. NFL Monday Night Football Betting

NFL Monday Night Football Betting


Monday Night Football, which has its origins in 1970 and has some of the best commentators in the sport over the years, has established itself as a household name within the NFL. The Los Angeles Rams’ matchup with the Arizona Cardinals in Week 14 in 2021 has the possibility to be one of the best game ever.

For bettors, MNF means that they still have one more game to keep the action going after the Sunday slate of activities eventually ends. In either case, NFL fans and bettors everywhere have a special place in their hearts for Monday Night Football.

This Week & rsquo’s Monday Night Football predictions

For the most recent Monday Night Football chances as published at legitimate Arizona online sportsbooks, check out the odds supply above. Odds are updated in almost real-time. To access the sportsbook, press any odds, claim the bonus that is listed, and place your MNF wagers.

Sports betting advice for Monday night

There have been some really great games over the years, so midnight football on Monday evening has become a regular in the homes of NFL fans.

But when it comes to sports betting in Arizona, though, you can’t just rely on nostalgia to get you headed in the right direction. Instead, you have to rely on your own research, handicapping and knowledge of the game to get you in the best position to win your bets. Some MNF bettingtips you should keep in mind before you start putting your money down:

    Scheduling: The NFL slate may be terrible for teams, and if a crew has been dealing with many challenging opponents, frequent travel, or high one-sided scores, those trends may have an impact on how the team performs.
  • Line activity: As the game gets closer, pay attention to how the line is changing. You & rsquo will gain an understanding of where the public funds are going and will be able to make your own adjustments if necessary.
  • Don & rsquo, don’t chase losses: This is something we must emphasize. Create a fund for the wager you’ll place. Would not discuss that. Do not believe that your costs from the earlier games can be made up for by the final match of the NFL year. Learn from your mistakes, but avoid blowing your entire budget in an effort to make up for costs.

Best wagers for MNF contests

When it comes to wagering on the NFL, you get a nice variety of bets to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular types of MNF bets you’ll come across:


It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to understanding a wager. For moneyline bets, you just need to choose which of the two teams in a game is going to win. If you’re right, then you’ll get paid based on the amount of your wager and the odds listed. Here is a moneyline bet example like you could find on the DraftKings betting app.

    Cardinals of Arizona – 110
  • + 110 Seattle Seahawks

The example above tells you a couple of things: First, the sportsbook has the Cardinals odds at -110, meaning they are favored to win. Second, you can tell that in order to win $100 on the Cardinals, you would have to bet $110. Third, if you bet $100 on the underdog Seahawks, you could win $110. Of course, your bet has to be correct in order to cash in.

a stage unfold

The point spread “assigns” points to a team to help even the playing field. For example, one team might receive an extra 3.5 points, meaning the oddsmakers think it will be a fairly close game. The team that’s getting the points is the underdog, and if that team loses by fewer points than that number, or wins outright, a bet on that side would win. For bets on the favorites to win, they have to win by more than the margin. Here is a spread bet example you might see on the FanDuel sports betting app.

  • Cardinals of Arizona- 3.5 ( 110 )
  • 3.5 ( 110 ) Seattle Seahawks

Let’s say the Cardinals win 34 – 30 in the final score. Bets on Arizona succeed in this scenario because the Seahawks had to drop by three points or less or win completely.


This bet is also known as an over/under. The sportsbook will set a line for the total combined score of the two teams playing. For the Cardinals-Seahawks game, you might see a number like 38.5 on the Caesars Arizona app. Then you can wager whether the actual total score will be over or under that line. Your payout will depend on the NFL odds for that total bet.


Prop bets are basically side bets you make on specific occurrences. They can range from standard to somewhat ridiculous. Prop bet examples might include questions like “Will Tom Brady throw for over or under four touchdowns?” or “Will there be a safety?” and can get all the way to “What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach of the Super Bowl?”

Schedule for Monday Night Football 2023

The slate of Monday Night Football games for the upcoming season will be full of some of the NFL’s best teams. You’ll find the full schedule below. Check this week’s Thursday Night Football odds here.

