. The player won$ 50,000, 000 despite missing the$ 71 million prize by one number. The Arizona Lottery reported that as of Thursday evening, no one had claimed the solution. It was offered for sale at a QuikTrip in the Phoenix place in Ahwatukee. The winning statistics on Wednesday were 21, 26, 30, 45, and 47. The Powerball had a 3x Power Play and was 23 years old.

Players of the Arizona Lottery can now use Jackpocket to purchase cards online.

Powerball tickets are available starting at $2. The Power Play add-on costs $1 and can multiply non-jackpot prizes. Players can purchase Arizona Lottery tickets at over 3,000 retailers statewide or online through Jackpocket, the popular app that expanded to Arizona in January.To play, choose five numbers between 1 and 69 for white balls and a final number between 1 and 26 for the red Powerball. The odds of winning any of the nine available prizes are 1 in 24.9, ranging from $4 to $1 million.Jackpot odds are much rarer at 1 in 292.2 million. A player must hit all five numbers plus the Powerball to win the grand prize.

The Powerball jackpot is currently increasing to$ 97 million.

No player won Saturday’s jackpot, either. The estimated jackpot for Monday’s (May 8) drawing is $97 million.Make no mistake, $97 million is life-changing money, even after taxes. However, all but one recent jackpot has been well into nine figures, or more, like last November’s record $2.04 billion jackpot.Powerball jackpot winners in the last year:

  • $ 252.6 million ( Ohio ) on April 19, 2023.
  • Virginia’s$ 162.6 million as of March 4, 2023
  • $ 754.6 million( Washington ) on February 6, 2023.
  • Kansas’$ 92.9 million as of November 19, 2022
  • California’s$ 2.04 billion as of November 7, 2022
  • 3 August 2022:$ 206.9 billion
  • 29 June 2022: 366.7 million

Over the past two decades, Arizona drawing players have won sizable sums of money.

The $50K Powerball score is one of several big scores in Arizona within the last two months.In March, two players hit all six numbers in the Triple Twist. A player in Surprise won $1.5 million on March 15. Another player from Phoenix won $225,000 six days later.Earlier in April, another player won the Triple Twist for $265,000 from a ticket purchased in Chandler. That same night, a Scottsdale ticket won $10,000 from the Mega Millions drawing.Forty-five states participate in Powerball, plus Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Arizona has the 14th-largest population in the US, with around 7.5 million residents, and makes up roughly 2% of people living in Powerball-eligible states and territories.The Grand Canyon State ranked 21st in Lottery sales in 2021 ($631.9 million), suggesting a lower chance of obtaining a jackpot winner.Last November’s historic $2.04 billion jackpot was won by a player in Altadena, CA, just north of Pasadena in the Los Angeles area. California has the largest population in the US and had the third-highest sales in 2021 ($8.4 billion), behind Florida and New York.  

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Written By Staff on January 25, 2022Last Updated on May 1, 2023
Arizona Football Fans Cardinals

Casinos make$ 50 million in gross revenue, according to PlayInAZ analysts, as business is still booming in December.

With almost$ 470 million in betting and more than$ 50 million of net gaming revenue in November, online and retail bookmakers( LAS VEGAS ) and mdash, Arizona & rsquo, fully extended their unheard-of launch into a next month. Arizona became the state with the quickest$ 1 billion in bet after launch, according to researchers from play-in-az.com, which keeps an eye on the expanding Arizona entertainment industry.

The timing of Arizona & rsquo’s release could not have been better for casinos, according to C. J. Pierre, lead scientist for play-in-az.com. The first launchers caught the majority of the soccer season and were able to witness the first excitement that the Suns and rsquo, hot start, caused. Arizona & rsquo sportsbooks were also able to ride a historical wave of victories in November that quickly brought on record money for operators in the United States. All of this has helped the state’s sporting organizations make an unprecedented debut. & rdquo,

Bets at Arizona virtual and financial games totaled$ 466.7 million in November, an increase of more than 4.0 percent from the$ 486.1 million imagine generated in October, according to official data released by the Arizona Department of Gaming on Tuesday. A small drop from October, which saw five full vacation of NFL and college football games, is being followed by regional styles. In November, the state & rsquo’s casinos averaged$ 15.6 million in daily betting, a slight decrease from the$ 15.7 million they had in October.

Users of Arizona & rsquo added a record-breaking$ 723.7 million gain for U.S. sportsbooks in November. Sportsbooks in the Grand Canyon state saw an increase in overall profits from$ 37. 5 million in October to$ 54. 4 million. After deducting$ 18.4 million worth of special funds, the show taxed$ 31.9 million in gross event wagering documents. As a result, the place received$ 3.2 million in opportunity costs.

