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Written By T.J. McBride on March 28, 2023Last Updated on March 29, 2023
Arizona January Sports Betting Revenue

Arizona sports gambling revenue has suddenly received its first update since 2023, and it was a hugely successful quarter in January, with the express taking in$ 591 million in bets.

The state of Arizona saw a boost in its January sports betting images, in part because it was the month leading up to the Super Bowl, which was played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale. This growth in sports gambling is sweeping the country in states that have legalized smart sports wagering.

With such a massive event taking place in Arizona, it would make sense that Arizona sports betting figures in the state would spike in relation to the Super Bowl getting closer and closer.

But how exactly did Arizona’s activities gambling figures appear in January of this year?

In January, FanDuel Arizona was the best online sports betting service.

In Arizona, online sports betting brought in a total of almost$ 585.5 million in bets in the month of January only, giving its players almost$ 538.5 million worth of winnings.

The winner when it comes to mobile sports betting in the state for the month of January was, without a doubt, FanDuel Arizona, which led the state in wagers placed by nearly $25 million, which is more than 13 of the 17 active mobile sportsbooks took in total wagers. The gap FanDuel has created between itself and the rest of the pack is gargantuan.

Here’s the top six sportsbooks in the state of Arizona ranked by total online sports bets in January.

  1. FanDuel:$ 195.5 million
  2. $ 171.5 million, Lotto
  3. $ 90 million, BetMGM
  4. Casino:$ 59,000,000
  5. Sports Barstool:$ 20. 5 million
  6. $ 20 million in Desert Diamond Mobile

In January, three teams-related wholesale casinos made$ 4.7 million.

In addition to taking the most money in online sports betting bets, FanDuel even took the largest sum in wagers of any financial betting in Arizona during the month of January.

Nearly$ 2.5 million in bets were placed at the FanDuel Sportsbook at Phoenix Suns Footprint Center, nearly twice as much as at State Farm Stadium’s BetMGM sportsbook, which received about$ 1.4 million.

According to the amount of money bet on sports, these are Arizona’s top three wholesale casinos.

  1. $ 2.5 million from FanDuel( in collaboration with the Phoenix Suns )
  2. BetMGM:$ 1.4 million( Arizon Cardinals-partnered )
  3. Caesars:$ 1 million( Arizon Diamondbacks-partnered )

These three sportsbooks are physically situated either inside or inside the team & rsquo,s arenas and have a direct partnership with one of Arizona’s top professional sports franchises.

This means that these retail sportsbooks brought in just under$ 400,000 in revenue, which translated into just over$ 30,000 in Arizona state-funded privilege fees.


Calli Varner / PlayInAZ is the photographer.

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McBride, T. J.

McBride, T. J. is a writer and reporter based in Denver who covers the Denver Nuggets as a beat writer. He contributes regularly to PlayTexas on issues surrounding the illegal gaming market. His byline can be found across many websites such as ESPN, FiveThirtyEight, Bleacher Report and others.

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Written By C.J. Pierre on January 14, 2022Last Updated on March 28, 2023
NFL Playoffs Buffalo Bills New England Patriots

In one of the wild card games of this weekend’s NFL, NBA, and nbsp finals, DraftKings Sportsbook is giving punters in Arizona a chance to clinch the above / under.

Fans in the Grand Canyon State will have a lot of focus on the Arizona Cardinals taking on the Los Angeles Rams. However, that game isn’t until Monday night. In the interim, DraftKings Sportsbook AZ is running a promotion highlighting the other postseason game that features two teams from the same division.

The Buffalo Bills did host the New England Patriots on Saturday. After splitting the first two sports, these seasoned AFC East rivals will face off for the next time this season. However, DraftKings users aren’t considering wins and losses when they use this promotion. This day, it’s all about hitting the nail on the head.

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For the first time, DraftKings Sportsbook & lsquo, Hammer the Over, hits Arizona.

For the NFL playoffs, there is a DraftKings & lsquo, Hammer the Over, promo. Arizonan punters will now have the chance to benefit from this offer for the first time.

Here & rsquo, that’s how it operates. The place entire required in the game will decrease by 0.5 points for every 5, 000 customers who wager the money for Saturday night’s Bills vs. Patriots playoff game. The good news is that your wager will be settled based on the last modified total rather than the amount at which it was initially placed. Therefore, there is no drawback to putting your money down early.

The max you can bet using this promo is $25, placed on an over line of -110. Therefore, if your $25 bet wins, you’ll make a profit of $22.73. Throughout the state, Arizona online sportsbooks have regular over/under for the game at 44.

The DraftKings promotion’s above has dropped to 22.5 as of Friday evening. That implies that you would get with three scores and a niche target. And the decline in that quantity won’t stop.

With DraftKings Arizona, keep the pound going.

