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Written By C.J. Pierre on March 24, 2022

Arizona has become a sports gambling hotbed in the position.

Betting sites, mobile betting apps and retail sportsbooks in Arizona continue to flood the valley. Once sports wagering became legal in the Grand Canyon State, folks have wasted little time signing up and placing bets.

The world of gymnastics has generally been predominately dominated by men, and the same is true of the sports betting industry.

At least one Arizona female isn’t afraid to drop her toes into the sports betting waters, though. Working mother Kris Eide has spent the majority of her existence around activities as she has grown up. She & rsquo is now including sports betting in her list of pastimes.

And it’s been a storm, she adds.

Let’s join Kristi Eide, also known as Arizona momfluencer.

AZ Mom Kristi Eide Pic 1
Kristi Eide is polite.

Gilbert, Arizona is the home of Kristi Eide. Eide works for a technology firm and devotes the majority of her time to raising two young boys. Sports have remained a constant part of her life despite all the time she has spent between job, getting the kids to college, and other activities.

Eide has worked in the field of conditioning simulation for a while. She has never been afraid to share tales from her own career and has shared some of those views on social media. For a few years then, Eide has been posting pictures and videos with her home. She claims that she always aspires to be honest about the joys and tribulations of raising children while working.

Over time, & ldquo and It & rsquo evolved. When I was competing, it was workout because I found that to be very fascinating. People began to notice that I have a passion for basketball when I started talking about my children. My oldest brother and I frequently watch football and attend football games. & rdquo,

AZ Mom Kristi Eide Pic 2
Kristi Eide is polite.

Over day, Eide gained a sizable next. She never anticipated that so many people would be interested in her daily life with ong>moreong>than & nbsp, 49, 000 followers on Instagram. She claims that people are constantly looking for one they can relate to.

People become invested in reports in the same way that I do with other individuals, andrsquo, s reports. It simply keeps changing. I continue to share what my life is like as it is, and I suppose some individuals find it interesting. & rdquo,

She wanted to tell her followers about her new interest in sports wagering. She claims that she has been receiving a lot of compliments. She claims that it has resulted in wonderful interactions and even some guidance on how to manage placing bets.

Kristi Eide: I’m capable of doing that as well.

Sports gambling is also comparatively common in Arizona. fresh to residents of the state. Eide, however, had some knowledge with having a little more body in the game, in contrast to some players.

I work in the tech industry, which is heavily dominated by men. I & rsquo has therefore been able to discuss sports with many of the men for a very long time, and it appears that all office men play football in pools. I & rsquo has therefore always been a part of those. & rdquo,

A friend of Eide introduced her to some sportsbooks not long after constitutional AZ sports betting was established. Eide eventually said,” Andldquo, I can do that, too ,” because She & rsquo had always been interested in sports. & rdquo,

I work with numbers, data, probabilities, and that & rsquo, to name a few. It kind of goes hand in hand because I do a lot of online programming and website businesses systems. & rdquo,

Eide claims that she loved sport as a child, primarily because her father and she watched games together.

She used her knowledge of the grid to make some earlier gets once she started betting. But once hockey time arrived, according to Kristi Eide, items changed. There was a slight learning curve because she had never before followed the NBA quite strongly.

I’m not sure who plays on which teams, & ldquo. I simply view these persons as data points because I have no idea who they are. I simply examine the statistics and attempt to determine averages and over / unders. I enjoy placing bets on life games a bit. & rdquo,

Eide says she is still learning the ins and outs of sports betting, so she sticks to placing small bets. She says she is learning quickly that small and safe bets are the way to go.

Try to take responsibility for it, & ldquo. You can quickly go off the heavy end if you don’t set your boundaries at the beginning. & rdquo,

increase the number of people who bet on sports

According to Eide, she has a long record of challenging female standards. Regardless of whether it involves working in the tech sector, getting into athletes, or discussing activities. She asserts that none of them are just for people.

They are like,” Girlsquo, girls can’t do this ,” andldquo. And it’s like,” Andlsquo, Yeah, I can ,” and” andrquo.” Why am I unable to? People are like,” Girlsquo, women shouldn’t be in the gym ,” they say. And it’s like, Andlsquo, Who Says Who? Why can’t I accomplish this, you ask? And it’s the same thing with sports, & rsquo. I don’t know why people restrict themselves, to be honest. & rdquo,

Eide asserts that she believes society imposes pointless limits with fictitious laws and that there is no law prohibiting people from discussing sports or sports betting. She claims that unlike going to the gym, where some people might feel confined, women can easily bet on sports in Arizona.

