. Strong April For Arizona Sportsbooks With Over $512 Million In Wagers

Strong April For Arizona Sportsbooks With Over $512 Million In Wagers

Written By C.J. Pierre on July 5, 2022Last Updated on January 30, 2023

The sports betting industry in Arizona remained active in April. There was more than$ 500,000 in total bets, according to a recent report by the Arizona Department of Gaming.

April was yet another prosperous quarter for Arizona’s function betting. The Grand Canyon State keeps up with various popular American sports betting industry.

With these figures, it appears that Arizona is prepared for a strong fall sports season.

In April, Arizona sees over half a billion bets.

April is typically a slow month for sports. However, the Arizona sports betting market has proven it can hang with the best of them, even during the slow periods.

Arizona customers placed $512.878 million in wagers in April. That’s a decrease from the record-breaking handle recorded in March. However, it is the third highest handle the Grand Canyon State has seen since sports betting became legal in Arizona in September 2021.

Arizona Sportsbooks won $16.5 million in gross sports betting revenue from April’s bets. Meanwhile, the state of Arizona gained approximately $1.6 million in sports betting taxes.

Ted Vogt, the director of the ADG, says the numbers from April are promising as we move forward into the summer.

Event wagering levels in Arizona continue to look high, with over$ 500,000 wagered in April, & rdquo, according to Vogt. I’m looking forward to seeing how the state wraps up its first year of legal event betting in the upcoming months, & ldquo. & rdquo,

Arizona continues to be one of the top 10 sports gambling states.

There are typically very few major sports betting events going on in April. There is the beginning of the NBA Playoffs, The Masters for the PGA, among other things. Those events can be lucrative for sportsbooks.

From March to April, the majority of state across the nation experienced a drop in sports gambling handles. Arizona has nonetheless been able to place in the top 10 when compared to other sports betting areas.

As of July 5, 2022, the Top 10 activities gambling handles in the U.S. reported in April 2020.

  1. $ 1, 396, 791, 941, New York & ndash
  2. $ 926, 946, 780 New Jersey & ndash
  3. $ 839, 386, 882, Illinois & ndash
  4. Nevada & ndash,$ 582, 529, 725
  5. $ 572, 817, 741, Pennsylvania & ndash
  6. $ 512, 877, 848, Arizona & ndash
  7. $ 399, 478, and 366 for Virginia & ndash
  8. 396, 009, 819 Michigan & ndash
  9. $ 392, 311, 737 Colorado & ndash
  10. $ 360, 023, 255 Indiana & ndash

Given that sports betting in Arizona isn’t even a year older, it is amazing to see the state ranked so highly. For at least a few years, the majority of the state on this list have legalized sports bet.

We may anticipate figures related to what we saw in April as we anticipate May’s numbers.

Arizona & rsquo’s sportsbooks have produced the following during the first eight months of sports betting:

  • Online and physical betting totaling$ 4 billion
  • Gross profit of$ 263.8 million
  • Luxury costs for the express total$ 11.9 million.

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