Bookmakers may require a little assistance from their friends for this promotion to be successful. DraftKings is providing an extra bonus to encourage more people to put the hammer down on the over.

A client will receive a link from DraftKings asking them to pass the nail to their associates after they have broken the over. Both customers will receive a$ 25 bonus wager if the person you refer deposits between$ 25 and$ 49! You will both receive a$ 50 bonus bet if your friend deposits between$ 50 and$ 99 in total. Additionally, you both receive a$ 100 bonus wager if they deposit$ 100.

Only if you invite a new buyer will you be eligible for the referral benefit. For you both to receive your extra bets, that person may click the link you send them. All of us would adore to see the over for this activity was reduced to 0. However, in the unlikely event that this does not occur, punters will feel more at ease if they witness several touchdowns in this sport.

Does the Patriots and Bills strike the over?

The two preceding games between the Bills and Patriots totaled more than 22.5 items. However, recalling their Week 13 game on December Monday Night Football may cause problems.

On the road in Buffalo, the Patriots prevailed 14 – 10 in that game. The wind had a significant impact on the result. With 40 mph wind storms, the two teams competed in gusty conditions. Therefore, the operating sport received a lot of attention. In actuality, New England won despite just throwing the ball three times.

The wind was much better at their next meeting in Week 16. In Foxborough, Buffalo was able to defeat the opposition 33 – 21. This time, bettors are hoping for that kind of place complete.

Once again, the weather is becoming a key storyline for NFL betting in Arizona. According to The Weather Channel, temps won’t get out of the single digits all day. Once game time rolls around, it should be in the low single digits, near zero. With a 10 mph wind, it’s going to feel even colder, though maybe not as cold as that December game.

Josh Allen, the player for the Bills, was born in California but played his college basketball in Wyoming. He has participated in winter sports, but when the temperature drops below freezing, his numbers suffer significantly. While growing up in Florida and playing college basketball in Alabama, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has never experienced a match below freezing.

I would anticipate this promotion to be successful no matter the conditions as long as DraftKings Sportsbook patrons keep hammering the over.

AFC Wild Card Round & nbsp, NFL Playoffs & ndash,
The# 6 New England Patriots( 10-7 ) and the # 3 Buffalo Bills( 11-6 ) are the teams.
Date: Saturday, Jan. 15
Time: 6:15 p.m. MST
Location: Highmark Stadium – Orchard Park, NY
TV Coverage: CBS

Jeffrey T. Barnes, AP, is the photographer.
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C. J. Pierre

CJ Pierre is a multimedia journalist who now resides in Arizona’s Phoenix-Metro Area. For more than ten years, he has covered news and sports for both TV and virtual channels. He is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Moorhead, and was born and raised in Minneapolis. In addition to covering high school, college, and professional activities throughout his career, CJ has experience working as a writer and video. most somewhat after the soccer teams of the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Vikings as well as North Dakota State University.

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Written By T.J. McBride on March 21, 2023Last Updated on March 23, 2023
March Madness Betting Upsets

As its name suggests, the March Madness tournament & ndash is always filled with madness for both the men and the women.

There is no shortage of pure and utter chaos, which is essential to the experience of the NCAA Men & rsquo, s and Women & n’t’ s March Madness tournaments, between buzzer-beaters, single elimination tournament style of play, 64 different college programs, and an unbelievable number of upsets.

This year, the first round of the March Madness Tournament, the round of 64, had no shortage of upsets. Unfortunately for fans of the University of Arizona Wildcats, they were one of those March Madness betting upsets in the first round of the storied NCAA Men’s March Madness Tournament.

Not only did that loss sting for fans all across the globe, but it hurt the pockets of many Arizona sports betting enthusiasts. That being said, there were some big winners too.

Let’s just dive right in, shall we, Let & rsquo?

University of Arizona & rsquo’s loss to Princeton in the Round of 64 in March Madness Betting Upsets

The University of Arizona Wildcats, who were second-seeded, had to defeat the Princeton Tigers in the first game of the NCAA Men & rsquo’s March Madness Tournament.

The University of Princeton was largely given no chance by anyone. To illustrate the disparity in conflict, those who wanted to wager on the Tigers to get could find chances as high as + 900 on Thursday morning, the day of the game, with the Wildcats enjoying sizable 14.5 point favorites at FOX Bet.

“The Wildcats were a popular pick to win it all,” FOX Bet sports trader Henrique Tartaro said according to Fox Sports. “We saw that they were one of the ten public favorites to win at our book.”

Due to this, it appeared nearly impossible for the Arizona Wildcats to lose to a Princeton University team with+ 50,000 odds to win the NCAA Men & rsquo, March Madness Tournament.

However, the crazy overcame them and drove the Wildcats out. They managed to upset the University of Arizona by defeating them by a score of 59-55 despite the fact that everyone was working against them. The Princeton Tigers are currently on their approach to the Round of 32, and the Wildcats have returned home.

