. Optimizing Editorial Processes: PlayInAZ's Methodology Unveiled

Our Editorial Process


At PlayInAZ, we commit to being fair, honest, and accurate when it comes to reporting.

More sites covering the business are emerging as lawful playing spreads across the nation, including in Arizona. Since credibility and dependability benefit all parties— operators, readers / customers, and PlayInAZ - we have vowed to uphold the integrity of fair and accurate reporting.

In order for you to better understand what makes the articles on our page so reliable and credible, we believe it is crucial to explain in detail how we approach the journal process and standards at PlayInAZ.

Integrity in editing

PlayInAZ, which is run by Media Catena, is fast becoming a reliable and go-to tool for readers interested in learning more about the growing legal gambling landscape in Arizona.

We have vowed to uphold tight journalistic standards in order to maintain objectivity and fairness in our coverage of regulated gambling and better position ourselves in that regard. This safeguards our readers’ and partners’ protection and strengthens PlayInAZ’s position as a trusted source for Arizona gambling coverage.

Our Goal

Our goal at PlayInAZ is to offer correct information and practical tools regarding Arizona’s legitimate gambling sector. We make sure that our readers only play on licensed and regulated Arizona gaming sites that have approved safeguards and consumer protections, and we strive to always provide journalistic freedom and transparency for them.

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Good, impartial, and sensible reporting

When readers visit PlayInAZ, they can be sure that the three guiding principles of justice, honesty, and stability are present throughout all of our content.

If we do publish opinion pieces or commentary - stories that unmistakably contain information that might be viewed as subjective— we make sure to include a statement identifying the piece as an opinion at the outset.

Additionally, we are committed to maintaining journalistic freedom at all times. What does that imply? The information that is published on PlayInAZ is entirely under our control and is unaffected by any of our affiliates partners.

keeping visitors protected is our aim.

Above all else, PlayInAZ is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of our audience. To protect the safety of our users and their money, we publish a variety of resources, including reviews, how-to manuals, and public responsible gambling pages. As a result, we make an effort to stay current on all local, state, and national gambling laws and regulations.

Additionally, we just cover and promote online gambling sites that have been thoroughly examined by the Arizona Department of Gaming, which is the state’s regulatory body in charge of regulating daily fantasy sports and lawful sports betting. Customers can be sure that operators have adhered to all required safety precautions and responsible gaming safeguards when the division issues a license.

Our group of specialists

At PlayInAZ, we have a group of seasoned journalists who are knowledgeable about legal betting both nationally and, more particularly, in Arizona. Readers can rely on our editorial team because they have years of experience writing for both local and national publications, such as ESPN, The Washington Post, and Men &# 8217, s Journal.

Additionally, PlayInAZ writers have spent decades covering many levels of amateur and professional sports. This team has also become experts in the field of legal gambling in the United States, including legislation, regulations, sports betting, tribal gaming, lottery and daily fantasy sports. Find out more about our team of experts here.

Our quotes, resources, and references

PlayInAZ relies on first-hand resources relating to constitutional gambling in Arizona to ensure that our insurance is trustworthy, fair, objective, and correct. This includes members from the Arizona Department of Gaming, the state government, responsible gambling organizations, and private providers. PlayInAZ offers full transparency in our coverage of information regarding legal gambling in Arizona, while also citing any extra resources.

Our journal procedure

The PlayInAZ editorial team adheres to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics in our reporting. On top of that, each piece of content posted on our website goes through rigorous review processes to ensure accuracy and objectivity. A dedicated team of copy editors at Media Catena also provides assistance in ensuring factual and grammatical accuracy.

Lastly, Grant Lucas, our managing director and senior writer, reviews every story and resource page published at PlayInAZ. After more than a decade of covering both amateur and professional sporting Grant started writing about authorized casino playing and sports betting in 2018. In 2020, just before the state legalized sports gambling, his attention shifted to Arizona. Grant is able to guarantee that all printed content is precise, objectively and grammatically correct, fair, objective, and helpful for PlayInAZ readers thanks to his wealth of experience and knowledge as well as his skilled writing and editing abilities.


Integrity and integrity are values that PlayInAZ upholds. Citing reliable resources and asking experienced editors and journalists to fact-check all data before any information is posted on our site are both important parts of upholding those standards.

how we respond to mistakes

We at PlayInAZ strive to reduce as many issues as we can. Of course, those mistakes also happen occasionally. PlayInAZ quickly corrects them when they do. We add a statement to the top of the page to inform users of any significant changes or updates to published content in order to retain transparency and honesty.

How we generate income

PlayInAZ is an affiliate of various Arizona-based authorized and regulated online sports betting and betting companies, just like our girl websites under the Catena Media overcoat. When our visitors are directed from our website to website casinos as a result of these collaborations, PlayInAZ frequently receives referral bonuses. Despite this, PlayInAZ is still dedicated to journal democracy and editorial control.

PlayInAZ offers visitors assessments of online sports betting sites in addition to information articles. Every post we write aims to provide our visitors with accurate and practical knowledge. This material is released without the consent of our affiliates partners. We don’t own any stock in any sports gambling or casino business.

People should speak with specific playing businesses immediately if they have any problems or concerns about them.

We appreciate your comments.

At PlayInAZ, we strive to provide information of the highest caliber and reliability that are accessible to bettors, fans, business figures, and other media organizations in Arizona. Both requests for information and suggestions that may enhance our website are encouraged and appreciated.

Feel free to share your thoughts, requests or feedback by sending an email to [email protected].