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Casino Spirit Mountain

Located in Mohave Valley, Arizona, Casino Spirit Mountain is owned and operated by the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, a federally recognized tribe that resides on the Fort Mojave reservation on the Colorado River. The casino is located on a tri-border between Arizona, California, and Nevada, approximately 110 miles south of Las Vegas.

It is not very big, measuring about 9, 500 square foot. In addition to film games and video poker options, there are about 250 slot machines available. However, the game doesn’t currently offer any table sports, gambling, or casino options.

If you’re interested in learning more about Casino Spirit Mountain, read our detailed overview below.

Casino Spirit Mountain details

  • Name: Casino Spirit Mountain
  • Target: Mohave Valley, Arizona 86440, 8555 AZ-95, United States
  • Mobile number: + 1 928 346 2000
  • Operating time: 7 AM to 12 Do
  • Available betting includes slot machines, baccarat, and video poker

Casino Spirit Mountain sportsbook

Unfortunately, Casino Spirit Mountain does not feature any sports betting options. Arizona sports betting was recently legalized, This implies that it might eventually be included in Spirit Mountain’s present in the future. On the other hand, the game prefers to keep things straightforward and is too little to take into account expanding its gambling options, which is a drawback of possible sports betting services.

gambling machines andamp, casino games, Spirit Mountain Casino and # 8211

The following selection of casinos and casino games is available to Spirit Mountain Casino in Arizona for its customers to sing:

gambling machines

The main attraction of Spirit Mountain Casino is a selection of slot machines. There are 250 slot machines on the estate, ranging in price from penny to dollar. Keno fans will discover a ton of fantastic electrical versions of the well-known game of luck. A good selection of video poker machines will also be available to blackjack fans.

Last but not least, Spirit Mountain Casino frequently drops large rewards thanks to its 28 stand-alone in-house progressive payouts.

    One of the most well-liked land-based gambling machines in the US is the Buffalo, which is found in almost all casinos nationwide, including Spirit Mountain Casino in Arizona.
  • Game King is an IGT slots system that combines many different games on a single platform. Game King frequently offers film games, video poker, and more in addition to games.

game at tables

The casino focuses on electronic gaming machines - mainly slots, video poker, and keno. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature any table games at the moment. Therefore, if you want to play games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and others, you’ll have to try other casinos in Arizona.

Is there a poker game room at Spirit Mountain Casino?

Spirit Mountain Casino doesn’t offer any casino choices besides video poker, so there are no live poker money games or tournaments at this gambling establishment.

Racing at Spirit Mountain Casino

At Spirit Mountain Casino, there are no options for driving.

Program for mySpirit benefits

The mySpirit advantages and benefits plan includes Spirit Mountain Casino as a component. You must play sports in the game in order to earn points. This program is open to all kinds of games, and wagering$ 1 on reels, video games, or other games will earn you one place. However, you must wager$ 2 on video poker game in order to earn a place.

Due to the 500 to 1 redemption rate, you will receive$ 1 for every 500 points you earn. The single dining option at Spirit Mountain Casino, Mesquite Grill, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, is where you can use the slots you’ve accumulated for free gambling play or food and drink. Even some of the promotional items that Spirit Mountain Casino sometimes offers can be redeemed with points. As part of a bonus offer, you can also redeem your items for some cash.

Additionally, the benefits membership is tiered; by accruing points, you can advance through the tiers, with rewards increasing with increasing levels. The levels are organized as follows:

    New users who join the rewards club are included in the desired level. The ability to earn details from all entertainment activities is the main advantage of this grade.
  • Special level: You’ll get an Exclusive associate after earning 1, 000 points, which comes with extra benefits like entries for special promotions, birthday presents, VIP invitations, and a regular meal for two at the Mesquite Grill.
  • Personal tier: To join as a Signature representative, you must amass 50,000 points in 365 days. In addition to double details on all games activities, special Signature gifts, and four completely regular meals at the Mesquite Grill, Signature players also receive all of the aforementioned benefits.

The past 365 days are used to calculate your items. The mySpirit structure evaluates each player daily and assigns them to the proper levels based on their points. In other words, you must keep up the number of points needed to be a part of that amount if you want to continue doing so.

The responsible gaming software at Spirit Mountain Casino

Spirit Mountain Casino is partnered with the Arizona Department of Gaming, Division of Problem Gambling, which focuses on educating the residents of the Grand Canyon State on the dangers of gambling addiction.

You should get in touch with the Division of Problem Gambling if you or someone you know has a gaming issue. You can do that by sending NEXT – STEP to 53342 or by dialing 1-800 for it. Alternately, you can find out more about problem gambling on the Division&# 8217, s official website and even take the self-assessment test to determine what it is specifically and whether you might be prone to it.

Simply put, Arizona’s Division of Problem Gambling offers a great company that aims to educate, assist, and eventually prevent people from developing an dependency, so Spirit Mountain Casino doesn’t do much in the way of responsible gambling because it is not required to.

Ownership and past of Spirit Mountain Casino

The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, which lives on the same-named ticket between Arizona, California, and Nevada, is the owner of the game. The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe of Arizona, California, and Nevada is its whole name; it is a member of the officially recognized Mosave people.

The tribe opened its first casino in Nevada, Aci Resort & amp, in 1995. With more than 650 slots and a ton of other table games, it is the temple’s primary gambling establishment.

The community and California Governor Gray Davis decided in 2003 to open Arizona’s Spirit Mountain Casino, a casino close to Needles, California. The game is still a little gambling establishment that is primarily used by local casino patrons and has undergone no significant changes to this day.