Arizona has now broken nearly every U.S. profit report for a position during its first three weeks, despite the fact that those records may be short-lived following New York and the rsquo’s start in January. However, Arizona & Nevada’s casinos have produced the following over the past three weeks:

  • Arizona was the fastest state in U.S. history to reach$ 1 billion after winning$ 1.2 billion in wagering.
  • The highest total income for any location over the first three months was unquestionably$ 121.2 million.
  • charges for privileges totaling$ 4.2 million for the position.

Eric Ramsey, a professor for the PlayUSA.com Network, which even includes PlayInAZ, claims as much. Arizona is a special location for this fresh company. Thanks to the enthusiastic response from local bookmakers & ldquo, nearby casinos have gotten off to an amazing start. Operators have clearly placed a lot of importance on it given the state’s current specific spending. Tax profits will likely trail for a while while providers are being so aggressive, but as the market settles, that may continue to happen. & rdquo,

459.3 million dollars wagers, or 98.4% of the state’s handle, came through Arizona online sportsbooks in November. Retail sportsbooks accounted for the remaining $7.4 million in wagers.

With the launch of SuperBook AZ and Fubo Sportsbook in December, and SaharaBets in January, Arizona is now home to 12 sportsbook operators. Despite the growing competition, ​​DraftKings continued to top the market in November with $148.7 million in wagers, all from online bets. That was down from $151.4 million in October. DraftKings won $12.5 million in gross revenue from November’s bets, up from $10.98 million in November.

With$ 118.0 million in bets, including$ 113.3 million from online wagering, Rival FanDuel finished second in the state. That was a decrease from October’s$ 120.8 million, which included$ 115.9 million in net wagers. The state-best$ 16.0 million in gross income came from retail and online betting made by November & rsquo.

Next came the following:

  • With a total of$ 92.32 million in net betting revenue, BetMGM made$ 9.5 million.
  • Caesars placed a$ 66.2 million wager, including$ 63.5 million online and$ 7.4 million in revenue.
  • Barstool made$ 2.1 million from$ 17.8 million in net bet income.
  • WynnBet( 17.8 million in wager,$ 2.1 million overall net profit )
  • Rush Street brought in$ 2.7 million in wagers and$ 245, 964 in profits.
  • TwinSpires’ net bet was$ 1. 5 million, and its profit was$ 267, 098.
  • Unibet made a total of 881 937 income from online gambling, totaling$ 93, 396.

According to Pierre, customers have been flooding Arizona’s company with cash after watching an NFL game this drop and observing how many sportsbooks were ad-hoc. ldquo, and for good reason since also. Once users have established a hang, it has proven to be nearly impossible to remove them from the company idea, as in Arizona with DraftKings and FanDuel. & rdquo,

For more information and research on regulated activities gambling in Arizona, go to play-in-az.com / information.

Contact: Zack Hall, Catena Media, [email protected]

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Written By Darren Cooper on April 10, 2023
Arizona big lottery winners

The major win in Arizona just keep coming.

Two more large winning lottery tickets were sold in the state on the same night, just 40 miles apart, less than two months after hosting Super Bowl LVII, with the Arizona Wildcats winning the PAC – 12 basketball tournament( we won & rsquo, t talk about March Madness though).

At the SuperPumper gas station in Chandler on Tuesday night, a$ 265, 000 Triple Twist drawing ticket was purchased; however, someone in Scottdale, Arizona, purchased swaggering tickets worth$ 10,000 on the Mega Millions drawing at the Safeway( close to the intersection of I-10 and AZ-51 ).

As of Friday afternoon, neither winner had stepped forward to Arizona Lottery officials to claim their prizes.

40 kilometers separating them? The idea that it might be the same man baffles the head. Did they make a stop at the Safeway for meals before returning to the SuperPumper to top off their pond? & nbsp, Both tickets were bought on Tuesday.

The joy is tripled.

The Triple Twist jackpot idea is straightforward. Over 3, 000 Arizona retailers sell tickets for$ 2 each. People have the choice of choosing their own six numbers( 1 through 42 ) or letting the machine handle it.

In either case, the machine provides two additional columns of numbers that can be used to win the jackpot.

The winner of Tuesday & rsquo struck all six numbers: 2, 26, 33, 35, 38, and 41 to take home the prize.

This wasn’t the first time a native of Arizona had recently played the Triple Twist. A Triple Twist ticket that was sold at a Surprise Wal-Mart on March 15 brought in$ 1.5 million, and another triple-trot ticket sold on the same day in Phoenix was worth$ 225, 000.

Chandler, which is a piece of Maricopa County, has just under 280, 000 residents.

Mega Millions, I hear you ask?

