. Arizona Sportsbook Feeling Blue Thanks To BlueBet And BlueWater Deal

Arizona Sportsbook Feeling Blue Thanks To BlueBet And BlueWater Deal

Written By Derek Helling on August 10, 2021Last Updated on January 30, 2023
BlueBet and BlueWater Casino

BlueBet Arizona and the BlueWater Resort & Casino may just be made for each other, and for reasons beyond the similar names. The Australian bookmaker and the Colorado River Indian Tribes casino near Parker will work together to pursue a license to offer Arizona sports betting.

The AZ Department provided. Bettors in Arizona may have access to the betting as soon as the following month if Gaming fulfills their requests. It & rsquo is a component of BlueBet’s larger campaign in the US.

What is currently known about BlueBet Arizona?

According to a press release from the sportsbook, the Colorado River Indian Tribes and BlueBet have already applied for licensure. The parties could find out whether they qualify for licensure as soon as this weekend.

Should they qualify, the department could issue a license as early as Aug. 27. Upon selection, the two companies would be free to start registering bettors for accounts and rolling out their marketing the following day.

According to the latest timeline, the first day that BlueBet Sportsbook might begin accepting bets is September 9. Bettors should be aware that & rsquo, however, is merely a goal & nbsp. There is nothing in position law requiring casinos to open by that time.

Bettors may have access to both online and retail wagering if and when BlueBet is authorized and licensed to build. The information in the preceding release is scant regarding the brick-and-mortar book’s components or location. After licensing, more information should be provided, assuming that occurs.

That’s no foregone conclusion at this point. State law allocates only 10 licenses for tribal casino operators. Regulators expect to receive more applications than that number, meaning some applicants will get nothing but disappointment.

The preferred choice for BlueWater is undoubtedly its own permit, even though there may be some workaround or license denial in collaborating with another ethnic license holders. Arizona, however, is only one component of BlueBet’s strategy.

Arizona’s BlueBet & rsquo is the first US tactic.

Additionally, BlueBet plans to take its casino live in:

    • Colorado
    • Iowa
    • Maryland
    • Tennessee
    • Virginia

Additionally, it has already secured a market entry deal into Iowa and applied for permit in Virginia. The firm from down under, but, appears to be the highest on AZ.

According to BlueBet CEO Bill Richmond, We & rsquo is very excited to be announcing this agreement within two months of the company’s initial public offering ( IPO ), andrdquo. & ldquo, We think Arizona is a great place for BlueBet to grow in the US. Despite being a state known for its sports enthusiasts, Arizona is such an untapped market with no existing operators, making the opportunity especially effective. Arizona & rsquo, where we have our first US skin and where the sports betting market is thought to generate more than$ 1 billion in US dollars per year in gaming revenue, has a population that is twice that of Iowa. This agreement represents a major expansion of our efforts to enter the US every year. & rdquo,

If authorities agree, BlueBet will cleave in the US in Arizona. Arizonans ought to be the first to interact with and react to the app’s software, chances, and promotions. They & rsquo will have the chance to affect the product for the rest of the country in this way.

But before that does happen, they must persuade AZ bettors to wager with them more than once every blue sky.

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