. Beyond The Gridiron: These Are The Best Super Bowl-Themed TV Shows Ever

Beyond The Gridiron: These Are The Best Super Bowl-Themed TV Shows Ever

Written By C.J. Pierre on December 18, 2021Last Updated on January 30, 2023

Super Bowl Sunday is now a trend in culture. Millions of people from outside the sporting industry have attended the event.

Every sport becomes one of the all-time most watched television shows. It & rsquo is a fad that TV networks have profited from. In reality, the Super Bowl was followed by bouts of a number of traditional programs.

Other programs have capitalized on the big game by incorporating the biggest night of the NFL season into the plots, fusing some of TV & rsquo’s most recognizable characters with the most well-known sporting event worldwide.

At PlayInAZ, we look back at some “Super episodes” of Super Bowl-related TV shows that deserve multiple re-watches.

Episode 12 of Season 6 of Seinfeld & ndash is titled”& ldquo, The Label Maker & rlquo ,”

We are treated to a Bryan Cranston movie, two Super Bowl tickets, and an abundance of discord in this Seinfeld episode that is based on the championship game. This incident completely altered the business of gift-giving.

Tim Whatley, who is played by Cranston, receives Jerry Seinfeld‘s Super Bowl cards in exchange for Jerry receiving a label maker. Whatley was given the same kind of label maker by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, also known as Elaine, which made her think the item was & ldquo, regifted. & rdquo,

Jerry, meanwhile, decides to regift the label maker himself in order to” andldquo ,”” degift ,” and” dribble” his Super Bowl tickets. In a nutshell, this incident popularized the phrase” what we do with the gifts we can’t gain for business credit”

Beyond The Gridiron: These Are The Best Super Bowl-Themed TV Shows Ever 2

Episode 14 of Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother,” Andnbsp, Andldquo, Monday Night Football,

The second year of How I Met Your Mother featured this season. The group can & rsquo decides to wait until Monday to watch the Super Bowl together when they can’t watch it live. The only issue is that they must stay away from clues. The group & rsquo’s futile attempts to prevent themselves from learning what happened are then observed.

One of the most spectacular events was the debut of Ted’s invention, The Sensory Deprivator 5000, played by Josh Radnor. Even when Ted went to a sports bar to pick up the gang & rsquo, or traditional hot wings, the odd contraption was successful in preventing him from learning the game’s score.

Beyond The Gridiron: These Are The Best Super Bowl-Themed TV Shows Ever 2

Episode 12 of Season 10 of The Simpsons & ndash is titled”& ldquo, Sunday, Cruddy Sunday & rdqua ,”

The longest-running scripted American primetime program is the animated comedy series The Simpsons & nbsp. It surpasses the second-longest at 33 years and counting. Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & amp, by ten years. This Super Bowl-themed season was released in 1999, the year after the championship game. The Denver Broncos‘ victory over the Atlanta Falcons was broadcast to about 11.5 million people.

If Homer you sign up all of his friends for a particular vacation package, the travel agent will take him to the Super Bowl for free. When Homer gathers his friends to attend the game, he discovers that their cards are fake and printed on a biscuit. The team tries to break in covertly but is imprisoned.

The episode is jam-packed with voice actors from the entertainment and sports industries, including Dan Marino, Troy Aikman & nbsp, and John Madden.

Beyond The Gridiron: These Are The Best Super Bowl-Themed TV Shows Ever 2

Super Bowl Fever & rdquo, Home Improvement & ndash, Season 4, Episode 15

Tim Allen entertained viewers as America & rsquo, the hilariously sarcastic TV father of the 90s sitcom Home Improvement. Tim invites his friends over to watch the big game in the episode of” Super Bowl Fever & rdquo” on ABC, but his plans are derailed when his wife Jill, played by Patricia Richardson, contracts the flu.

Tim feels as though he is being pulled in too many information. He frequently sneaks aside to watch the game and enjoy party host because he wants to try to Jill as lightly as possible. However, the fun doesn’t next, and the entire juggling work collapses on him.

Beyond The Gridiron: These Are The Best Super Bowl-Themed TV Shows Ever 2

Show 14 of Season 2 of This Is Us Andndash features the Super Bowl Sunday andrdquo.

Every display we discussed prior to this is a well-known TV comedy. A contemporary crisis called This Is Us tells an emotional tale of love, life, and family.

In the first season of The Show & Rsquo, America developed feelings for the Pearson family. As Season 2 progresses, people discover that a house fire is responsible for the mysterious death of Jack( Milo Ventimiglia ), the home father. We finally get to see the house fire play out in the 14th episode of & ldquo, Super Bowl Sunday. One of TV & rsquo’s most heartbreaking moments is This.

After the Super Bowl, Jack finds out the house is on fire in one of the show & rsquo’s iconic flashbacks. Jack moves through the lights to get everyone out because he is determined to protect his children. He succeeds in saving his home and also returns to retrieve their dog. As the lights grow larger, we see his wife and children sobbing and screaming. Of all, he manages to survive. However, the reduction is fleeting because we are aware that Jack will eventually pass away.

This episode aired after Super Bowl LII in 2018, where we watched the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots. It was seen by 26.97 million viewers, becoming the highest-rated scripted TV show to air since 2008.

Beyond The Gridiron: These Are The Best Super Bowl-Themed TV Shows Ever 2

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