This is low-key, & ldquo. If you want to accomplish it, no one even needs to be aware that you are doing it. I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t understand. I came to my conclusion from Square 1. & rdquo,

Kristi acknowledged that she had no idea what a double double & rdquo in basketball was. She also discovered that college basketball games often have a full score of 200. She hopes that her openness about her practice learning about sports betting encourages various women to join in.

You don’t have to know all, Andlquo. Really get started. Everyone believes that women are simply emotional and it & rsquo, which is untrue. In my opinion, women generally have a wealth of knowledge to offer. We have the ability to run businesses and place sporting wagers. There is no law stating that people cannot and should not go. & rdquo,

Find out more about Kristi

There are references to Kristi’s social media accounts below if you’d like to follow her as a sports betting mother in Arizona. Additionally, we provide a link to her Nacho Baby Mama radio, where she discusses different real-life issues:

image taken by Kristi Eide
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C. J. Pierre

CJ Pierre is a video journalist who resides in Arizona’s Phoenix-Metro Area right now. For more than ten years, he has covered news and sports for both virtual and television channels. He graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead, where he was born and raised. In addition to covering high school, college, and professional activities throughout his career, CJ has experience working as a writer and video. most somewhat after the soccer teams of North Dakota State University, Arizona Cardinals, and Phoenix Suns.

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Written By C.J. Pierre on March 22, 2022

MVP Booker, Devinfor

This statement must be made public as the NBA season’s close approaches.

The NBA’s top staff is the Phoenix Suns. They are the only group group to have secured a spot for the playoffs. They are nine activities away from the second-best group in the Western Conference at 58-14.

However, there isn’t much to no discussion about the league & rsquo, or Most Valuable Player, being named the best player on best team.

That is now over.

Arizona sportsbooks’ conflict for Booker MVP

Folks using sports betting sites in Arizona still have a chance to put some money down on Booker winning the MVP award. Right now, most AZ sportsbooks are giving bettors very long odds () on D-Book to win MVP.

Player Probabilities to Get DraftKings AZ FanDuel AZ BetMGM Arizona Caesars Sportsbook AZ
Joel Embiid -160 -165 -155 -150
Nikola Joki … +135 +165 +155 +135
Giannis Antetokounmpo +800 +1000 +1000 +900
Ja. Morant +2000 +4200 +4000 +3000
Luka Doni … +3000 +4200 +4000 +4000
DeMar DeRozan +3000 +12000 +6600 +3000
Booker, Devin +8000 +10000 +12500 +12500

Let & rsquo, let’s be sincere. Booker has a good chance of taking home the prize. However, it is absurd that the best person on a best crew has quite slim chances of succeeding.

So why is that the case?

Often the NBA MVP award becomes a “narrative” award. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily go to the best player that season, but to the player that seemingly deserves it.

  • You may say that Michael Jordan experienced it half. During the Chicago Bulls’ six final time in the 1990s, Jordan won the MVP four times.
  • During the 1992 – 93 season, Charles Barkley won it for the Phoenix Suns.
  • Karl Malone took home the prize for the Utah Jazz from 1996 to 1997.

Some people thought Jordan was the best player in those periods, but he lost because voters thought another person deserved the title.

The Big Man, & ldquo, seems to be in full swing this year. & rdquo,

The obvious favorites are Nikola Joki and # 263 of the Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid. I & rsquo, I’m not here to imply that either of them merits the honor or that they aren’t enjoying successful seasons. Are they both experiencing seasons that are significantly better than Booker’s, though?


a chance for D-Book to take home the MVP Award

The NBA MVP award is regarded as a prominent recognition. They are frequently counted by supporters along with when compiling names of the greatest players of all time, tournaments. In a nutshell, you need to get the MVP if you want to be remembered as an all-time wonderful.

At the age of 25, Booker is currently in his seventh year in the NBA. He has a long way to go before he is in the same vein as the players on the 75th Anniversary team. However, that also makes a case for why he has been more “valuable” to his team than any other player.