The unidentified champion, who bought their tickets at the Safeway in Scottsdale near Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Roads, matched four out of the five numbers drawn for the Mega Millions prize and Mega Ball.

1, 37, 45, 62, and 64 were the winning figures, with 4 being the Mega Ball.

According to the most recent statistics, Scottsdale, another large city in Maricopa County, has a population of 242, 753.

The Mega Millions jackpot was up to$ 414 million as of Friday & rsquo’s drawing, with an estimated cash value of$ 221 million.

Winners must claim their prizes within 180 days of the drawing. By then, maybe the Arizona Diamondbacks will have made the MLB Playoffs.


Ross D. Franklin / AP Photo

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Written By Marian Rosin on April 26, 2023
Kenneth Manuel of Gila River Resorts recognized for leadership

Kenneth Manuel essentially works from home. The CEO of Gila River Resorts & amp, Casinos, was raised in the same neighborhood where he currently works.

AZ Big Media late named Manuel one of the 23 Most Important Minority Business Leaders in the State. For someone who began their career in the casino industry in 1994 as a slot attendant, that & rsquo is an honor.

His journey is described as inspiring by AZ Big Media as & ldquo. & rdquo,

According to Manuel, diversification in business is inevitable.

All casinos in Arizona are owned and operated by Native American tribes. Arizona online casinos using real money are not legal in the state, though social and sweepstakes casinos are legally available to Arizona players.

Michael Gossie, the editor-in-chief of AZ Big Media, claims that Manuel and the other 22 company leaders they highlighted andldquo were chosen because of the influence they are having on the tradition of Arizona’s business community. & rdquo,

Individuals who view diversity, equity, and inclusion as a necessity rather than an initiative are referred to as”& ldquo ,”” They & rsquo.” Their work and administration are bolstering both their businesses and their communities. & rdquo,

Richness and respect come hand in hand, Manuel told AZ Big Media.

& ldquo, I believe that diversity is something that almost comes naturally if you have a fundamental principle of respect. And I put what I preach into training. I want everyone to be at ease. It is a privilege to be recognized as one of Arizona’s top diverse leaders, & hellip. I take pride in serving as a role model for residents of my neighborhood and paving the way for others who want to become outstanding officials. & rdquo,

Manuel climbs his way up the stairs.

Manuel was raised in Arizona’s Gila River Indian Community. He told the Phoenix Business Journal of those times,” There were a lot of struggles, & rdquo.” He claimed that he also had a background in the entertainment and hospitality sectors. He saw the improvement it gave his neighborhood. And since the beginning, he has collaborated with many of his staff people and ldquo. & rdquo,

He was promoted to games officer, casinos director, and then acting casinos producer after his original 1994 experience working as a slots operator. Offers for Gila River Resorts’ recent CEO continued after that.

    Sheraton Grand at Gila River & rsquo, s Wild Horse Pass, management
  • Gila River Gaming Enterprises, Inc. Board of Directors President
  • Member of the Casino Expansion Owners Team, 2007 – 2013, 2017 – present
  • Chairman of the Expense Committee
  • Mentorship Committee part

Manuel gained extensive knowledge of casino hotels while serving as committee chairman.

& ldquo, I was exposed to all of the various departments, casino operations, and perspectives from the tribal government. & rdquo,

Tribal leaders were so impressed by Manuel & rsquo’s management abilities and leadership style along the way that they chose him to lead the five-year Enterprise Pathways Mentorship Program as assistant chief executive officer. In the same program, he had received training for professional leadership.

Manuel is named CEO for the first time in the Gila River Indian Community.

He became the first Gila River Indian Community member to hold the position forever after being named CEO in 2017. He & rsquo is currently a part of the Casino Expansion Owners Team.

In that capacity, Manuel helps to oversee construction of Gila River’s three currently operational gaming properties: Lone Butte, Vee Quiva, and the recently renovated Wild Horse Pass – plus the upcoming Santan Mountain Casino set to open in late spring or early summer.

The CEO has benefited from being a part of the community growing up. For instance, it enables him to view any changes made to the Enterprise & rsquo from two perspectives: business and community. When Gila River Hotels & amp, Casinos teamed up with the Arizona Cardinals in 2019, he did so. The community & rsquo now has opportunities for youth that were not available to him when he was younger thanks to partnerships with them and other sports teams, according to Manuel.

The Gila River Indian Community’s largest source of income today comes from its involvement in the entertainment and hotel sectors. That gives him a”& ldquo ,” or” vested interest ,” in what we do every day, according to Manuel.

The Enterprise stated on Manuel & rsquo’s leadership that all of his formal education, on-the-ground experience, and training( including a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management ) had led to & ldquo, unprecedented growth and development that had contributed to the long-term sustainability and progress of the Gila River Indian Community.

