. Man Leaves Kids In Car To Go Gamble At An Arizona Casino

Man Leaves Kids In Car To Go Gamble At An Arizona Casino

Written By C.J. Pierre on May 24, 2022Last Updated on January 30, 2023

A father is looking at felony charges after investigators say he left two kids in his car while gambling inside an Arizona casino.

According to the officers, the kids were unharmed. Given that the wind is heating up in the state, this is still shocking news. Not to mention the increased worry over hot car deaths in & lsquo. & rsquo,

The parents might now be sentenced to prison for possibly endangering his children.

Inside of Arizona Casino, good Samaritans can get children in a car.

According to court documents, 39-year-old Keo Bunchhor was arrested on May 19 after leaving his 5-year-old and 2-year-old kids inside a parked car at Casino Arizona.

Courtesy: Sheriff & rsquo’s office in Maricopa County

When a bystander saw the kids driving only, he called the police. Officers noticed that one back windows had been rolled down when they arrived. The older baby was therefore spoken to by one of the soldiers as they approached the car to inquire as to what was going on.

The youngster informed the policeman that his father had informed him that he was simply leaving to get a biscuit. That evening, the outdoor temperature was 86 levels. Officers found that the boys had been driving the car for more than 30 minutes.

The female driver of the car was seen engaging in betting inside the casino, according to casino surveillance. The male, later identified as Bunchhor, was confronted by police. He was questioned about why he left his children outside in the car only.

& ldquo, According to court documents read, the father admitted that he had a gambling problem and had come to the casino to gamble in order to win rent money.

Child protective services were informed. The kids & rsquo mother soon after showed up at the casino to pick them up. The kids were uninjured.

Bunchhor is currently facing a cost of child abuse. He was imprisoned on a$ 5,000 bond.

Families in the US Detain Their Children for Gambling

Bunchhor is not the first irresponsible caregiver to forego parental responsibilities in order to indulge their urge to gamble. Numerous studies about families acting in the exact same way have come in from all over the nation.

Two young children were allegedly left alone in a car parked at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois, earlier this month while their parents reportedly gambled there. Later, he was located and taken into custody.

The three and five-year-old kids were unharmed. How much the children were by themselves in the car is unknown. Two works of endangering a child’s life or health were brought against the parents.

A Florida doctor was even accused of abuse in April 2021 after driving off with two kids unattended. According to reports, the girl left them in the at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida, while she played poker game.

She allegedly spent at least 12 hours at a blackjack table in the casino, according to the prosecution. The kids were three and eleven years old at the time.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has made the decision to take action against parents who deliberately abandon their kids in parking lots in states like Pennsylvania. To prevent further for incidents, the PGCB has started issuing state-wide bans from gambling establishments to these parents.

In the meantime, there have been no reports regarding Casino Arizona’s liability for the event. The PGCB has made it clear that any game in Pennsylvania that fails to deliberately avoid such injuries may be subject to a fine.

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