Phoenix was expected to fight when Chris Paul sustained a finger injuries. Rather, they have maintained their high level of play, largely because of Booker. They also made a significant improvement in their direct in the standings.

Other groups that have MVP individuals, like the Philadelphia 76ers, are shedding important players in order to acquire superstars like James Harden. Phoenix added role players in the interim to enhance the singer they already have.

Booker & rsquo’s statistics support an MVP case.

It’s possible that this section of the ball is for the superior class.

You need to dive into Booker’s stats to understand his impact on the Phoenix Suns winning games.

This season, Booker averages just under 26 points per game( 25.9 ). That places him eleventh in the NBA in terms of ranking.

But let’s put that into perspective, shall we?

In the fourth quarter of this season( 5.9 ), Booker plays fewer than six minutes per game. In other words, the Suns & rsquo’s best player has only played on the field for half of the final period.

What causes that? generally because his team usually has a comfortable lead in games. The Suns are the NBA & rsquo’s highest point differential, beating opponents 8.4 ppg on average.

A critical NBA stat in the NBA is called the plus-minus. It measures a player’s impact on the game, represented by the difference between their team’s total scoring versus their opponent’s when the player is in the game. Booker’s plus-minus is at 6.9 ppg. That is higher than Nikola Jokić (5.5) and Joel Embiid (4.7).

According to all of these statistics, Booker is more important than any other MVP-caliber person this season when he is on the field.

Put the & lsquo, Phoenix is stacked, and the debate to rest.

Outside of the successful seasons the other candidates are experiencing, the Suns & rsquo’s success this year is a result of having the best roster in the league, which is the main argument against Booker & RSquo, their MVP case, andmdash. According to the state, Booker doesn’t have to make a lot of contributions for the team to win game.

It is accurate.

Phoenix has a fantastic lineup full of comparable items. This was expertly put up by head coach Monty Williams and public director James Jones. It doesn’t, however, function almost as effectively without Booker.

The NBA has today established example in Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges. Additionally, the team & rsquo bench is crowded with shooters and playmakers who have excelled all season. The biggest drawback to Booker & rsquo’s MVP case is Chris Paul, a recent and crucial offseason addition.

Some experts think that CP3 is primarily responsible for the Suns’ run to the NBA Finals last year and their current improvement. It is challenging to say. Before he arrived, the group was a complete wreck, as we are all aware. He came in fifth place in last season’s MVP vote.

There is no doubt that the Suns would not be the best team in the group without Paul. I may say the same thing about Booker, though. Booker has taken his game to a new levels this year. His team is currently the favorite to win the NBA finals because of this.

Even though Booker might not take home the MVP this time, people should start praising him alongside people like Embiid, Joki, and# 263. Before D-Book starts to receive the reputation he deserves, it might take a second immediately run to the NBA Finals.

Photo taken by Charlie Neibergall for AP
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C. J. Pierre

CJ Pierre is a video blogger who resides in Arizona’s Phoenix-Metro Area right now. For more than ten years, he has covered sports and news for both TV and online channels. He was raised in Minneapolis and is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Moorhead. In addition to covering high school, college, and professional athletics throughout his career, CJ has encounter as a writer and video. most somewhat after the soccer teams of North Dakota State University, Arizona Cardinals, and Phoenix Suns.

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Written By Martin Harris on June 4, 2021Last Updated on February 28, 2022
The NFL's opening day on Sept. 9 is the target for sports betting to go live in Arizona.

The 2021 National Football League regular season begins on Thursday, Sept. 9. That’s the day the Dallas Cowboys and defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers will compete in the NFL Kickoff Game.

By then Arizona hopes as well to be able to kick off a new era of sports betting in the state. As the Arizona Department of Gaming indicates in their announced timeline, the NFL’s opening day is the target for sports betting to go live in the state.

Legislation was passed and agglomerates were approved, but there is still work to be done.

Although there are still some obstacles to overcome before sports gambling is legal in Arizona, a lot has already happened. Having said that, the tallest and trickiest of those obstacles has already been overcome.

Gov. On April 15, Doug Ducey ratified the amended agreements with the nations as well as the innovative gambling development policy.