How much of a pain was this, exactly? Well, a team that was favored by 14 points or more lost for the 12th period since 1985. Interesting enough, all 12 of those losses occurred during the 64th Round. This makes the University of Arizona’s loss, which was favored by 14.5 points, the 10th-worst loss in March Madness history for the NCAA Men & rsquo.

This is a significant win for the University of Princeton. Since 1998, the Tigers have not triumphed in a March Madness Men & rsquo tournament. Additionally, this is the first victory in March Madness for an Ivy League university system since the University of Yale’s victory over Baylor University in 2016.

This disturbance had a significant effect on the bets made for the sport.

Exotic wagers made by the University of Arizona andrsquo, which resulted in a loss for Princeton University

In states where it is legal, March Madness & mdash is a significant time for sports wagering. This includes tournaments for men, women, and women. With the NCAA March Madness Tournaments’ uncertainty, everything is possible to draw both seasoned and novice bettors to wager on what is one of the most thrilling sporting events each year.

This establishes a context in which absurd and stupid wagers may take place, for better or worse, depending on the viewpoint.

People who placed a wager on the University of Arizona is kicking themselves for losing after the institution was surpassed by Princeton University, despite the small quantity of winnings that would be paid out. However, the same also applies when stress is present.

There was one bettor who logged onto DraftKings Sportsbook and placed a $500 wager on the University of Princeton moneyline which was +800 at the time. Once the Princeton Tigers achieved what was thought to be the impossible, that bettor came away with a $4,500 payout on his $500 bet. Talk about incredible value.

On DraftKings Sportsbook, another investor adopted a different strategy. This investor was able to get + 21, 575 chances with just$ 5 bet on a seven-leg bet. For his seven-leg win wager to be successful, the universities of Maryland, Furman, Missouri, Kansas, Alabama, San Diego State University, and Princeton had to win. However, all seven of those games ended simply as the investor had predicted. This indicates that the bettor received$ 1, 089.79 in profits for his$ 5 wager on + 21, 575 possibilities. That is a crazy way to make$ 5 into more than$ 1,000.

Throughout the March Madness Tournament, there were additional sizable gaming upsets and wild wagers.

Of course, there are usually more upsets where one major one occurs, and this is almost always the case with the NCAA Men & rsquo, s March Madness Tournament. There were a few additional significant beat in the competition as well as some other bizarre and outrageous wagers.

During the University of Kentucky vs. Kansas State University game, there was one ridiculous wager that didn’t call for an incredible disturbed. At DraftKings Sportsbook, one bettor placed a staggering$ 11,000 on the under of the entire points, which was set at 145.5. By the time the game was over, there had only been 144 points scored, indicating that his$ 11,000 wager had been successful and that he had won just over$ 21,000 in winnings.

The most recent instance was made possible by a tremendous disturbed. The top-ranked University of Purdue did lose to Fairleigh Dickinson University, according to a really insane bettor’s$ 33 thousand win. When the Purdue Boilermakers failed, that wager somehow paid off, and the bettor won more than$ 500,000 - specifically,$ 528,000.

Is there a better sporting event than March Madness where you can find crazy bet? If there is one, I can’t even begin to imagine it.


Jos & eacute, Luis Villegas, and AP Photo

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McBride, T. J.

McBride, T. J. is a writer and reporter based in Denver who covers the Denver Nuggets as a beat writer. He contributes regularly to PlayTexas on issues surrounding the illegal gaming market. His byline can be found across many websites such as ESPN, FiveThirtyEight, Bleacher Report and others.

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Written By T.J. McBride on March 10, 2023
Exploding Arizona sports betting market creates more problem gambling

Are there enough resources to help cure problem gambling as sports betting spreads across Arizona in both physical and digital forms?

It & rsquo, that’s not a simple answer. There is no precedence for what is required at this time. The only thing that is certain is that legal gambling will continue to grow across the state and, in fact, the entire US. The best course of action for Arizona officials is likely to keep funding efforts to address the issue.

There is no better time to look into this than during March 1st, which is known as Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

The majority of reputable sporting facilities in Arizona have casinos.

All of the professional sports teams in Arizona today offer integrated sports wagering.

The home of the NFL & rsquo, the Arizona Cardinals, is State Farm Stadium in Glendale, where a BetMGM retail sportsbook is currently operating. The Footprint Center, where the NBA & rsquo, Phoenix Suns play their home games, houses a FanDuel sportsbook. At Chase Field, home of the MLB & rsquo, s Arizona Diamondbacks, is a Caesars Entertainment sportsbook.

At TPC Scottsdale, the location of the PGA Tour & rsquo, a new DraftKings sportsbook is currently being constructed.