Week Date Traveling Team Team at household
1 13 September. Ravens of Baltimore Raiders of Las Vegas
2 20 September Lions of Detroit Packing of Green Bay
3 Sept. 27. Birds of Philadelphia Horses of Dallas
4 Oct. 4. Raiders of Las Vegas Batteries of Los Angeles
5 Oct. 11. Colts of Indianapolis Ravens of Baltimore
6 Oct. 18. Payments from Buffalo Titans of Tennessee
7 Oct. 25. Souls of New Orleans Seahawks Seattle
8 Nov. 1. Companies of New York Chiefs of Kansas City
9 8 November. Bears of Chicago Steelers of Pittsburgh
10 Nov. 1.5 Rams of Los Angeles 49ers from San Francisco
11 Nov. 22. Companies of New York Buccaneers of Tampa Bay
12 Nov. 29. Seahawks Seattle Football staff from Washington
13 Dec. 6. Patriots of New England Payments from Buffalo
14 Dec. 13. Rams of Los Angeles Cardinal of Arizona
15 20 Dec. Viking of Minnesota Bears of Chicago
16 Dec. 27. Animals of Miami Souls of New Orleans
17 Jan. 3. Browns of Cleveland Steelers of Pittsburgh

When will the Cardinals play the MNF?

Cardinals fans have to wait all the way until Week 14 to see their team take the field for a Monday Night Football showdown on Dec. 13., 2021. They’ll be playing host to the Rams of Los Angeles. The division race could be very tight for the Cardinal of Arizona, which means this game could end up being crucial.

Life betting on Monday night football

Once Monday Night Football game start, the betting action doesn’t have to come to an end. The best legitimate sportsbooks offer live betting as a feature. You & rsquo will discover real-time wagering opportunities based on what’s going on on the playing field.

On their apps or websites, many books have sections just for live betting, but you can also find what & rsquo, which is currently happening, at the NFL or football link. You can even see real-time updates on what & rsquo, s happening when you click through the main listing for live betting.

It & rsquo is a market that moves very quickly and in which the odds and offerings are constantly changing. Cases of what you’ll see are listed below.

  • updated sportsbook, spread, and total odds for the primary prior wagers
  • Fresh ball opportunities for players
  • Bet on the game’s & ndash, drives, quarters, and half sections.

Let’s say the Cardinals open up as the sportsbook opponent for a browse from the 49ers with odds of + 150 if we use the updated prior chances as an example. The Cards are dominating after the first quarter and have a 10 – 0 benefits.

Live betting odds will take into account the current circumstance, so you might discover the Cardinals’ moneyline’s odds change to – 150. You can use this as a chance to hedge your starting bet or cancel your prior calls.

The best way to take advantage of everything that live betting has to offer is to use apps from the major retailers. Once the game starts, simply log in on your machine and play until you find a suitable option. As always, keep in mind to wager with your mind and not over it.

historical MNF achievements that stand out

The sportsmen who have earned their spot in the Monday Night Football history books are some of the best to have ever played the game, so when we refer to noteworthy performances, we really mean famous.

    Tom Brady’s 517 passing yards( Patriots vs. Dolphins, September 12, 2011 )
  • TD passes: Six, Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs vs. Rams, Nov. 1.9, 2018)
  • 14( connect) Herman Moore and Jerry Rice were welcomed in 1995.
  • Coming feet: 221 Bo Jackson( November 30, 1987, Raiders vs. Seahawks )
  • Rushing touchdowns: Emmitt Smith( 1995 ), Earl Campbell( 1978 ), Eric Dickerson( 1988 ), and Four( tie ).
  • 289 yards were gained by Jerry Rice( 49ers vs. Vikings, December 18, 1995 ).

How to see Arizona’s Monday Night Football

The home of MNF is ESPN, which has been the case since 2006. Prior to that, it had been at ABC since it first began in 1970. That network, which is owned by the same company as ESPN, will have the occasional broadcasting of the game, including the Week 1 matchup between the Ravens of Baltimore and Raiders of Las Vegas. You can find ESPN on most cable networks and streaming services, as well as ABC.

The WatchESPN software is the best option for those who prefer to utilize wireless devices. But keep in mind that you still need a wire subscription to enjoy it that way.

Arizona MNF streaming instructions

Many people are abandoning standard TV deals and concentrating solely on streaming services to meet all of their viewing requirements. There will be challenges for those who have decided to cut the cable.

To view on ESPN.com or the ESPN application, you must have a provider subscription. You can also use the Yahoo Sports game, which is accessible on iOS and Android devices. You can supply regional and primetime NFL games using that app.

Who are the soccer broadcasters on Monday nights?

We & rsquo will be working with the same team that brought us all the calls from the booth in 2020 for the 2021 season. While Steve Levy may offer play-by-play, Brian Griese and Louis Riddick will continue to serve as observers. Lisa Salters will be on the outside, and John Parry may serve as the broadcast team’s principles analyst.

Suzy Kolber is in charge of the preshow, which also includes critics Randy Moss, Steve Young, Adam Schefter, and Booger McFarland.