. 2022 Fiesta Bowl Odds

2022 Fiesta Bowl Odds


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The ClemsonTigers defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes 29 – 23 on December 28, 2019, in front of 71,330 spectators, making it the last semifinal game for the Fiesta Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl benefits in the past

Every year, the Fiesta Bowl is one of the best plate contests. Here is a record of previous Fiesta Bowl events that date back to the 2010 season.

Date Winner Second-place
January 1, 2022 No. 37 Oklahoma State 9 No. 35 Notre Dame
Jan. 2, 2021 No. 34 Iowa State 12 No. 17 Oregon 25
Dec. 28, 2019 – CFP semi No. 29 Clemson 3 No. 23 Ohio State 2
January 1st, 2019 No. LSU 40, 11 No. 32 Cf 7
December 30, 2017 No. 35 Penn State 9 No. 12 Washington 28
January 1, 2016 No. 44 Ohio State 7 No. 28 Notre Dame
Dec. 31, 2016 – CFP final No. 31 Clemson 3 No. Ohio State 2 0
January 1, 2014 No. 15 Cf 52. No. 42 Baylor 6
December 31, 2014 No. Boise State, 21 38 No. 30 Arizona 12
January 3, 2013 No. 5 Oregon 35. No. 17 Kansas State 7
Jan. 2, 2012 No. 3 Oklahoma State 41 No. Standford 38( OT ) 4
January 1, 2011 No. 48 Oklahoma 9 No. 20 Connecticut 25
4 January 2010 No. 17 Boise State 6 No. 3 TCU 10.

Famous Fiesta Bowl events

There will undoubtedly be some noteworthy occasions when a game has as much storied record as the Fiesta Bowl, which dates all the way back to December 27, 1971. Here is a listing of our top five Fiesta Bowl memories.

  1. Saquon Barkley makes history: There’s very little doubt that Barkley is an absolute unit of a human being. In college, it was like watching a full-grown man playing on the local playground at times. That was on display in the Fiesta Bowl in 2017 when he scored a record 92-yard touchdown.
  2. Santonio Holmes’ record-setting TD: You either love Ohio State or you hate them. NotreDame fans no doubt fell into the latter category in 2006 when Holmes made history with this touchdown reception.
  3. Hook and ladder: If you can’t enjoy some classic football plays, then what can you enjoy? BoiseStatepulled out the ol’ hook and ladder play against Oklahoma for a nice touchdown in 2007.
  4. Double OT National Championship: In 2003, Miami was riding a 34-game winning streak and looked to extend that to 35 with a victory over Ohio State in the BCS Championship. However, the Buckeyes came in ready for the challenge. When start Hurricanes running back Willis McGahee went down with a brutal knee injury in the fourth quarter, Miami couldn’t close things out and lost in double overtime.
  5. Last-second victory: Close games are always fun, but last-second victories are exhilarating. Take this Texas comeback against Ohio State when ColtMcCoy found Quan Cosby for a 26-yard score. How did he not get tackled right after the catch? Impressive play that broke Buckeyes fans’ hearts.

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