Arizona is a sports-crazed position that recently hosted the Super Bowl in 2023. Because of this, investments in tools that promote responsible gaming are crucial. As sports wagering becomes more pervasive in the state, there will be an increase in cases of problem and compulsive gambling.

The 20th Anniversary of Problem Gambling Awareness Month is

States have the chance to review their resources to assist problem gamblers during Problem Gambling Awareness Month( PGAM ). The goal of PGAM is straightforward, according to its site.

Its goal is to raise public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment, and recovery services by holding meetings, airing Public Service Announcements, offering consultant courses, hosting health screen time, running social media campaigns, among many other things. & rdquo,

This year’s distinct objectives include raising public recognition of problem gambling and promoting the availability of prevention, treatment, and recovery solutions. They also include encouraging healthcare professionals to identify users who have problems with gambling. & rdquo,

Arizona has some tools to assist gamblers in making wise decisions.

What tools are there to overcome problem gambling in Arizona, then? To assist those with gambling issues or playing vices, the state has a number of effective programs.

The Arizona Department of Gaming & rsquo, s Division of Problem Gambling, is the first resource. All of this institution’s tools are completely because it is funded by taxpayers. Their website is chock-full of crucial details, and anyone in Arizona can call( 800 ) 639-8783 or text( NEXT – STEP & rdquo ) to 53342 for more details.

The National Council on Problem Gambling is another source. It maintains a list of current resources for Arizona people experiencing problems. by engaging in gaming. It has data to make it easier for people to get support and guidance. Additionally, the organization has a help line that can be reached by text or phone at( 800 ) 522-4700. It also has a live webchat feature that is available 24 / 7.

The Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling also has a help line available at (800) 777-7207, or anyone can email them at [email protected]. They also offer Gamblers Anonymous support groups in Arizona and across the nation.

These are insufficient tools on their own to fully address the problem of trouble gambling. Every organization at play & ndash, including bettors and betting programs, has a duty to advance the idea of irresponsible gambling.

It will take time to complete the task.

To better understand how to prevent punters from gambling carelessly, casinos and games need more time. Software businesses need time to consider how their systems can develop more programs to safeguard their customers from experiencing negative betting effects. This market is so novel that everyone must be able to adapt.

To keep up with the enormous growth of athletics bets in Arizona and elsewhere, more resources are required, even though these existing ones are helpful.

Recognize the signs of a gaming problem

Playing problems are exactly what they say. It refers to a person who struggles with gaming. These problems can be very harmful to some people, whether they are a problem with staying on funds or an addiction to gambling. It & rsquo, it’s not just the bettors who could suffer harm. Playing issues can affect families and friends.

Such a condition cannot be cured in anyone. Anyone can build reckless gambling habits that have a negative impact on both their own lives and the lives of those around them, even though some people may be predisposed to addiction.

Here is a list of possible warning signs that could lead to problem gambling, from PlayInAZ’s responsible gambling resources page:

  • Being embarrassed to discuss playing habits with others
  • borrowing cash and nbsp to engage in gambling
  • regularly considering andnbsp gambling
  • Having gambling-related guilt and nbsp
  • judiciously using funds from playing to pay expenses or invest
  • losing interest in different routines and nbsp
  • lying to individuals about their betting habits
  • Selling or pawning items and nbsp in order to hazard
  • skipping job or other activities in order to hazard
  • stealing goods or money in order to hazard

There are a few tips that could be helpful for devoted bettors who want to avoid slipping into an area where gambling becomes difficult.

  • Set a budget & nbsp before you start playing, and then stick to it.
  • Before placing your bet, make sure you andnbsp are familiar with the game’s rules and your chances.
  • Just place bets that you can simply afford to lose because losing them is inevitable.
  • If you find yourself becoming overly emotionally invested in the game to enjoy with your mind, take a break.

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McBride, T. J.

McBride, T. J. is a writer and reporter based in Denver who covers the Denver Nuggets as a beat writer. He contributes regularly to PlayTexas on issues surrounding the illegal gaming market. His byline can be found across many websites such as ESPN, FiveThirtyEight, Bleacher Report and others.

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Written By Play AZ Editorial Team on March 3, 2022Last Updated on March 10, 2023
Responsible Gambling: Keeping AZ bettors safe

Recent data shows that only about 1% of the US adult population has a severe problem with gambling.

When online sportsbooks went live in September 2021, The & nbsp, Arizona Department of Gaming( ADG ), realized they needed to address responsible gambling, they updated their policies.

The ADG established some responsible gambling guidelines for gamblers to help them recognize when their behavior has become problematic.

impose spending restrictions

Both playing and vacations are enjoyable, but you only take them when you have the money to do so.

Consider playing in a similar manner. The ADG advises setting a budget in advance and sticking to it no matter what.

Step back and give yourself a cooling-off span before continuing if you find yourself going through money too quickly or spending more than you originally intended.

