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PlayInAZ is home to some of the top authorities and business veterans who have provided resources for numerous print, television, and online media sources when it comes to lawful sports betting and betting in Arizona.

PlayAZ, the Play brand’s Arizona-focused division, is run by a group of experts that includes Dustin Gouker and Eric Ramsey. Each of these experts has also contributed to white papers and regional business panel discussions on legal sports betting and gambling over the years.

PlayInAZ is unique to Arizona and includes cause writer CJ Pierre as well as older writer and site runner Grant Lucas. When it comes to restricted gambling and gambling in Grand Canyon State, these two are the foremost authorities.

The PlayInAZ group is regarded as the go-to source for market research and knowledge overall, and any one of them is applicable for quotes, interviews, appearances, or opinions on legalized sports betting and gambling in Arizona.

For press inquires, please email [email protected], and our media relations team will put you in touch with one of our experts to help strengthen your project.

Press Releases

KVOA Tucson / Sept. 29, 2021 (Denelle Confair) – Arizona ranks top 5 in betting transactions first day of NFL season

&# 8220, Arizona, specifically in that first week, accounted for 10 % of all sports wagers placed on NFL games, and # 8221, CJ Pierre, according to Play AZ. &# 8220, the NFL’s first week of legalized betting, and # 8217, week two. Arizona was one of the top 5 sports betting markets that week, so that &# 8217 is a pretty big deal. &# 8221,

Arizona Daily Star / Sept. 14, 2021 (Tim Steller) – Tim Steller’s opinion: Sports betting unlikely to make much tax money for Arizona

When it comes to sports betting, Arizona’s tax rates are relatively low compared to other states. With a 36 % tax rate, Pennsylvania is an exception that hasn’t had as much of an impact on total wagers as previously thought, according to Zack Hall, an spokesman for Play USA Network.

ABC15 Arizona / Aug. 27, 2021 (Ashley Paredez) – Fantasy sports betting to go live in Arizona Saturday

” You may sign up for free, after which you can begin browsing games, teams, and determining how you want to play.” According to C. J. Pierre, lead writer for play-in-az.com, there are various options, whether it &# 8217, chooses players from a specific game or choosers who have games in the same time slot.

Press Releases

Why get in touch with PlayInAZ?

expert dependability
Our goal at PlayInAZ is to inform readers about legalized sports betting and betting in Arizona while also providing entertainment and education. In a similar vein, the PlayInAZ staff introduces these principles to any media outlet attempting to give the subject credible expert. Our authors and analysts are generally available to add to initiatives aimed at educating audiences, whether through market research, interviews, or quotes.
knowledgeable understanding
The Play product of websites has consistently become the go-to source for information about the growth of legal sports betting and betting across the nation. With PlayInAZ, it is the same. PlayInAZ, which is made up of seasoned writers, proficient industry executives, and astute analysts, not only educates audiences about the sector but also adds value to any initiative aimed at educating readers, listeners, or viewers.
study of the business
When it comes to legal activities gambling and gambling in Arizona, the PlayInAZ team is made up of some of the most seasoned and experienced experts, analysts, and reporters. That doesn’t just result from being knowledgeable about the field,# 8217. It results from comprehending it. Our team includes members who have made contributions to white papers, market analysis, and federal panel discussions. It &# 8217, PlayInAZ breaks down any topic to help paint a clearer picture, so it’s not just about speaking with authority.