Nations may obtain up to 10 sports betting permissions under the new laws, both offline and online. The state & rsquo, s professional sports franchises and venues, are granted an additional 10 licenses by the law. Tribes that run many casinos are permitted to run several sportsbooks using the same license. Additionally, horse lines will be able to submit applications for licenses that only allow on-site, financial sports betting.

National approval was also necessary for the recently amended compacts. They were delivered to the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs in order to achieve this.

Given that the Federal Register had 90 days after the new particles were published and made established, the Bureau of Indian Affairs had 45 days to review and approve them. But, that approach went very quickly, and the revised particles were released on May 24.

Announced timetable includes the start date for functional operations and the public comment period.

Arizona officials are still drafting rules and regulations in the interim. Such rules are required for both fantasy sports and conventional sports betting( also known as event wagering and & ldquo, etc. ).

When Gov. Ducey ratified the novel gambling legislation, which began a 60-day period during which regulators must finish drafting their rules. The timeframe for finishing the rules draft on June 14 is rapidly approaching.

Following that, there will be a public comment period during which all Arizonans is voice their disagreements with the regulations. With the remark period ending on June 21, the people will have one week to respond.

Regulators will then have the opportunity to amend and finish the rules. The second casinos are still wanted to open at the beginning of the NFL season, with Sept. 9 being the suggested launch date for operations.

Providers rush to line up for the AZ start as partnerships form.

Of course, in order to sell, all probable operators will need to acquire licenses. betting on sports in Arizona. As a result, the license application and approval process must be finished before any bet does take place.

When the start of sports betting in Arizona is announced, collaborations have already been established to indicate which technicians might be prepared.

The Phoenix Suns have partnered with FanDuel Sportsbook, Caesars has done the same with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and DraftKings has made an agreement with the TPC Scottsdale golf complex. Tribes seeking to add sportsbooks to their casinos have likewise begun the process of establishing similar partnerships.

Other sports betting providers appear likely to expand into Arizona as well, including BetMGM Sportsbook, WynnBet, theScore, William Hill Sportsbook, FOX Bet, Barstool, and PointBet all possible candidates.

In other words, NFL team aren’t the only people putting a lot of effort into getting ready before this year’s NFL Kickoff Game between the Cowboys and the Bucs.

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Harris, Martin

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Written By Play AZ Editorial Team on February 23, 2022Last Updated on February 27, 2022
Arizona sports betting may have changes in store due to new legislation.

Arizona casinos are some of the newest that allow legal sports betting. The state legalized sports betting in April of 2021, and now, Arizona is looking to make a bigger move with Arizona sports betting.

Sports betting found quick success in this state, with $777 million being bet on sports apps in the state during the first 53 days of legalization last year.

Now that an event gaming license has been made available, Arizona Tribes may receive a larger share of the action. For them, what does that imply? What does that imply for the state’s sporting gaming industry?

Arizona sports wagering and Bill SB 1674’s effects

Bill SB 1674is the legislation that Senator Sally Ann Gonzales introduced to the Senate that would permit more Arizona nations to obtain licenses for function bets.

According to the act, a maximum of 10 event betting licenses may be granted to non-tribals, and 23 would only be given to tribes.

The fact that there are 23 tribes in Arizona makes the number 23 important in this context. Therefore, if this were to happen, every community in the position may be qualified to obtain this license.

However, under this bill, that is not the only thing these clans would receive. In addition to having the permit, they would also be five blocks from a sports complex or other significant sports place, where they could set up an event betting shop.

Tribes are typically only permitted to operate natural casinos on tribal land, but if this bill is passed, they may also do so on commercial property.

The main distinction between the original bill and the one that passed in April 2021 was that it simply granted ten permissions to nations as opposed to the suggested 23. Because tribes would have more land to actually function these locations and priority to obtain more occasion wagering licenses, the bill would be a game-changer for those attempting to enter the sports betting industry.

Does this alter the sports betting market in Arizona?

This bill could change the way Arizona casinos and Arizona sports betting is operated in the state. If passed, it would certainly give a lot more freedom for tribes to operate throughout the state and to develop sportsbook partnerships.

Picture by Shutterstock
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Enjoy Phoenix Editor Team

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Written By Play AZ Editorial Team on February 18, 2022Last Updated on February 25, 2022
Desert Diamond Casinos

Online sports betting in Arizona has a new provider. Desert Diamond Casinos introduced its first sports betting app for state residents only.