Manuel is a strong supporter of team & rsquo,

This isn’t the first moment Kenneth Manuel has received attention from the media. He was named one of Native Business Mag‘s Top 30 Directors in 2020.

Manuel told the newspaper that he gives his success credit to both his neighborhood and his coworkers.

I’m a big believer in teams, & ldquo, I & rsquo. There is a strong sense of pride in the neighborhood. & rdquo,

He also emphasized to the Phoenix Business Journal the significance of a business leader being grounded and aware of an enterprise’s vision, purpose, and mission no matter what business & rdquo, & ndash.

& ldquo, I’ve found it fascinating to observe how gaming has enhanced our community’s quality of life. The company’s profits are used to fund initiatives like cover, healthcare, education, and social services. & rdquo,

Nevertheless, according to the Enterprise, Manuel has fostered a collaborative culture that inspires and empowers roughly 3, 000 team members. & rdquo,

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Written By Dan Holmes on April 19, 2023Last Updated on April 20, 2023
The sale of Turf Paradise should not affect horse racing in the short term.

The only thoroughbred racing track in Phoenix & rsquo is reportedly on the verge of being sold to an out-of-state developer. According to reports, horse race will soon resume on the trail. However, the new users might include ideas for renovating the property.

According to reports, CT Realty, with its offices in Newport Beach, California, is nearing the end of the process of buying Turf Paradise from Jerry Simms. There are only three horse racing in Arizona, and this one has been running for more than 50 years.

Turf Paradise’s prospect is still unknown.

While there are several dozen off-track betting parlors across Arizona, there are no betting apps, as online horse betting is illegal in the state.

CT Realty builds commercial real estate properties all over the US, according to its site. According to AXIOS Phoenix, CT Realty plans to redevelop some of the property for business, multi-family, and & ldquo uses while keeping the trail opened for racing in the coming years.

Turf Paradise has been Simms’ property since 2000. At Bell Road and 19th Avenue, the track debuted in 1956. One of the few US tracks that hosts horse racing from October to February is It & rsquo. Turf Paradise did not, however, ask the Arizona Department of Gaming ( ADG ) for summer race dates. As a result, until the fall, sporting won’t likely begin at the track.

James Watson, Director of CT Realty, has not stated whether the monitor may be discontinued in the future. Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, Turf Paradise was shut down for almost two whole racing seasons. Since re-opening, they have reduced the track & rsquo, s racing schedule.

Simms wants to spend time with his grandchild, according to Track General Manager Vincent Francia, who told ABC15. & rdquo,

Watson & rsquo,s ] background is in industrial development, which is what he has excelled in, but who has also participated in horse racing in the past. He belonged to the California Horse Racing Board. At one level, he was the owner of Portland Meadows in Oregon. & rdquo,

The outcome of Arizona Downs appears more specific.

Arizona Downs is apparently being sold under a deal as well. 1ST( Stronach Group ) is the buyer. It & rsquo, there is a good chance that the new owners will continue to use the location as equestrian arena. Golden Gate Fields( Berkeley, CA ), Gulfstream Park( Hallandale Beach, FL ), Laurel Park, MD, Pimlico Race Course, Maryland, and Santa Anita Park are all owned and operated by 1 / ST Racing.

The fact that no record in Arizona has requested a June to September race license this yr, according to the ADG, is unfavorable.

Leroy Gessmann, the executive director of the Arizona Horsemen & rsquo Benevolent and Protective Association, shared information about the sale of Turf Paradise in an interview with Thoroughbred Daily News.

According to what we understand, Turf Paradise will become developed gradually, and they will compete for one to two. Possibly three more years, based on the course of development. I believe they are correct at 200 land with both parcels of land. There is a lot of vacant space here, There & rsquo. They & rsquo, I suppose, will begin with the empty ground and then move on to the racing operation. For a few years until we can make other arrangements, we hope Mr. Watson may keep racing. & rdquo,

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Written By Jarrett Huff on April 5, 2023
Diamondbacks Game Day Guide

Baseball fans return to Chase Field for some Arizona Diamondbacks motion in the spring, which brings warmer weather to Grand Canyon State.

Arizona activities bettors and fans everywhere will be keeping a close eye on the Diamondbacks to see if they can bounce back into the MLB playoff for the first time since 2017.

Here is a Diamondbacks game time guide to what you can assume this football time if you’re planning to visit downtown Phoenix:

What to understand before heading to the sport

Eighteen online sportsbooks are open to bettors in the state. Arizona sports betting also includes several retail sportsbooks, including one at the home of the Diamondbacks, Chase Field.

