. Arizona Regulators Post Proposed Procedures For Allocation Of Sports Betting Licenses

Arizona Regulators Post Proposed Procedures For Allocation Of Sports Betting Licenses

Written By Derek Helling on July 15, 2021Last Updated on January 30, 2023
A proposed protocol for Arizona betting license allocation procedures is ready for public comment after regulators posted it online.

One of the biggest outstanding questions in regard to what Arizona sports betting will look like is how the state will decide which applicants get licenses and which applicants might be disappointed.

Arizona bets license allocation procedures are now available as answers, albeit primary ones.

The proposed course of action is laid out in a new addition to the draft laws for AZ sports wagering. Depending on how it is interpreted, the language may prefer tribal casino operators who collaborate with casino operators over those who want to develop their own platforms.

What are the steps involved in allocating a bets license in Arizona?

Again, it’s important to remember that all this language is provisional right now. The AZ Dept. of Gaming is holding a public comment opportunity on Friday at 10 a.m. PT to allow interested parties to weigh in. This new part of the draft regulations isn’t too long.

In essence, it outlines the review standards that the Department should take into account if there are more qualified applicants than licenses available. That & rsquo is most likely to occur among the tribal casino operators in the state.

The new AZ law allocates 10 licenses for them. However, there are 23 Indigenous peoples groups that have a current compact with AZ. There’s no guarantee that 11 or more of them would even apply for licenses, much less qualify. If that’s the case, then this section of the proposed rules is moot.

Regulators will need to make some decisions if at least 11 of the small buyers do count. The regulations provide some insight into which events may be in the lead.

In this case, knowledge is important.

The first two requirements for an examination when selecting an student take into account the applicants’ experience. Others include the applicants & rsquo, backgrounds in ethical gambling, involvement in their communities, and willingness to accept bets. Most cultural casino operators in Arizona lack knowledge when it comes to sports betting.

A few, however, have a strong bond with other parties and possesses gallons of experience. This includes the Ak-Chin Indian Community, which runs the Harrah & rsquo, a casino close to Maricopa. Caesars Entertainment is the owner of the brand Harrah & rsquo. Caesars recently purchased William Hill & rsquo’s operations and has long operated a sportsbook under its own branding.

Another tribal operator with an obvious sports betting connection is the San Carlos Apache Tribe. That Tribe runs the Apache Gold and Apache Sky casinos near, appropriately, San Carlos. Earlier this month, it partnered withWynnBet Sportsbook.

There is still day for other candidates to align themselves similarly. If there are bids, having a companion like Caesars or WynnBet will probably enhance them. a contest. However, it is not a given that different users are rapping on the doors of casinos.

Which parties may also join the coalition in Arizona?

Arizona’s industry entry has not yet been announced by any other potential partners, including:

There are other potential partners for those operators besides tribal casinos. The state has allocated a total of 10 other licenses for sports entertainment enterprises in the state. While the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Mercury, Phoenix Suns, and TPC Scottsdale have already announced partners, other possibilities remain, such as the:

Therefore, even if all of those events meet the requirements for licenses, some may still be unclaimed. AZ law currently forbids regulators from granting any of these remarkable licenses to ethnic applicants. Some cultural casinos might therefore be left outdoors to look inside. These organizations can learn a little bit about how to prevent that situation from happening thanks to this report.

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