. Timeline Checkpoints Released, Regulators Start Drafting AZ Sports Betting Rules

Timeline Checkpoints Released, Regulators Start Drafting AZ Sports Betting Rules

Written By Martin Harris on April 27, 2021Last Updated on January 30, 2023

Arizona sports fans and bettors rejoiced when Gov. Doug Duceysigned into law a new sports betting bill on April 15. Then came the next logical question:

When had they begin making wagers?

Last week, the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) began to answer that question. On Wednesday, the department outlined steps needed to launch the state’s first legal retail sportsbooks and betting apps in Arizona.

To help provide a better idea of when both sports betting and daily fantasy sports will go live in the state, officials have provided operating timeframes.

Timelines for small approval and rule-drafting are outlined by regulators.

There are two timelines in play affecting when both sports betting and fantasy sports wagering will ultimately become available to Arizonans.

One involves the sports betting costs and the recently amended tribal-state particles Ducey signed. The ADG’s rule-drafting routine is the other issue.

According to a news release last week, the department has already begun drafting rules as the new law charges them to do. The ADG intends to “initiate a robust process to develop rules for these new forms of gaming,” describing themselves as already “hard at work” to achieve that goal.

Nevertheless, the ADG noted that in order for these rules and the associated amended Compacts to go into effect, a number of steps will need to be taken. & rdquo,

revised AZ tribal-state compacts’ timetable

The amended particles were delivered to the Office of Indian Gaming at the US Department of the Interior the day after Ducey signed the costs. The amended particles must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Indian Gaming within 45 days, or until the close of May. If nothing is done, the compacts are approved quickly.

Particles will be sent to the Federal Register once they have been approved, where they will have 90 days to get published. The Federal Register would have until the end of August to post if the Office of Indian Gaming takes the whole 45 days to review. Only then will the revised particles be totally functional.

Before function or fantasy sports betting is start, that process must be finished. The new legislation gives nations the right to issue up to 10 permissions to provide both retail and online sports betting. Additionally, professional sports teams and facilities are permitted to obtain up to 10 additional licenses.

DFS rules and the timetable for AZ sports gambling

The ADG has 60 days to review rules after the bill was signed. As a result, mid-June is the regulators & rsquo, deadline. These guidelines may apply to both fantasy sports competitions and sports wagering.

At that point, there will be a time of public opinion, after which the ADG will make any necessary changes to the rules. The ADG you then get ready to reveal a preliminary functional start date.

The timeframe for amended tribal-state particles may roughly coincide with that one. However, the ADG has no specifically stated how much time the post-drafting operation might require.

Could Arizona’s sports betting and / or fantasy sports wager be operational in time for the NFL season to begin in September? Perhaps, though it might be optimistic to get there the quickly.

Users and operators prepare while AZ regulators are in operation.

Sports betting won’t start right away just because particles are approved and rules are suddenly drafted.

For both users and software companies, the ADG will still need to evaluate programs, & nbsp, and issue licenses and regulatory approvals.

Anticipating regulators’ progress, potential operators and providers have already begun partnering. FanDuel sports betting and the Phoenix Suns have already announced an agreement,which came on the heels of DraftKings and the TPC Scottsdalereaching a similar deal.

Both BetMGM and theScore Bet have come up in investor presentations as well. Meanwhile, several other providers are certainly eyeing rapid entry into Arizona once the application process begins.

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