Establish day restrictions

Setting a time limit for & nbsp, conducting research, and placing bets is another way to control your habit.

How much time is you actually spend doing it without it having an effect on the rest of your life? This includes the time you invest in performing benefits checks. You might have a problem if playing starts to have an impact on your personal or professional life.

Don’t gamble with credit, Don & rsquo.

You shouldn’t apply credit cards to place bet, just like setting a limit on how much money you can spend gambling. Andnbsp, It & rsquo, it’s far too simple to quickly build up a credit card balance that you simply cannot afford.

Because of interest rates, if you use cash advances on your credit cards to place a bet, you might lose money even though you win. If you receive more than you are due, you even run the risk of missing payments, which may harm your credit score.

Costs are a necessary component of the sport.

Yes, winning a bet is fantastic, but it’s not guaranteed. Most people will lose more often than they win. Never spend money on gambling that you aren’t comfortable losing.

When you have to get, not gamble. You might be tempted to place high-risk stakes or wager based on need rather than price if you find yourself betting because you have to pay bills or make up for a previous day’s costs.

Don & rsquo, don’t gamble with your ego either. Winning or losing bet has no bearing on who you are. Always work to improve the highs while minimizing the lows. It’s time to talk to someone if you find that you’re attaching your self-worth to gaming.

Responsible gaming maintains a pastime for gamblers.

Betting ought to be enjoyable and enjoyable as a hobby. Don & rsquo, don’t use it to get away from conflict or unhappiness in your life.

Ask yourself why you are also gambling if it is no longer enjoyable. You should take a break if you discover that going to one of Arizona & rsquo, s casinos & nbsp, is more of an habit than an enjoyable pastime.

Don & rsquo, don’t chase bets to get your money back.

Many When gambling keep trying to win back what they have already lost, they get into serious problems. & nbsp, Chasing’s financial loss goes against a lot of the tactics already mentioned.

If you’ve lost income, it should be income you can afford to lose.

Keep in mind that losing is more common than winning. The truth is that players who continue to play in the hopes of winning typically suffer yet more costs. It’s time to ask for assistance if you have to & ldquo, break even, or pay off debts.

If you approach playing with thoughtful considerations, it can be enjoyable and interesting. The Arizona Department of Gaming doesn’t want you to become so engrossed in betting that you run into a serious issue.

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Written By Aleeyah Jadavji on March 7, 2023

The 2023 World Baseball Classic, which begins this week in Phoenix, Miami, Tokyo, and Taichung, Taiwan, is led by MLB celebrities Mike Trout and Mookie Betts.

Team USA defeated Puerto Rico 8 – 0 to win the championship in 2017. Another MLB actors, including Shohei Ohtani, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Yu Darvish, and Manny Machado, show the schedules of team Team USA may experience in this year’s event, which was postponed from 2021 as a result of COVID-19.

Phoenix’s Chase Field hosts share C activities.

Boasting 18 online sportsbooks and several in-person venues available to sports fans, Arizona sports betting is booming. This year’s Pool C games of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) will be played at Chase Field. Caesar’s has a sportsbook at the stadium.

The WBC is available from March 7 to March 21. The activities will be aired on Fox’s Fox Sports 1 and 2 as well as Fox Deportes.

Groups from Team USA include Canada, Colombia, Great Britain, and Mexico. There are 20 team in Pool C, A through D. MLB, the MLB Players Association, and the World Baseball Softball Confederation support the WBC, an international ball game.

Team USA starts sing against Great Britain for the first time in the WBC.

Pool C perform between Team USA and Great Britain starts on 11 March. The Brits advanced through the share of finals. The crew is attending the WBC for the first time.

While Colombia and Mexico have both faced Team USA in the past, Canada has not advanced past pool play. Nevertheless, Team USA is a clear favorite in Pool C and will likely support its title starting in 2017.

Schedule for Pool Century

11 March

  • Mexico vs. Colombia: noon MST & nbsp,
  • 7 p.m.: Great Britain vs. USA

March 12.

  • Canada vs. Great Britain: lunch PDT
  • USA vs. Mexico: 7 p. m.

March 13

  • lunch: Colombia vs. Great Britain
  • USA vs. Canada: 7 p.m.

14 March

  • Colombia vs. Canada: midday
  • Mexico vs. Great Britain: 7 p.m.

15 March

  • Canada vs. Mexico: midday
  • 7 p.m. USA vs. Colombia

Defending champions game star-studded lineup

Mark DeRosa, a former Team USA participant, will serve as the team’s new trainer as they attempt to defend their 2017 WBC championship. Andy Pettitte, a five-time World Series friend, serves as the pitch coach, and Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. is the hitting manager.

Along with team captain Trout and Betts, former MVPs on the Team USA roster include Paul Goldschmidt and Clayton Kershaw. St. Louis Cardinals’ third baseman Nolan Arenado and starting pitcher Merrill Kelly of the Arizona Diamondbacks also highlight the Team USA lineup.