The announcement rides on the coattails of record betting figures for the state. Arizona sportsbooks took in $291.2 million in its first month of legal gambling.

From the innovative apps from Desert Diamond Casinos, there are a few important differences. For a more in-depth analysis of the most recent mobile AZ sportsbook, see here & rsquo.

Sports betting game features

Arizona’s market is now a crowded field. The majority of well-known gambling apps are now accessible. & nbsp,

Desert Diamond Casinos entered the fray as the only local AZ sportsbook. All the major sports are available, and so are some less traditional sports. You can bet on e-sports, table tennis, and more with the app.

Members may follow games when they are unable to enjoy thanks to match tracking visualization. If you are unable to access a broadcast, the app will release the action in real-time.

The sports betting apps, like other apps, offers pre-game betting and live-action sports. Bets are placed by visitors on a single game as well as various bets and clip options. & nbsp,

The Desert Diamond Casinos software account

The majority of online casino companies in Arizona offer sign-up bonuses to customers. & nbsp,

Desert Diamond Casinos will match the first two deposits up to$ 500 in an effort to entice new customers. In Arizona, the present represents a sizable amount of free sports gambling.

Arizona residents are the only ones who can join the game, which is accessible in Apple and Google businesses. The game is billed by Desert Diamond Casinos as the only truly nearby substitute.

Clients who join Desert Diamond Casinos can place bets either online or at the gambling kiosks.

betting odds in Arizona

Desert Diamond Casinos is currently only available in Arizona. Can & nbsp, the Arizona sportsbook app, compete with some of the more well-known names in the business that have already made a name for themselves there?

Desert Diamond Casinos arrived at the Arizona sports betting group later than expected. The playing software is up against more well-known betting apps, such as:

as well as other well-known casinos. It might require a sizable financial responsibility to keep up with those massive sports gambling software. & nbsp,

There is some competition in Arizona for online sports betting. How does Desert Diamond Casinos handle merchandise scaling? Can they pull off the kind of marketing campaign required to bring in new customers, and do they have the money to stay ahead of additional Arizona sports andnbsp, playing organizations?

Sports wagering in Arizona casinos

Digital kiosks in three AZ casinos give patrons several unique choices for placing bets. According to Desert Diamond Casinos, its betting app has unique options. 

The biggest contests on the committee, betting, or regional events are available to guests. They are free to remain in the welcoming environment while using the app to watch games or follow the action & nbsp.

Gambling in the Desert Diamonds

Tohono O’odham Nation owns and operates four gaming locations in Arizona. Sahuarita and West Valley casinos offer slots, table games, and poker. Then, the state legalized sports gambling in Arizona in September 2021.

Odham Nation’s Tohon O & rsquo immediately got to work opening two physical sportsbook kiosks. With a financial reputation for sports wagers in Sahuarita and Glendale, Tucson was the next natural step.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Desert Diamond Casinos launched its third sportsbook. 

On the horizon, fresh players appear.

Only Bally & rsquo, Arizona, Digital Gaming / Betway( with the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe ), and Hard Rock Sportsbook, with the Navajo Nation, haven’t announced a debut date in the state.

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Journal Team Play Phoenix

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The number of sentences exceeds the maximum. password. But, this offer is only available to new customers.

No. 1 Alabama enters the CFP championship as No. 1’s opponent. Georgia 3

The odds have shifted a bit over the past few days, but No. 3 Georgia remains the moneyline favorite over No. 1 Alabama at most online sportsbooks in Arizona.

This is true despite the Bulldogs’ recent loss to the same Crimson Tide staff in the SEC championship match. The likelihood of Georgia winning is currently at FanDuel.

To put it another way, the$ 150 profit that can be made with FanDuel & rsquo’s new-user promo would require a wager of more than$ 200.

The game’s over / under is set at. In their previous meeting, these two teams simply exceeded that number. Georgia and its rivals have scored more than 52 points overall in six of this season’s 14 sports. In the meantime, 10 of Alabama & rsquo’s 13 games have totaled more than 52 points.

Two CFP countrywide championship matches were featured.

