. Could Diamondbacks Fans Watch Live Games In DraftKings Sportsbook’s App?

Could Diamondbacks Fans Watch Live Games In DraftKings Sportsbook’s App?

Written By Derek Helling on July 12, 2021Last Updated on January 30, 2023
A DraftKings MLB game feed is coming to the sportsbook's app due to an expansion of the partnership between the two companies.

DraftKings Sportsbook isn’t directly aligned with the Arizona Diamondbacks for Arizona sports betting purposes. That doesn’t mean DraftKings won’t have anything to entice D-backs fans to check out its sportsbook app, though. In fact, it might have something that its competition in AZ doesn’t.

DraftKings and Major League Baseball announced an expansion of their current relationship on Friday. Baseball followers in Arizona may be able to see their hometown MLB group in action right in the DraftKings software as a by-product of that growth.

Coming to the game is DraftKings MLB game supply.

DraftKings is now an exclusive, co-exclusive, and sports betting mate of MLB. DraftKings was MLB’s standard regular fantasy partner prior to Friday, but their partnership didn’t specifically involve sports betting. There are more to this than just a few fresh thoughts, though.

DraftKings and MLB will work together to create a new feature for the former & rsquo app called Bet & amp, Watch & Rdquo. There aren’t many specifics about what that may mean at the moment. According to a press release, at least one MLB game will be included in the articles. Which activity would be the first to receive this treatment was not specified in the release.

The information suggests Bet & Watch will be an alternate broadcast mode, only accessible to DraftKings app users who have an “active and open” MLB.com account. Those accounts are free. DraftKings is coming to Arizona for sports betting through a partnership with TPC Scottsdale, pending regulatory approval.

The broadcast could resemble BetCast that NBC uses for its PGA coverage in partnership with PointsBet Sportsbook. Analysts discuss and highlight live odds movement and prop bets as the action moves along. Could the first Bet & Watch game be an approaching Diamondbacks game? It seems just as likely as a game featuring any other team right now.

Had the DraftKings software serve as a new location for D-backs games?

Depending on when the product is ready and the gameplay MLB can communicate in this way, which activity is featured first is probably going to depend on that. Broadcasting rights are governed by MMB & rsquo’s broadcast contracts, which also impose blackout restrictions on live game streaming.

That & rsquo, which is why MLB. Television viewers in Arizona are unable to access live torrents of D-backs activities. Regarding MLB That & rsquo, TV, is also a component of this extension. DraftKings may help MLB create new betting-focused material for MLB. Television viewers in the future as also.

It’s too early to say whether DraftKings may begin often streaming MLB games through its app. It isn’t possible; it’s not even remotely possible. For the past three seasons, Google has been MLB & rsquo’s streaming partner, renewing its contract every year. Google offers 21 MLB game this season. available for free life streaming on YouTube.

There’s nothing to stop DraftKings – or one of its competitors – from bidding for a similar or smaller package of games next season. North American sports leagues and sportsbooks have been kicking the tires on this already. BetMGM Sportsbook offered live streaming of several NHL games in its app earlier this year.

If an MLB game cope with an AZ betting does materialize, it might include some Diamondbacks games, depending on the terms of the contract. The majority of those games will still only be accessible for life seeing on Bally Sports Arizona at this point.

As a consumer engagement tool, DraftKings is undoubtedly investing more resources in life sports content. To the same end, MLB has also totally embraced sports gambling.

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