. Ranking The Top 5 Wackiest Super Bowl Prop Bets

Ranking The Top 5 Wackiest Super Bowl Prop Bets

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5. Super Bowl coin flip

Betting on the opening coin flip is a very common prop you can find at nearly every casino in Arizona.

The most common way to bet the Super Bowl coin toss is simply picking, head or tails? You can also bet on which team will win the coin toss. Furthermore, you can bet if the team that calls heads or tails makes the correct call.

There isn & rsquo,t much research you can do for this prop pick. As we all know, it is a 50 / 50 proposition. But, record may indicate otherwise. Throughout the previous 55 coin tosses in the Super Bowl, the coin has come up tails 29 times, that & rsquo, s 53 % of the time.

Tail never fails. Unless you are Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, that & rsquo, s another story.

Side note: Isn & rsquo, t it curious that most sportsbooks refer to & ldquo, the & rdquo, coin toss? It may be important to note that these stakes refer to the coin flip before the game begins. If there is time, like we saw in Super Bowl LIII, your bet does not move to the coin toss that kicks off the extra time.

4. Size of National Anthem

The song of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl is one of the pop culture features related to the event. Music legends Gladys Knight, Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin have all taken their turn belting out The Star – Spangled Banner before the game.

And, of course, folks like to bargain on it.

Country music icon Mickey Guyton, who has been nominated for a Grammy, will do the song at Super Bowl LVI. The length of the song is the most common way to place a bet on how well it will be sung. When the song starts singing, not when the music starts, is the time used for wagering. No matter how long the singer holds the note, the anthem’s timing ends when they have finished singing the words & ldquo, brave, andrrquo.

To get this ball, you might need to look through various AZ sportsbooks. None of Arizona & rsquo’s online betting sites have odds on the national anthem as of Friday.

However, other websites list Guyton & rsquo’s performance at 106 seconds( 1:46 ) over / under. You might want to appear for the bet on the day of the Super Bowl if you’d like to try your luck. The amount has exceeded the previous nine Super Bowl national hymn shows.

3. accessories for the time present

Like the national anthem, Arizona sports bettors may need to check the day of the game for any bets on this year’s halftime show. This year’s show will be a real Hollywood production featuring hip-hop legends Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar.

How many songs will get played and whether a wardrobe malfunction may occur are some time show prop bets. There are also a few more bet on the table that are specific to Dr. Dre and friends.

A popular option will be the first song we hear during the halftime show. My money would be on California Love, as I mentioned in our “Perfect Super Bowl Playlist” story. But hits like The Next Episode and FamilyAffair are clear contenders.

Some books even offer wagers on Eminem & rsquo’s hair color. You may wager on any shade, including brown, black, white, or blonde. The Real Slim Shady has just been observed having darker locks. It & rsquo has a different appearance than when he used to dye his hair blonde. There is a possibility that he could throw it back and restore the white appearance.

2. 2. Any blow that strikes the legs

I find this ball bet to be exciting because it seems so simple.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook Arizona, the odds that no kick will hit the uprights are at -550. While the ‘Yes’ odds are at +400.

According to the bookmakers, there is a much higher likelihood that the push won’t hit the uprights. Given that Bengals kicker Evan McPherson and Rams quarterback Matt Gay are both fairly strong, this makes sense.

However, the changing is what fascinates me about this property. Any blow, including field goals and more points, is eligible for this wager. Missing more points to reach the uprights is not uncommon. I even wonder if this wager is affected by the bar on the industry goal post. We & rsquo, I’ve seen a number of long field goals nab the sturdy horizontal bar. When Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker hit the bar to defeat the Detroit Lions with a record-breaking 66-yard field goal during the regular winter, we witnessed it.

1. Gatorade manager color chances

The color of the Gatorade the winning manager may have thrown at him is by far the wackiest Super Bowl prop you can wager on. For a while now, this has been available for people to wager on. But it is such a strange item to bet on.

Over the years, the tones have changed, with no clear routine emerging. Orange has been the most liquid color applied to the winning instructor five times since 2001. That, however, is comparable to the number of days that no Gatorade was thrown onto the manager. Bruce Arians, the manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was drenched in blue Gatorade last year when his squad won the Super Bowl.

Clear / water color is the betting favorite at the majority of AZ sportsbooks this year.

Some might lean toward the Gatorade reflecting the team’s primary colors. The Bengals could stick with their signature orange. Meanwhile, the Rams could pick blue or yellow. No matter what, the fun moment typically shared with the winning team could create some audible groans at your local Super Bowl party.

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