This name game may be decided by two specific games, whether it wins or loses. The first is the act of Alabama vs. defence of Georgia.

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young threw for 421 yards and three touchdowns in December & rsquo, the SEC championship game. The Bulldogs had a fearsome defense system that had only allowed 6.9 points per game when they entered that game. However, Bama scored 41 points in the SEC name race.

Is the Georgia defense recover and sluggish Alabama down? In the CFP semifinals, Georgia was able to bounce back and stop Michigan & rsquo’s offense. The Crimson Tide and Bryce Young, however, may present a significantly greater obstacle.

The next crucial game is being watched from the bleachers: Alabama head coach Nick Saban vs. Kirby Smart, his past assistant. The coaches will join with both teams in the top five for the second time. Saban has a 4 – 0 track history. Additionally, Alabama has won all four games from on, three of which have resulted in double-digit imbalances. The biggest loss occurred on the same level that they will reclaim on Monday.

The 2018 countrywide championship was the first time the two educators faced off. The Bulldogs quickly took a 13-0 result, forcing Saban to couch two-year starting quarterback Jalen Hurts in favor of Tua Tagovailoa at halftime. To force the game into overtime, the fresher led the Crimson Tide to 13 right points. Following Georgia’s field goal kick, Tagovailoa hit DeVonta Smith for a 41-yard go-ahead score to get 26-23 in time.

This should be a match for the years, regardless of the past. However, it will also be a game that demonstrates the SEC’s hold over the rest of the school football community.

Brynn Anderson, AP, and image
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C. J. Pierre

CJ Pierre is a video blogger who resides in Arizona’s Phoenix-Metro Area right now. For more than ten years, he has covered news and sports for both TV and online broadcast. He graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead, where he was born and raised. In addition to covering high school, college, and professional activities throughout his career, CJ has encounter as a writer and video. most somewhat after the football teams of North Dakota State University, Arizona Cardinals, and Phoenix Suns.

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The number of sentences exceeds the maximum. committed to enhancing the gameday experience for fans in new and creative ways,” BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt said in a press release.

One of the most distinctive and cutting-edge additions to a place the sporting and entertainment industry has ever seen is & ldquo’s BetMGM Sportsbook at State Farm Stadium. & rdquo,

A 265 square feet movie wall and 38 TVs will be present in the BetMGM Sportsbook, which is nearly 17, 000 square feet. A fantastic location to view sports, improved gameday parking choices, as well as indoor and outdoor dining options will all be available to visitors.

At buying windows, gymnastics fans will be able to place bets. Additionally, they have access to any of the 25 user-friendly gaming shops spread out across the area. No matter their level of familiarity with sports gaming, it will be an interactive environment that may join anyone.

Arizona Cardinals’ agreement in sports betting is enhanced by BetMGM.

The most recent stage of BetMGM & rsquo’s partnership with the Arizona Cardinals is the publication of the images for the new sportsbook.

According to Arizona Cardinals owner and nbsp Michael Bidwill, the reply has been extraordinary since our collaboration with BetMGM began in August. & ldquo, When this casino debuts the following year, it will offer a chance to interact with and amuse our patrons in an unheard-of approach. & rdquo,

The BetMGM Sportsbook at State Farm Stadium will complement the BetMGM AZ online sportsbook, which launched statewide in Arizona in September 2021.

opening of a historical casino in period for Super Bowl LVII

State Farm Stadium will host Super Bowl LVII, which will be the culmination of the 2022 NFL season. Meaning, there will be a retail sportsbook operating at a Super Bowl for the first time ever.

That represents a major shift in the NFL. Gambling has long been viewed as a taboo subject in professional sports. However, the NFL appears to be joining the betting train as sports betting becomes constitutional in states across the nation.

It is a new way of thinking that will be put to the test in February 2023. The Grand Canyon State will have featured AZ online sportsbooks for over a year by that time. There will be several other retail sportsbooks open throughout the state. However, having one available right outside the location of a Super Bowl will no doubt bring a tremendous amount of sports betting revenue in Arizona.

Photo taken by BetMGM Courtesy
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Pierre, C. J.

CJ Pierre is a video journalist who resides in Arizona’s Phoenix-Metro Area right now. For more than ten years, he has covered news and sports for both TV and online channels. He graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead, where he was born and raised. In addition to covering high school, college, and professional athletics throughout his career, CJ has experience working as a writer and video. most somewhat after the football teams of the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Vikings as well as North Dakota State University.

