. Four Is A Crowd: Chandler Residents Concerned Over New Gila River Casino

Four Is A Crowd: Chandler Residents Concerned Over New Gila River Casino

Written By Matt Boecker on July 29, 2021Last Updated on January 30, 2023
New Gila River Casino Concerns

Residents of south Chandler are concerned about plans to build a third game in the Gila River Indian Community.

Some specifics about the two-year job to construct the new Arizona casino have been made public by officials. OD Harris, a councillor for Chandler City, revealed some plans but acknowledged the community had been keeping them under wraps.

A & nbsp, & ldquo, world-class casino, golf course, and a hotel with spa amenities were among the information Harris shared. The hotel was built on 580 acres of land.

Residents of Chandler are dissatisfied with the fresh AZ game.

Not everyone has expressed the same level of excitement for Chandler’s fresh, sizable game. Capital dwellers are included in that.

Calling and social media posts have cast doubt on the city’s capacity to properly accommodate visitors flow.

Gov. Gila River Indian Community Stephen Lewis hasn’t discussed the effect it would have on capital visitors, but he did highlight the advantages. That covers more money, security, and essential service for the town in southern Arizona.

Lewis remarked:

& ldquo, We anticipate being able to create hundreds of new jobs that community members can use, and we anticipate that many of those positions will be filled by members of the community. The same thing happened at the Vee Quiva Casino. & rdquo,

Three additional Gila River components may be added to the new game.

In Arizona, Gila River now has three games, two of which are in the Chandler region.

In Laveen Village, the Vee Quiva Casino opened five centuries after the Lone Butte Casino did in 2008.

The 1995-opened Wild Horse Pass in Chandler & rsquo may be the largest of the new property. Wild Horse spans more than 400, 000, and nbsp in flat feet, including 100,000 sq feet of entertainment.

The new casino, according to Sunbelt Holdings President John Graham, fills a gap in the East Valley & rsquo entertainment market.

But as Harris noted, there are still few additional information.

“We are still working on learning the details of their master plan,” Harris said. “The Native nation have been keeping things close to chest.”

A new game was made possible by an updated game compact.

The new gaming agreement, which was signed by & nbsp, Gov., is being fully utilized by the Gila River Indian Community. Doug Ducey in the springtime of 2021.

Initially, a gambling agreement from 2002 forbade the beginning of any new casinos in the Phoenix metropolitan area. However, the Gila River Indian Community fought valiantly to implement these new plans for a third casino. The community thought that the advantages do outweigh the drawbacks for the neighborhood.

However, the amended compact — along with allowing casinos to offer expanded games such as craps, baccarat and roulette authorized the construction of at least four new casinos in the state, including at least two properties in the Phoenix area.

On June 18, Gila River leaders approved the new casino project, which had been shelved since 2007. The new casino will reside on tribal land just south of Chandler, near Gilbert Road and Hunt Highway.

Gila River did hear people input, Councilman guarantees.

Harris acknowledged in a Facebook post that the casino & rsquo, s impact on traffic continues to worry locals. However, he added that Chandler & ldquo does not currently have any plans to expand Gilbert Road and Hunt Highway.

Harris emphasized that the Gila River Indian Community will receive all public comments from the town government.

& ldquo, While the City of Chandler won’t take part in the assessment or acceptance of the Gila River Indian Community growth, we will discuss plans for capital equipment with residents andrsquo so that tribal officials can make informed decisions about the site’s growth. & rdquo,

The Arizona Department of Transportation was under pressure from the Gila River Indian Community two years ago to construct a bridge exchange that would improve access to the Vee Quiva game. If the new game makes Chandler streets congested, related plans might be realized.

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