. Pima County Cuts Ties With Arizona Bowl Due To Barstool Sports Sponsorship

Pima County Cuts Ties With Arizona Bowl Due To Barstool Sports Sponsorship

Written By Grant Lucas on September 2, 2021Last Updated on January 30, 2023
Pima County Cuts Arizona Bowl Ties

Just a few weeks ago, the Arizona Bowl made waves by announcing a sponsorship with Barstool Sports. The deal not only puts Barstool logos on a college football bowl game. It also allows Barstool to stream the postseason contest in Tuscon on its own network.

However, not all rejoiced in the union. In fact, the Pima County Board of Supervisors decided this week to remove nearly$ 40,000 from the bowl game’s funding. The board also asked that the county & rsquo, name be removed from the Arizona Bowl website.

All because of Barstool andrsquo’s contentious past.

Arizona Bowl revenue is voted to be removed by the board of supervisors.

As reported by the Arizona Daily Star, the board viewed “a series of inflammatory statements and tweets” made by Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool. Among them, a post from May 2010 in which Portnoy said:

& ldquo, Although I never support ravishment, if you’re a Size 6 and wearing skinny pants, you kind of deserve to be raped, don’t you think? & rdquo,

This is not who Pima County is, board supervisor Sharon Bronson & nbsp responded to the newspaper. Bronson expressed how she could not see & ldquo during an nbsp meeting on August 10 and how, in good conscience,( Pima County ) can provide financial support to an organization with a history of offensive and inappropriate statements. & rdquo,

In the end, the state board of supervisors decided to withdraw$ 38.56 andnbsp in cash. How to allocate that money has not yet been decided by the board. Bronson suggested giving it to a charity that fights home crime.

Only Steve Christy voted against the motion, labeling Arizona Bowl leaders as “the best examples of good judgment and leadership.” Christy had also emphasized that “political grandstanding” will not kill the bowl or its Barstool sponsorship.

Arizona Bowl defends Barstool’s sponsorship.

In a letter to the board, Kym Adair, the executive director of the Arizona Bowl, defended the game & rsquo’s new sponsor.

Adair emphasized Barstool & rsquo’s commitment to diversity in the letter. She remarked that Barstool boasts a female CEO, Erika Nardini, as well as an all-female senior team and staff of 280 people, or & ldquo, inclusive of every race, religion, color, and sexual preference. & rdquo,

Adair continued, highlighting Barstool’s generous endeavors. According to the letter, Portnoy contributed$ 40 million for small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Then Adair referred to Barstool & ldquo, an online comedy company that has cracked jokes and failed miserably and produced comedy and content that failed to land or endure the test of time. She continued,” Barstool has evolved and evolved since its introduction in 2004 andnbsp.”

Adair & rsquo made an effort, but his letter was unable to persuade the board of supervisors, including & nbsp, Rex Scott.

I don’t have the authority to judge them, & ldquo. I do have the authority to decide whether the county & rsquo, its name, and the public funds entrusted to us should be connected to a bowl that has Barstool Sports as its title sponsor, but I am unable to do so. & rdquo,

Arizona is where Barstool Sports has its origins.

Pima County’s relationship with the Arizona Bowl was severed as a result. of its association with a sponsor. In the Grand Canyon State, however, Barstool also has a lot to look forward to.

After all, it seems as if the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl will continue as is, with Barstool’s names and featuring teams from the Mountain West and Mid-American conferences. In addition, the Dec. 31 game will stream exclusively on Barstool’s digital and social media platforms, per terms of the deal.

This funding followed Penn National Gaming, which is the owner of Barstool, collaborating with Phoenix Raceway and & nbsp to give the team access to the Arizona sports betting industry.

Last week, the Arizona Department of Gaming awarded an event wagering license to the racetrack, which essentially green-lit Barstool Arizona for launch and allow the sportsbook to join other AZ betting apps to begin accepting legal wagers as early as Sept. 9.

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