Before arriving at the game, make sure you have your phone fully charged with the MLB Ballpark app downloaded so you can have your tickets ready. Instructions for downloading the app and navigating it can be found here. Chase Field features a retractable roof. Updates on the roof status for every series can be found here, so plan accordingly.

Sunday through Thursday, the doors opened 90 minutes before the first game, and two hours before games on Fridays and Saturdays.

Make sure you’re ready with your credit or debit card because Chase Field & rsquo’s team shops are all cashless. Areas 106, 128, and 322 all offer slow ATMs. The Ballpark software allows you to purchase concessions and will notify you when the purchase is ready for pickup.

Inside the estimate, just distinct bags are allowed. The luggage may not exceed the dimensions of a cheap gallon freezer bag, which is 12 by 6 by 12. Smaller clutch purses are allowed, but they must be no bigger than 4.5 by 6.5 feet.

How to wager on the Diamondbacks

Arizona sports betting allows for gamblers to place wagers from anywhere through their mobile devices with betting apps like BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings Arizona and FanDuel. Chase Field also offers patrons the ability to place in-person wagers at the ballpark.

Bet can be bet on the overall season win and World Series odds, as well as a variety of one-game wagers like moneyline, full runs, and many others.

At Chase Field, gambling

At Chase Field, gambling may happen in a variety of ways. One such method is to make in-person bets at the tag windows 21 through 25.

For more of an up-scale Arizona sports betting experience, head across the plaza from the main entrance of Chase Field to Caesars Sportsbook Arizona. Introduced last season, the facility offers sports bettors a place to bet and watch their favorite sports and enjoy food and drinks. Check out Guy Fieri’s DTPHX Kitchen + Bar, a full-service restaurant, located at the sportsbook.

Nine gaming windows and 13 self-service kiosks are available at the center, which is complemented by wall-to-wall coverage from numerous flat-screen TVs and patio space with lounge-style seating options.

The casino is accessible. Fans attending activities may not be able to access the sportsbook from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 p. m, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 o’clock to noon.

What’s new at Chase Field, What & rsquo?

Black Rock Coffee Bar at section 110, Chick-Fil-A at sections 126 and 328, Cr & eacute, Mily Dessert Bar, Scoopwell & rsquo, Dough Bar in section 106, Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt in Section 322, and Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers on the northwestern side of the ballpark are among the new concessions at the park.

Big Dawgs Section 105 & rsquo, s menu, is one of the intriguing new features this year. All year long, Diamondbacks Dogs are on display at the walk. Additionally, they have a rotating cast of Versus Dogs & rdquo throughout the season. Depending on the series’ opposition, the list will display a different breed of dog.

What & rsquo, what’s the parking situation like?

Parking at Chase Field is cashless, including at the parking garages, so make sure to bring a credit or debit card. Parking can be reserved ahead of time here. Garages are located on the west and southwest sides of the ballpark.

The pick-up and drop-off points for all ridersharers are 5th Street northeast of Washington and Jackson Street south of 9th St.

Incentives for Diamondbacks 2023

The 2023 Diamond promotions and giveaways schedule includes:

Date Promotion
6 April Waymo presents the Opening Day / 25th Anniversary Rally Towel and the First Day Street Festival.
22 April Blank Run Bobble Zac Gallen
5 May Postgame Concert at the Selena Practice
May 6. Jersey Serpientes Copy
May 12 Pacific Island Heritage Week
May 13. Party of Eastern History and anime player t-shirts
14 May 3 / 4-Sleeved Mother’s Day Tee
3 June Ethnic Cap and Native American Identification Day
June 17. Pride Bag or Pleasure Day
June 18. Pacific clothing for Father’s Day and the pregame” Play Get on the Field”
4 July a nationalist t-shirt
29 July Tatooine Haboob Earth and Star Wars Night
12 August Tribute Replica Jersey: 25th Anniversary Event
August 25. Family Night, Faith & amp
2 September Heritage Night in Mexico
15 September – 17 Weekend / Serpientes Cap for Hispanic Heritage
2 September9 – October 1 Trip of Fan Understanding

AP Picture by Mark J. Terrill
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Written By Hill Kerby on April 3, 2023
Arizona sports betting handle 2022

Arizona & rsquo’s sportsbooks reported a total handle of$ 6, 036, 844, 929 in its first full calendar year, or more than$ 500 million per month on average.

In seven consecutive times, including four straight months to end the time, the monthly handle exceeded$ 500 million. The combined net gambling profits for the year from bookmakers was$ 482.9 million, fine for an 8 % hold.

A month filled with features of sports betting

Arizona sports bettingAlthough those first four months were just a practice for 2022, they may have become legal in September 2021. In The Grand Canyon State, there are currently 18 online casinos applicable to punters.