All 30 members of Team USA & rsquo’s roster play in the MLB, and 21 of them are All-Stars. & nbsp,

On March 17, the winners of Pool C did square off against the runner-up from Pool D, which also includes Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The final game may be played on March 21 after the semifinals, which will take place in March 19 and 20.

Gregory Bull / AP Photo
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Jadavji, Aleeyah

Aleeyah is from Toronto, Ontario, and since 2015, she has primarily worked in the casino sector. She has experienced everything from writing to speaking with notable players and life coverage on the biggest stages of poker. Aleeyah enjoys cooking and producing articles to express her love of food and travel. She also adores sauce and has no faith in anyone who claims it isn’t a premium seasoning.

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Written By Play AZ Editorial Team on March 1, 2022Last Updated on March 10, 2023
problem gamblers

If you or someone you know has questions about Arizona’s problem gambling resources, call( 800 ) 639-8783 or send a text message to 53342 at & ldquo, NEXT – STEP & rDquo.

Over 18 states have started online gaming operations, and many of them are now reaping the rewards.

Amid the excitement of legalized sports betting in Arizona, it is important to call attention to the efforts surrounding responsible gambling initiatives.

Here is a glance at Arizona‘s efforts to educate punters about the problem of gambling addiction.

Responsible tools for playing

Arizona offers resources to assist problematic casinos. These consist of a self-assessment survey, instructional videos, and an ongoing service. Additionally, bettors can complete a self-exclusion shape. They are prohibited from taking part in licensed sportsbooks by the kind.

Arizona offers access to a number of aid organizations, including:

  • Anonymous gambling
  • Gam-Anon
  • Gamtalk

Additionally, the condition offers both in-person and online support. Additionally, there is a focus on directing habitual gambling to qualified experts. Counselors can provide guidance and assistance with treatment alternatives.

Arizona can benefit greatly from taking classes from different states. A hugely successful deployment took place in New York. In the first month that playing became legal, the state made 70 million dollars in tax revenue.

New York has already pledged to direct funds to problem gambling prevention. It’s critical for states to use tax revenue dollars to support treatment, outreach, and recovery programs.

Sources for education, knowledge, and support are offered in state like New York and Arizona. Encouragement of responsible betting is also a top concern. & nbsp, Using legalized betting to lessen the drawback is a win-win strategy.

eradicating the stigma associated with playing habit

Gambling addiction is challenging to quantify. This is because of its subjective nature and reliance on self-reporting. Current estimates show that as many as 10 million Americans suffer from a gambling problem. Of those classified as gambling addicts, 60% reported wanting help. However, only around 25% seek help.

The propriety of playing used to be a big obstacle. Many gamblers were hesitant to come ahead because it was improper in the majority of states.

There was also a lot of unregulated criminal activity. 80-90% of people who attend Anonymous gambling have reported committing an unlawful act to get money to gamble. Fraud was also a significant issue, with 63% reporting writing bad checks at some point.

Legalized sports betting laws provide a better path forward by shedding light on previous nefarious activity. By keeping an eye on how bets are placed, states and nbsp, you, and can reduce fraud and illegal activity.

The National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) is making strides toward eliminating the stigma of gambling addiction by sharing stories of sorrow, financial ruin, support, reinvention, and recovery.

Arizona legal sports wagering and problem gambling

Legalized sports gambling makes it easier for potential punters to access. Some experts are worried about the & ldquo, or exposure effect, which is a rise in problem gamblers. & rdquo,

Is there a connection between the issue and just legalized sports betting? gambling? According to a 2021 report, there is insufficient data to form a clear correlation. Despite the popularity, Arizona currently ranks 41st in gambling addiction prevalence.

Arizona currently generates more than$ 2 million annually to support problem gambling. The NCPG has also committed give funds to non-profits that support and more marketing programs.

Betting that is legalized will keep growing. Over time, services to address persistent gaming will develop and grow.

Arizona & rsquo’s dedication to ethical gambling

Arizona & nbsp’s future of legalized sports betting is promising. Having said that, it is crucial to recognize and recognize the occurrence of problem gamblers. Increasing knowledge, prevention, and treatment with funding is a great first step.

Arizona has so far done a fantastic job of promoting healthy gaming. They & rsquo will have more tools at their disposal as a result of having more financial resources.

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Written By Marian Rosin on February 27, 2023Last Updated on March 1, 2023
Arizona Casino names Dinius CEO at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale

Casino Arizona’s fresh CEO and leader, as well as Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, are well-versed in the industry. In his decades-long occupation in game, John Dinius has worked at nearly every stage of the game industry.

On February 15, the Salt River Community Gaming Enterprises Board selected Dinius for the best position in the business following a thorough federal research. Talking Stick is owned and run by the Salt River Pima – Maricopa Indian Community.

