. Arizona Bowl Betting Odds

Arizona Bowl Betting Odds


Arizona Bowl Odds for Betting

A brand-new NCAA college bowl game is held every year in the sweltering Tucson sunlight. The Arizona Bowl, which Barstool Sports will sponsor in 2021, was founded in 2015 and has already featured a number of close-quarters and thrilling contests.

You can place bets on the game from anywhere in the express by using legitimate and regulated online casinos. The Arizona Bowl gaming chances are displayed below, along with some crucial details for placing those bets.

Arizona Bowl odds for 2023 and # 8211, December 31, 2021, 2 p.m. ET

Check the conflict supply below for the most recent odds on the Arizona Bowl. As soon as the odds are released and whenever a casino updates them, the serve above will automatically update. Simply click on the Arizona Bowl gambling conflict you prefer to visit that sportsbook to place a wager. To monitor any activity in the traces and shop for the best chances without having to look round, bookmark this page.

How to place an net wager on the Arizona Bowl in Arizona

The acceptance of modern sports wagering is continuing to increase from state to state. Fortunately, that expansion has sparked innovation, which has resulted in the development of a user-friendly system.

The first thing you need to know is that in order to place a bet with an online sportsbook here in Arizona, you have to have an account. You can check sportsbook reviews on this site, and when you find one you like, you can register for an account there.

You can make a loan and place your initial bet after registering, which only requires you to provide some personal information and agree to the terms and conditions of the sportsbook.

Find the college football page and you’ll be able to locate all the current information for the Arizona Bowl, among other bowl games.

Click on a bet you want to place, choose your wager amount, and then send your bet slip. That is all there is to it, really.

Best Phoenix sportsbooks for Arizona Bowl wagers

The state has vetted and licensed a number of options when it comes to Arizona bookmakers. Although the majority of them will provide high-quality activities, some will probably stand out from the crowd.

Below we have three of our favorites, along with strengths and weaknesses for each one. BetMGM AZ, DraftKings AZand FanDuel AZ are all reputable, enjoyable and user-friendly.

Sportsbook AZ Strengths Weaknesses
BetMGM Adverts and a great mobile apps. Customer support is not life talk.
DraftKings Clean mobile app and aggressive bonus. Better customer service is possible.
Fanduel a wide range of areas and gambling options. No commitment scheme.

How to view the Arizona Bowl

You’re going to be very upset if you planned to observe the 2021 Arizona Bowl on CBS while seated.

The new sponsorship agreement between the bowl game and Barstool Sports also includes transferring broadcast rights to the sponsor. Since Barstool doesn’t have broadcast abilities, it’ll be streaming the game exclusively through its website, app and social media platforms.

Arizona Bowl location

Arizona Stadium, housed at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has hosted the Arizona Bowl since its annual contest in 2015.

Here are a few statistics and facts about the arena:

    Arizona Stadium’s brand
  • Tucson, Arizona 85719, 1 Normality. National Championship Travel
  • 57, 400 power
  • Opening meeting: Oct. 13, 1928
  • Cost of construction:$ 166, 888($ 2.52 million in 2020 ).
  • Operator: Arizona University
  • Most recent renovation: 2013
  • FieldTurf is the playing area.
  • History presence: 59, 920( Nov. 23, 1996, Arizona vs. Arizona State)

Frequently placed Arizona Bowl wagers

You will have a wide range of options if you want to place wagers on this year’s Arizona Bowl, including various wagers.

Below, we outline the three most popular and common wagers you’re going to come across when betting on college football in Arizona.


The moneyline is popular with newcomers to sports betting for the simple fact that it is relatively easy to understand and can involve less research than other bets. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any research, but it means you can expect to have to look at a few fewer factors when making your determination.

So, what is a moneyline wager? The moneyline bet requires you to choose which team you think is going to win the game. If you’re right, then you’ll win a payout based on the odds on that team.

You may come across a identifying like this:

    Arizona Wildcats(- 150 )
  • Aztecs SDSU (+ 135 )

This indicates that the Wildcats are the classics, as shown by the unfavorable chances, and the Aztecs represent the losers.

If Arizona were to win the game, a$ 150 wager would earn$ 250. —$ 100 in rewards plus the$ 150 bet’s original return. On the other hand, a$ 100 wager on the Aztecs would result in$ 235 if SDSU prevailed, or$ 135 in profit on top of the$ 100 bet.

scatter of points

Due to the way the multiply” evens” the playing area for the underdog, this wager might be more well-liked by seasoned punters. As a minimum requirement that the favorite must win through, bookies assign the favorites x number of points. In the meantime, the opponent must keep from falling by that many points or more.