Arizona bettors began operations in 2022, producing the state & rsquo’s first-ever handle of more than$ 500 million in January. February barely missed that mark, but March set a record at$ 691 million, which is still in effect today & ndash, that is, until this March & rsquo, s numbers are made public.

Wagers predictably declined until football season began, when September started a four-month run above $500 million. September also had the single highest revenue total, with its 10.5% hold yielding $56.4 million in gross gaming revenue (GGR). 

December’s $572 million handle then wrapped up the year, putting the total sports betting handle above $6 billion.

Arizona sports betting tackle by month in 2022

Month Handle Revenue Hold Taxes
January $563,694,591 $41,890,200 7.4% $1,952,971
February $491,665,554 $25,629,835 5.2% $670,686
March $690,979,294 $38,898,393 5.6% $1,864,457
April $512,877,848 $30,441,992 5.9% $1,647,450
May $461,450,688 $56,193,286 12.2% $4,125,125
June $318,774,198 $12,601,357 4% $766,831
July $290,511,532 $22,684,582 7.8% $1,496,426
August $361,008,834 $37,161,759 10.3% $2,767,590
September $537,966,149 $56,428,815 10.5% $3,058,838
October $618,570,296 $49,392,419 8% $2,963,714
November $616,855,046 $56,028,195 9.1% $3,876,208
December $572,490,899 $55,581,725 9.7% $3,724,395
Total $6,036,844,929 $482,932,558 8 % on ordinary $28,914,691

FanDuel is surpassed by DraftKings in control but no GGR.

DraftKings Arizonaand FanDuel were by far the most popular casinos in Arizona. Throughout the year, both competed for the major quarterly handle, with DraftKings winning for a period of seven months.

As a result, DraftKings led the state in total handle with $1.95 billion. FanDuel ($1.83 billion) was second, joined at 10 figures by BetMGM Arizona ($1.08 billion). 

Caesars Arizona ($684.8 million) finished fourth, with the four sportsbooks accounting for 91.7% of the total handle in the state.

Annual GGR produced a different order on the podium. FanDuel Arizona ($185.8 million) generated over 38% of the state’s total GGR, well ahead of second-place BetMGM ($110.8 million)

Due to two months of GGR below$ 3.4 million and a fourth month in the red, DraftKings($ 108.3 million ) dropped to next. Caesars & Rsquo’s$ 45.1 million annual GGR.

The position receives almost$ 29 million.

Arizona sportsbooks are required by state law to pay taxes of 8 % of retail and 10 % of online profits, which are adjusted after free bets and promotional credits. The state & rsquo’s cut was just 6 % of GGR, or$ 28.9 million, as a result of these deductions. & nbsp,

Kansas, Maine, Colorado, Ohio, and West Virginia are additional states with 10 % sports betting income. Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and Nevada are the four state with the lowest tax rates, respectively.

While this is the case in many other states, such as Illinois ( 15 %), Maryland ( 16 %), Tennessee ( 20 %), and Pennsylvania( 36 %). & nbsp,

The highest in the country are Rhode Island( 51 %), Delaware( 50 %), New York ( 51 %), and New Hampshire( 52 %). In the case of New York & rsquo, that generated more than$ 690 million in state tax revenue. ( Total handle in 2022 was$ 16.3 billion. )

In Arizona, the state & rsquo general fund receives all tax revenue from sports betting and is used to fund programs like education, health care, corrections, child safety, and other state agencies.

Arizona establishes itself as one of the best six sporting betting markets in the US.

Arizona regularly delays the release of its activities wagering data for the rest of the country. The rush was worthwhile for Arizonans. Arizona produced the sixth-highest control in the US in its first full year of sports betting.

With a$ 16.3 billion handle, New York & rsquo led the country, almost 49 % ahead of New Jersey & rosquo’s$ 0.9 billion. The top five were rounded out by Illinois($ 9.8 billion ), Nevada ($ 8.7 ), and Pennsylvania($ 7.25 billion ).

Regarding the following rivals, Arizona came in far ahead of Colorado ( 5. 2 billion ), Virginia ( 4. 9 ) and Michigan( 4.8 billion ).

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Written By Hill Kerby on April 12, 2023
The sportsbook at State Farm Stadium can now stay open on game days.

For Cardinals fans, next week brought interesting information in Arizona sports betting for the upcoming football season.

At the league & rsquo’s 2023 annual meeting at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, NFL owners voted to permit sportsbooks to operate in stadiums on game days. It was one of more than a few ideas that were accepted. & nbsp,

The BetMGM Sportsbook is just outside State Farm Stadium, making it possible for bettors to get the betting during all of this fall’s action on Sundays. The Cardinals are one of only four groups with sportsbooks on the property.