The location will be led by Dinius through extensive renovations.

While there are dozens of tribal casinos in the state, there are no Arizona online casinos. That could change in the future, as The Grand Canyon State allows online sports betting.

Arizona Casino at Walking Stick Resort CEO and President John Dinius
John Dinius

Bernice Cota-Gann, the head of the Salt River table, declared that Dinius is the right person at the appropriate time at Talking Stick.

John & rsquo is the perfect CEO to advance Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort because of his depth and breadth of experience. His visit coincides with an exciting time for our components as we get ready to celebrate many important events in the days, months, and years to come, including a significant renovation at Talking Stick Resort and the 25th anniversary of Casino Arizona. & rdquo,

Dinius gave his new businesses high praise.

I’m honored to join Talking Stick Resort and Casino Arizona, & ldquo. The properties are business leaders in the state and enjoy excellent careers in their sector. My objective is to support the Salt River Pima – Maricopa Indian Community by assisting each house in expanding and evolving while preserving their status as the industry standard for gaming, kindness, and booze. & rdquo,

Dennis Leong relinquishes the ropes to Dinius. After serving as Director for 13 years, Leong retired at the end of 2022, according to Cota – Gann.

Dennis & ldquo brought grace and professionalism to Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort. He has faithfully supported our business, leading us through both difficult and prosperous days. & rdquo,

from the bingo hall to the office

Dinius & rsquo, with its extensive background in the casino industry, is truly nails & ldquo’s depth and breadth. At the Sycuan Casino Resort in San Diego, he started out as a gambling check lifter and worked there for more than 20 years.

In his career, he has worked in almost every aspect of the game industry, including:

  • Slot machine operator
  • director of operations
  • chairman of slots
  • General Manager: 2014 – 2019
  • Director: Fresno, California’s Table Mountain Casino

Dinius reminisced about his early days at Sycuan in a 2019 interview with Global Gaming Business Magazine.

I felt as though I had entered the job of a lifetime, & ldquo. It didn’t feel like function at all. I’ve only recently developed feelings for the visitors and the staff. Therefore, when I was introduced to the cultural members, I immediately felt at home. & rdquo,

It turned out that Dinius & rsquo’s time as general manager at Sycuan was very fruitful. During his view, the establishment transformed from a game to an important location. He also increased property visits, established one of the biggest non-smoking areas at a casino in California, and expanded the casino & rsquo loyalty program.

His day at Table Mountain was likewise noteworthy, despite being shorter than his work at Sycuan. During Dinias & rsquo’s reign, Table Mountain unveiled a brand-new, multi-million dollar casino resort. The Salt River board was most impressed by that experience, It & rsquo.

Dinius has gained special insight into the inner workings of the entertainment and hospitality business thanks to & ldquo, which has played a significant role in these large-scale initiatives. nbsp, & rdquo,

Resort for Talking Sticks

In 2010, Talking Stick Resort began operations. Since then, the Scottsdale property off the 101 Freeway has won numerous honors, including three designations for” Best Casino & rdquo.” There are many amenities at the beach.

  • 497 host villas and apartments
  • Three lakes
  • cafes of the highest caliber
  • The 25, 000 square feet Salt River Grand Ballroom and an outdoor pool level are examples of live entertainment venues.
  • Spa

The Cota – Gann referred to in her Dinius welcoming statement will be a new poker building. It is the & ldquo, major renovation & rndquo. According to Talking Stick Resort, it does debut in 2024.

Pitbull, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Hollywood Vampires are just a few of the entertainers who have rocked the beach. Additionally, Talking Stick Resort has been named the new name-in-title patron of the well-known place formerly known as the Ak-Chin Pavilion, according to Live Nation’s announcement in January. The location will now be referred to as Talking Stick Resort Amphitheater.

Shania Twain, Matchbox Twenty, and Janet Jackson are among the musicians scheduled to perform this year at the Talking Stick Resort Amphitheater.

And as Casino Arizona heads toward its 25th anniversary, it recently opened a new bingo hall and also a taqueria.

Arizona Casino’s Talking Stick Resort picture
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Judith Rosin

Judith Rosin is a freelance writer who has been published in Upnest and Psychology Today. Rosin brings experience in the gambling sector as the senior copywriter for Isle of Capri casinos.

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Written By Play AZ Editorial Team on March 21, 2022Last Updated on March 10, 2023
AZ responsible gambling programs gets a boost from DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbook knows that responsible gambling is an ongoing issue. Millions of Americans suffer from some form of gambling addiction. However, over 80% of those with these issues don’t seek any form of professional help. So, the company has started an initiative to address problem gambling.

Find out more about this market leader & rsquo’s strategy for ethical online betting. Learn how DraftKings supports Arizona betting by assisting those who may be addicted by reading on.