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Written By C.J. Pierre on January 17, 2022Last Updated on February 14, 2022
NFL Playoffs Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams

In the final match of Super Wild Card Weekend of the NFL finals, the Arizona Cardinals will face off against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday evening. A sizable percentage of the Red Sea has traveled to LA in the hopes of seeing the Cards win their way back home.

However, fans still have plenty of options to take in the game if you didn’t make the trip. Retail sportsbooks, along with AZ betting apps, have been popping up in Arizona ever since the state launched legal sports betting in September 2021.

Arizonans now have more locations to watch the game and wager money on their preferred crew simultaneously. PlayInAZ has information on where to watch the action and what to anticipate for Arizona bookmakers.

Hosting Cards for BetMGM Sportsbook see events at Gila River locations

The Cardinals will face their NFC West opponent Rams in the NFL & rsquo’s first-ever Monday night wild-card game. Who better to host a few Big Red viewing parties in support of the team than team & rsquo?

Each of BetMGM’s three sportsbooks hosts watch parties at Gila River Hotels & amp, Casinos. Customers can purchase completely facemasks with Cardinals branding and Kyler Murray-inspired hats. Additionally, there will be signs and unique exchange towels.

Additionally, fans will be able to enjoy the modern sports bar atmosphere with food and beverages at the sportsbooks in Gila River & rsquo, Wild Horse Pass, Vee Quiva, and Lone Butte. Most importantly, they can watch the entire sport activity, including the Cardinals-Rams game, on enormous high-definition TV screens.

Of course, fans will also have access to the BetMGM Arizona betting app, just in case you’re not feeling the urge to get up out of your seat to wager.

The number of sentences exceeds the maximum. to finish the regular season with an 8-9 record. One app, Caesars Sportsbook AZ, was even giving a ‘push’ at eight wins. Arizona responded by winning eight of its first nine games, cashing in any ‘over’ bets by early November.

Also, heading into the season, oddsmakers did not give favorable Cardinals betting odds to the team reaching the playoffs. Across online sportsbooks, Arizoan received the worst odds to win the NFC West. The Cards were also given at least +100 odds to make the playoffs on all the sportsbooks.

Even after their 8-1 start, the Cardinals never became the favorites to win the Super Bowl or even to win the NFC. Losses to non-playoff teams like the Carolina Panthers and the Detroit Lions didn’t help build much confidence outside the Arizona fanbase.

The team lost 3 – 5 of its final eight games. Think about how we would have felt if they had begun with 3 – 5 and ended with 8 – 1. If the outcomes had been reversed, perhaps we wouldn’t have this bitter taste in our mouths this time.

Excellent time for Cardinals person props, under, and bettors.

It’s challenging to predict season-long person prop bets. As a fan, you should be upbeat about the likelihood that some people will have successful efforts. particularly in light of the fact that we would be watching 17 game this season.

However, it only takes one injury or the appearance of a new player for those over & rsquo bets to be canceled. This year, the Cardinals’ decision to shut down a lot of player props was primarily due to injuries.

Late-season cool-down Kyler Murray hammers the beneath

Let’s begin with Kyler Murray, a franchisee and player for the Cardinals. Here are a few of his predictions for the upcoming gambling time.

    4, 150.5( DraftKings ) passing yards
  • Passing touchdowns: 25.5 % ( BetMGM )
  • Rushing yards: 680.5( DraftKings )
  • 7.5( BetMGM ) Rushing touchdowns

Given that he passed for 3, 971 yards and 26 touchdowns in a 16-game season last year, his over / under projections for the coming year seemed reasonable. K-1 was ablaze to begin the 2021 campaign. However, a midseason ankle injuries slowed him down, and DeAndre Hopkins‘ damage to his beloved target put it on ice.

Murray finished the year with 3, 787 passing yards, 24 passing scores, 423 rushing yards in 14 games, and 5 rushed touchdown runs. That & rsquo is divided into four and unders, hitting on the three main betting categories of Murray and the Russells.

DeAndre Hopkins’ time was terminated due to injuries.