We may discover a casino with the following listing if we look at the same example from above:

    Arizona Wildcats- 7.5 ( 110 ).
  • Aztecs from SDSU + 7. 5 ( 110 )

Bets on the Wildcats may be effective if they were able to win the game by eight items or more. You would make$ 100 in profit for every$ 110 you wagered.

San Diego State, meanwhile, needs to win the game outright or keep a loss to seven points or fewer for those wagering on that side to win their bets. The payout would be the same as a winning bet on the Arizona Wildcats.

The third place as part of the disperse number and the same odds on both sides are the two things you’ll notice about this list. The bookmakers themselves are the simplest reason for both.

The goal is to keep the winning percentage from falling precisely on that number. The wager would be a force if Arizona were to win by simply seven points, with the sportsbook returning all bets.

As for the odds, you’ll often find that to be the case for point spreads, though sometimes there might be some slight variance between the numbers, depending on the sportsbook. Since a point spread essentially makes the game more even between the two teams, sportsbooks offer competitive odds between them in order to keep the betting from being lopsided toward one team or the other. Line shopping is a widely accepted practice where bettors compare odds at several sportsbooks to see if any are offering lines that better fit their desired bet.


Over / unders is the alternative term for these wagers, and for good reason. Totals bets are wagers on the game’s overall rating, basically whether it crosses or crosses a line that the casino has established. Bets on the over may prevail if the two groups score more points than the full listed. And with fewer items, under bet would prevail.

For this wager, you don’t have to fret about which team will win the match. Finding out whether the teams have the power to report more than the predicted entire or if the defenses can keep it below that amount is all that needs to be done in your research.

A listing may appear as follows:

    More than 45. 5 ( 105 )
  • Under 45. 5( 110 )

Bet on the over may prevail if the final tally was 26 to 20.

The Arizona Bowl features which team?

Groups from the Mountain West Conference and the Mid-American Conference are likely to compete in the newest generation of the Arizona Bowl. As in the past, an offer will go to a team from another event if these two meetings are unable to produce adequate bowl-eligible teams.

The typical NCAA football season doesn’t end until the bowl game is chosen. We’ll see the disclosures of which teams received invitations to the several bowl games once the entitled teams have been determined.

Arizona Bowl benefits in the past

Since its annual year in 2015, the Arizona Bowl has been held every time. Just one team, the Nevada Wolf Pack, has made more than one look during that period.

Here is a malfunction of the Arizona Bowl results from year to year:

    2015: 28 – 23 Nevada vs. Colorado State
  • Air Force over South Alabama in 2016: 45 – 21
  • 2017: Utah State vs. New Mexico State, 26 – 20( OT)
  • 2018: 16 – 13( OT ) Nevada vs. Arkansas State
  • 2019: 38 – 17 Wyoming vs. Georgia State
  • Ball State defeats No. 34 – 13 San Jose State, 19
  • TBD in 2021

Best events from the Arizona Bowl

Even though the Arizona Bowl’s record is brief and sweet, there have still been some enjoyable moments during that time. Our top three preferred Arizona Bowl events are listed below:

Nevada triumphs in the first book

The second two Arizona Bowl team to ever compete were the Colorado State Rams and the Nevada Wolf Pack. Nevada ultimately prevailed with a small 28-23 success. That lead didn’t happen until the game was down to only 1:16.

James Butler, the running back, scored on a four-yard rumbling into the end zone to win. The RB had just finished a standout performance in which he ran for 189 feet on 24 carries and half crossed the goal line.

You can see some highlights from that game here.

South Alabama is shocked by the air pressure

The recruits on the Air Force soccer team weren’t doing well in 2016. With only six minutes left in the game, their offence had been sluggish all day, and the defence was up against a 21-3-2 Jaguars group.

With six days left in the third quarter, a defensive stand gave the Falcons the game back. And then they became irrational. The Air Force team, led by player Arion Worthman, scored 42 unanswered points as the days passed and the game ended with a 45-21 victory over South Alabama. Worthman assisted in bringing his crew from behind and into a resounding victory by gaining 278 yards of total offense.

You can watch the Falcons flying high in these highlights.

New Mexico State ends 57-year losing run

It had been a while since anyone on the school of New Mexico State University had celebrated the Aggies‘ plate game’s results. The NMSU football team had not won a postseason bowl game in 57 years, but that streak was broken when Larry Rose III scored in overtime to defeat Utah State 26 – 20.

To connect the game and compel the extra fight, the Aggies had to arrive from behind in the third quarter. Utah State was forced to stop by their strong defence, which prevented a field goal effort that went wide.

Was having trust too much for New Mexico State followers? As a gap appeared and Rose bolted 21 feet to find the end zone and win the game, the offensive line provided them with the solution.

Here are some great moments from that game.