The most recent addition to responsible gambling is DraftKings & rsquo.

A captain project being carried out by DraftKings may last three years. In 35 states, including Arizona, the company will dedicate more than$ 1.5 million to advancing responsible gaming.

Each of the 35 says is given$ 15, 000 annually to spend however they see fit. The people most at risk will gain the most from the money, which some will use to educate support staff.

The most advantageous native volunteer groups are those that deal with problem gambling. People and people at risk will have more access to crucial support owing to these funds.

continued dedication of DraftKings

DraftKings supported another project with Cambridge Health Alliance next month. That system contributed to the creation of a strategy for responsible gaming. The need for these plans is even more pressing as Arizona’s playing population grows.

One of the keys to trouble gambling prevention is awareness. State governments will be able to collaborate with surrounding states as well.

The expectation is that concerned playing initiatives may adopt a more comprehensive strategy. DraftKings anticipates that these expanded services will be useful to more than just states who enjoy entertainment.

DraftKings also led a campaign to encourage bettors to use legal sites only. The company reached out to the international community in its efforts for more research. Gambling addiction is a worldwide issue, and DraftKings is a prominent player.

concerned gambling online

Bettors have a wide range of options at DraftKings Sportsbook when it comes to defining their gambling limits. The website has tools to assist users in setting individual spending limits and preventing problem gambling themselves.

Additionally, players have access to tools that let them set up & ldquo, cool off, periods, or even log out of the game.

Before a concern with playing arises, DraftKings aims to stop it. Their innovative financing program is a significant action.

Arizona casinos will gain from DraftKings’ view that education is essential to supporting responsible gambling initiatives in the states in which they operate.

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Written By Aleeyah Jadavji on March 3, 2023
Pascua Yaqui Tribe to build casino resort on Grant Road in Tucson

Century Park 16 Theaters, originally Tucson 5 Drive-In, is no longer a movie theater. The home is being converted into a hotel and casino and is located close to Pascua Yaqui Village and Interstate 10.

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe intends to realize an aspiration of the people who live in the Old Pasquia Village for a very long time. The fresh Arizona game advanced was made possible by President Joe Biden‘s signing of the Old Pascua Community Land Acquisition Act in December. The area is now regarded as sovereign territory.

Two additional games are operated by Pascua Yaqui Tribe in the Tucson area.

There are more than two dozen tribal casinos in Arizona. Most of them are in and around the state’s two largest cities, Phoenix and Tucson. Arizona online casinos are prohibited, one of the few forms of gambling not allowed in The Grand Canyon State.

The former field is not the only company that will be relocated in order to construct the game complex. The new job will require companies like Habitat for Humanity, Sonic, and Tucson Indoor Sports Center to leave.

Tribal Chairman Peter Yucupicio stated that the tribe’s optimism was low before Biden & rsquo signed the land.

& ldquo, There was uncertainty. People believed it would never occur, but now it is in our fingertips. & rdquo,

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe also owns and runs Casino del Sol Resort and Casino of the Sun, both in the Tucson region, in addition to this brand-new game destination.

two stages of building

The first of two aspects will begin once the destruction is finished. The casino, a parking garage, and three food and beverage areas will all be built during & nbsp, Phase 1.

According to executives, Phase 1 construction may take between 18 and 24 months to finish after underground utilities and page work are finished. & nbsp,

A hotel, a convention center, and another parking garage will all be built during the following stage. There is no timeline for Phase 2 there & rsquo.

Development is important to the Pascua Yaqui people because of historical relations.

The Old Pascua Community Land Acquisition Act, which was signed by US Rep. Raul Grijalva & rsquo, is a bipartisan bill that will improve system coordination and integration of service delivery, raise the standard of living of the tribe, and advance the ongoing transmission of Yaqui knowledge, culture, history, or traditions for future generations. & rdquo,

According to Tuscon Mayor Regina Romero, passing the law made the 40 acres of land where the movie theatre was located royal property.

& ldquo, The Pascua Yaqui people should decide what happens in this area because it has strong cultural and historical ties to them. It has taken a long time for & hellip, It & rsquo, to Now, get to this place. & rdquo,

The field was bought by the Pascua Yaqui Tribe in 2011. Since then, the community has overcome some obstacles, according to Yucupicio.

& ldquo, We’re looking for people to come around and get some cash. & rdquo,

At least 800 people will be employed by the new game, according to the cultural chairman, and tribe members’ financial situation will improve. & nbsp,

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Aleeyah is from Toronto, Ontario, and since 2015, she has primarily worked in the casino sector. She has experienced everything from writing to speaking with notable players and life coverage on the biggest poker stages. Aleeyah enjoys cooking and producing articles to express her love of food and travel. She also adores sauce and distrusts someone who claims it isn’t a premium condiment.

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