Arizona is at the head of the sports betting industry.

Arizonans have nearly 20 online sportsbooks to choose from. Arizona sports betting is popular because there are several sports teams to bet on in The Grand Canyon State. The Phoenix Suns are coming on in the NBA at the end of the regular season. And the Arizona Diamondbacks are just getting their season started.

While Arizona was not the first state to legalize sports betting, it was the first to allow sportsbooks at stadiums. The BetMGM Arizona Sportsbook opened last September, just in time for football season, becoming the first sportsbook to open at an NFL stadium.

Arizona, which ended the time, was the first state to host a Super Bowl with legitimate sports betting.

The firsts go beyond just sport. & nbsp,

The FanDuel Arizona Sportsbook at the Suns’ Footprint Center was the first to open in an NBA arena. This October, the DraftKings Sportsbook will open at TPC Scottsdale, becoming the first PGA Tour course with a retail sportsbook on-site. 

While not the first in Major League Baseball, Chase Field, home of the Diamondbacks, has a retail Caesars Arizona Sportsbook just steps from the ballpark inside Chase Field Plaza.

Branded casino lounges have recently entered the concourses of numerous websites to support staff sponsorships. Arizona, however, is paving new ground by introducing casinos to venues across numerous leagues.

Despite the dominance of smart sportsbooks, the ballot is still a big win.

The vast majority of all bets placed on sports events across the country also involve mobile sports betting. The most recent selection, however, is still a historic victory for NFL owners andrsquo.

Ten years ago, the ideas of an NFL team calling Las Vegas home or allowing sports betting to permeate into the sport were considered farfetched. Gambling was a threat to the league’s integrity, meant to be kept distinct from on-field operations.

The owners of league & rsquo now see sports betting as an unquestionable chance to increase their revenue. There is currently a group in Vegas.

Over the past two or three years, sports betting has assimilated into our culture at a remarkable rate, and owners & rsquo’s decision to permit onsite sportsbooks to remain open on game days demonstrates their appreciation of this culture.

The sports gambling market has also not reached its peak. Financial sportsbooks will not match mobile betting odds, but they will give their names more authority and brand recognition, which can be extremely useful to potential customers.

Soon, more teams will increase facility sportsbooks.

Of the four teams with onsite sportsbooks, only the Washington Commanders have a sportsbook inside FedEx Field. The New York Giants and New York Jets share MetLife Stadium, which has a FanDuel Sportsbook at the same complex at Meadowlands Racing. 

Moving forward, NFL teams with legal in-person sports betting will participate in a separate revenue-sharing agreement, which The Athletic said would come into effect once a stadium sportsbook exceeds $20 million in gaming revenue.

Users now have another opportunity to expand beyond immediately outdated seats with the first$ 20 million in revenue going to the casino.

As the Commanders have already paved the way in the Maryland region, the Baltimore Ravens ( Caesars ) are one of the frontrunners. Two more teams, building on Ohio & rsquo’s recent success since sports betting became legal on January 1st, are the Cleveland Browns( Ballard and Cincinnati Bengals ).

However, there are still many more alluring businesses available.

  • The Las Vegas Raiders( BetMGM )
  • Rivers Casino’s Chicago Bears
  • Caesars of Indianapolis Colts
  • The Detroit Lions( WynnBet )
  • Caesars of New Orleans Saints

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Written By Hill Kerby on April 4, 2023
Arizona bettors lead way in betting on NCAA Women's Tournament

In terms of popularity and sports gambling, the 2023 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament was the largest in university basketball history. LSU defeated Iowa in the championship activity and reduced the traps after the dust settled.

ESPN, which broadcasts all championship games, reports that viewership for earlier-round activities increased by 42 % starting in 2022. Elite 8 matches this season averaged 2.2 million visitors across four games.

Arizona sportsbooks keep breaking records and will play a significant role in setting records for women’s sports betting. According to Christian Cipollini of BetMGM via email, the state produced the most handles of any state for the women’s basketball tournament over the first two rounds of the opening weekend & rsquo.

Arizona, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York, and Illinois were the best five states.

Women & rsquo’s competition moves closer to equity

Arizona sports bettingis supported by 18 virtual casinos, as well as a number of physical book stores, some of which are located at ethnic casinos in the state. Arizona’s lone March Madness staff, No. Arizona Wildcats, who had 7 seeds, advanced to the next round and fell to No. 2 cum Maryland

The final game between UConn and South Carolina last year andrsquo averaged 4.85 million people, the highest number since 2004, and the most bet-on-women’s activity ever on the BetMGM Sportsbook.

The 2022 tournament averaged 634,000 viewers per game across all rounds, a 16% YoY increase. Still, its popularity wasn’t enough for sports outlets such as CBS to offer bracket pool challenges as it has done for decades with the men’s tournament.

