. Interview With New Gila River Casinos Entertainment Head Anastasia Palmer Johnson

Interview With New Gila River Casinos Entertainment Head Anastasia Palmer Johnson

Written By Marian Rosin on January 4, 2023Last Updated on January 30, 2023
Anastasia Palmer Johnson gila river resorts casinos

At Gila River Resorts and Casinos, it’s present moment for the new business entertainment director. Tucson native Anastasia Palmer Johnson took over the role in late September.

DominicOrozco, the president and chief marketing officer, praised her “connections, drive and dedication” in the entertainment world. Orozco toldIndianGaming.com:

We are grateful to have( Palmer Johnson ) improve our entertainment offerings, & ldquo. We have already seen her flourish in her brief time with the company, bringing on large acts like Jake Paul, T-Pain, and Rick Ross. & rdquo,

She rejoins Gila River gambling after returning to Arizona and has a strong resume that includes:

  • Event income regional director at Live Nations
  • Reservations for the Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena in Los Angeles
  • providing function solutions for the Grammy and Emmy Awards, MLB and NBA All-Star games, Stanley Cup events, and two Super Bowls.

Speaking more about the Stones

PlayInAZ had the good fortune to speak with the vivacious Tucson native and hometown girl & mdash, andldquo, I & rsquo. & rdquo, A self-described hippie child, was brought up in this country to develop a lifelong love of music. Classics like Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, and the Laurel Canyon audio scene were introduced to her by her family.

She claimed that she had often wanted to go back to Arizona. She & rsquo had anticipated that would occur when she retired from her hectic Los Angeles life, but as with many of us, the pandemic changed the course of events.

In the final days of 2022, she took time to answer questions with us at PlayInAZ.

Who would be your ideal reservation, according to PlayInAZ?

The Rolling Stones, PalmerJohnson

Who was the biggest name you & rsquo, ve ever booked, according to PlayInAZ?

Springsteen & Hellip at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, PalmerJohnson.

What is your favorite aspect of your work, PlayInAZ? Does what you do have artistic merit?

PalmerJohnson: It & rsquo, Talent and client relations, is all about the relationships.

Accordingly, she credits her success to the business connections that have developed into connections. She also attributes having excellent coaches, such as Thomas See, her former director at Live Nation, and Alex Hodges from the renowned Nederlander Organization of Broadway.

She noted that Gila River Resorts brought her on because she comes from a more traditional entertainment background rather than just a casino past. “We want to be an all-encompassing entertainment venue.”

She & rsquo would love to host artists for residencies, but for at least her first year, only single-night performances seem feasible. Additionally, she plans to guide entertainers and other performing arts genres rather than just musicians on the roster of potential performers.

She & rsquo will also include a few local musicians. For Cinque de Mayo, native indie rock icons Calexico and the Sergio Mendoza Orchestra may perform, with support from the upcoming Tucson group XIXA. Spyder Rhodes, a well-known DJ, is currently scheduled to perform. vacation all through the flower.

PlayInAZ: Have you ever encountered players who transformed you from a well-dressed leisure executor to an animated fangirl?

PalmerJohnson: I see, yes.

She told PlayInAZ that the Grammys’ Staples Center fangirl shift took place behind the scenes. Palmer Johnson appeared on Ringo Starr in what would be for the rest of us just a dream or perhaps another viewing of the documentary Get Back & rdquo. Therefore a dressing room door opened, allowing Paul McCartney to emerge. Finally, in addition to Yoko Ono, she saw Julian Lennon, the likeness of his late father dressed in a light Nehru suit. She had the opportunity to see them all interacting briefly.

What is the following for Gila Resorts Casinos?

Palmer Johnson & ldquo was added by Orozco as the next logical step in the development of our new designated resort brand. Andrdquo: SantanMountain, Gila River Resorts and Casinos’ third property, is scheduled to open in 2023, adding another step to its portfolio expansion.

Another Gila River assets include:

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