. Mega Millions Jackpot Grows To $830 Million, Arizona Lottery Says $1 Million Ticket Sold Last Week In Phoenix

Mega Millions Jackpot Grows To $830 Million, Arizona Lottery Says $1 Million Ticket Sold Last Week In Phoenix

Written By C.J. Pierre on July 26, 2022Last Updated on January 30, 2023

Mega Millions hasn’t given birth to a significant success in more than three weeks. Since therefore, the pot has increased.

Arizona Lottery officials claim that some people are also winning money even though they haven’t won the prize. Did we suddenly see someone win the enormous prize before Tuesday night’s drawing?

A person in Arizona wins$ 1,000,000.

One lottery player in Arizona was able to enjoy last Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing. According to Arizona Lottery officials, one ticket sold in the Grand Canyon State was a million-dollar winner.

Phoenix’s Chevron gas station, which is close to 48th Street and Broadway, sold the successful solution. Mega Ball was 25, and the winning numbers were 2 – 31 – 32 – 37 – 70. Five numbers that match are worth$ 1 million. Last month, four million dollars winning Mega Millions tickets were sold. The additional cards were bought in New Hampshire, North Carolina, and California.

This success will have until January 15, 2023 to assert their trophy because winning cards expire 180 days after the numbers are drawn. The prize money does end up in a few different sites if it is not claimed in day. Little more than half, according to drawing officials, will return to the prize pool. The remainder may be distributed to various state recipients.

In order to retain the rights to their earnings, lottery players are advised to maintain their tickets secure and mark them.

The prize of$ 830 million would be among the biggest in history.

The Mega Millions lottery reached an estimated$ 830 million after Friday & rsquo’s drawing because no player matched all six numbers. The sum represents the fourth-largest lottery jackpot always. The majority of jackpot winners choose the money option, which is$ 487.9 million rather than an annuity.

So far in 2022, Mega Millions has produced four victors. When a$ 426 million prize was claimed in California in January of this year, it was the largest pot ever. Except for Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, and Alabama, Mega Millions is played in every state.

What are the chances that you will win the pot then? According to Mega Millions, it & rsquo has a chance of 1 in 303 million. Check to see if you drew the lucky numbers in case those seem like possibilities you want to consider.

Let’s put it into view, shall we? Lottery players have a higher chance of hitting the Mega Millions jackpot than they do of being struck by lightning( 1 in 1, 222, 000 ), being killed in an airplane crash( in 11, 416 ), being born on the day of the leap, and taking home the gold medal( 4 in 6, 000 ).

The next drawing for the Mega Millions will be this Tuesday, July 26, at 8 p.m. Arizona Time.

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