While CBS fixed the issue this time, other websites, like Action News, which is known for its find tracking and betting information, continue to have no content on women’s college basketball.

As a result of ESPN’s interest in women and rsquo, more competition activities are being played.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, it & rsquo.

The Tournament Challenge has been around for years, and according to Mike White, the EVP of customer encounters and platforms for Walt Disney Company, it increased by 67 % last year and by four times life.

Last season, ESPN even moved its women’s variety show from Monday to Sunday. The average number of viewers for this year’s show was 1.27 million, off 18 % YoY and the most since 2005. White claimed that bigger numbers are influencing choices.

We do it because that’s where our fans are, & ldquo. We & rsquo is re seeing real success there due to the growth and the numbers. As you are aware, we do have the[ TV ] rights, but we would still invest in it. & rdquo,

ESPN fully sold out its commercial slots for the entire tournament two days after the selection show.

Six games are available on ABC for this year’s event for people.

The broadcasting of the women’s NCAA Tournament by ESPN & rsquo dates back to 2003. The Final Four were broadcast on ESPN2 as of 2019, and ESPN also aired the regional finals.

While ESPN broadcast the Final Four and National Championship in 2021, ABC participated in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 sessions. Dan Ochs, who oversees women’s basketball programming for ESPN, said that a year later, in 2022 & rsquo, the network moved the national title to ABC due to an increase in viewership of 16 % YoY and 4.85 million average viewers.

& ldquo, putting it on ABC, and we & rsquo are giving it the best chance possible to succeed. This competition keeps expanding and providing for us. & rdquo,

However, the game hasn’t really expanded for( or because of ) ESPN and ABC.

The caliber of baseball played on the jury is what causes it to grow. It & rsquo, s March Madness, regardless of whether men or women are on the court. The drama and upsets in & nbsp, And March Madness highlight the highest level of athletic competition in college sports. Because of this, it has become so well-liked that it deserves a place on national television.

Even so, the sport had even higher ceilings thanks to the six games that were broadcast on ABC, including Tuesday & rsquo’s national championship game.

All women’s hockey teams are seeing an increase in viewers.

Not just for March Madness, the excitement surrounding NCAA women’s hockey has been evident all year.

More data from ESPN revealed that it averaged 199,000 viewers for the 83 games it aired across its networks (+11% YoY), the best since 2014-15. February’s matchup between South Carolina and LSU – two Final Four teams – averaged 1.5 million viewers, the most on ESPN since 2010.

The Big Ten Network also revealed the season’s history popularity. Also, it stated that this year’s Big Ten Tournament received the most viewers, with Iowa-Md.C. receiving 380,000 average viewers for a single game in network history.

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Kerby Hill

Kerby Hill is a proponent of safe, legal betting, and is grateful to be able to contribute to growing the industry. He has a background in poker, sports, and psychology, all of which he incorporates into his writing.

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Written By Calli Varner on March 15, 2023Last Updated on March 29, 2023
Arizona Sports Betting Handle

A whole year of legalized sports betting is officially in the books for Arizona. The Arizona Department of Gaming recently released official numbers from December 2022, with the Arizona sports betting handle for the month coming to a total of $572.5 million.

The final month of 2022 ended up being the fourth-highest total in the state since sports betting became legal in September 2021, down from November & rsquo’s$ 616.9 million handle. Arizona experienced a GGR of 54.4 % in December.

Sports Betting Handle For Arizona in December

As far as top sportsbooks in the states go, it comes as no surprise that FanDuel Sportsbook was the leading operator in Arizona with a GGR of $21.2 million, coming to a total of $180.4 million for 2022.

The second top operator went to BetMGM with a GGR of $11.6 million, which happens to be a monthly high for the sportsbook. The sportsbook’s GGR for 2022 came to over $108.3 million. It is also worth noting that the sportsbook reported a 10 percent or higher for each month in the last six months.

Caesars SportsbookFor the second month in a row, GGR generated over$ 5 million. However, Desert Diamond saw over$ 1 million in revenue in the final month of 2022, with a win rate of 23.5 %, so it wasn’t just the large sportsbooks that were successful.

Arizona Sports Betting Handle 2022

With the ADG reporting December’s numbers, it gives us the final numbers for 2022. Arizona reached $6 billion in total sports betting handle for the year, and operators generated $471.1 million in sports betting revenue prior to any losses and federal excise tax. A total of $28.9 million in tax receipts were generated from Arizona sports betting in 2022.

Sports betting has reportedly cost approximately$ 7.8 billion since it first became legal in the Grand Canyon state.

Credit: Matt York / AP Photo

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