Hopkins’ injury was arguably the Cardinals’ most significant reduction of the year. He played a significant role in the Cards & rsquo offensive game plan. He wasn’t, yet, posting the All-Pro amounts he had in the past.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook AZ, Hopkins’ over/under for receiving yards heading into the season was at 1350.5. He also had the sixth-best odds of leading the NFL in receiving yards at +1000. However, in 10 games this season, D-Hop had 572 receiving yards. That put him on pace to have just over 972 receiving yards in 17 games.

The Cardinals & rsquo, number one receiver, did not have a particularly successful year. However, it might not have been difficult to place this wager on the & lsquo, or under & risquo. Rondale Moore and AJ Green joined Arizona’s receiving army. Additionally, don’t forget that tight end Zach Ertz and Murray missed three games during their midseason consolidation. Overall, it makes it difficult to attain that 1, 350.5 level.

Flip-flop gaming estimates run back by committee

One of the more intriguing outcomes was how the Cardinals’ running backs were affected by prospects bets.

Chase Edmonds appeared prepared for a successful time. Fans hoped he would be successful as a clear number one again entering the season. DraftKings set his over / under for the number of rushing yards at 650.5. The over / under for his receptions was set at 46.5 because he is a dual threat.

There was some worry that Murray may eliminate some of those chances to rush feet. However, we did not anticipate James Conner to become such a focal point of the Cardinals’ unpleasant assault. S over / under for rushing yards was set at 595.5 in Conner & rsquo. At first glance, it appears higher for a copy running again. But keep in mind that the deadline is 17 games.

By season’s close, the expectations on these backs had fully shifted 180 degrees. With 752 rushing yards, Corner established himself as the go-to guy and hit the & lsquo, over & risquo on his projection. Even more, he recorded 15 rushing scores. Due to injury, Edmonds missed a few matches. But even in good health, he always lived up to expectations. In the end, he gained 592 rushing yards and made 43 passes, hitting both projections with the & lsquo and under & risquo.

Cardinals are not eligible for NFL playoffs prizes.

In many futures betting categories, the Cardinals & rsquo’s hot start to the 2021 season pushed many players close to winning. However, they were overshadowed by their late-season drop.

Murray used to be the MVP award popular. It now appears that either Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady or Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may win the championship.

James Conner was vying for some insulting honors. He was the league’s all-time running touchdown leader, according to gaming. Jonathan Taylor, the Indianapolis Colts & rsquo, ended up fleeing with the rushing title and TD title, though. Conner’s struggles with Arizona & rsquo also prevented him from entering the race for Offensive Player of the Year.

For the younger guns on this Cardinals team, there were high expectations. Early in the season, quarterback device Rondale Moore attracted a lot of attention with his jaw-dropping great plays. He did not, however, keep up that impulse, and by the end of the year, there were very few burst plays. He was moved to leave the Offensive Rookie of the Year film as a result.

Last but not least, Kliff Kingsbury, the head coach, had a crazy year. Many analysts believed Kingsbury & rsquo’s chances of being the first coach fired were high before the season even began. However, he became the front-runner to get Coach of the Year after helping the team get off to a 10-2 stop.

The season’s 1 – 4 finish snatched the prize from his hands. Many people will likely predict that Monday & rsquo’s embarrassing playoff loss will result in him starting the following season on the hot seat once more.

AP / Jae C. Hong photo
Pierre, C. J. Avatar
authored by
Pierre, C. J.

CJ Pierre is a video blogger who resides in Arizona’s Phoenix-Metro Area right now. For more than ten years, he has covered news and sports for both virtual and television channels. He was raised in Minneapolis and is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Moorhead. In addition to covering high school, college, and professional activities throughout his career, CJ has experience working as a writer and video. most somewhat after the soccer teams of North Dakota State University, Arizona Cardinals, and Phoenix Suns.

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Written By C.J. Pierre on January 27, 2022Last Updated on February 14, 2022
New York Giants New England Patriots Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVI in Inglewood, California, is on the horizon. And it won’t be long before the baton is handed off to Arizona for Super Bowl LVII, which will take place in 2023.

It won’t be the first time the NFL championship will set up its stage in the Grand Canyon State. The Super Bowl has made three previous trips to Arizona.

And the biggest game in all of sports has not disappointed when it gets played in the desert.

Let’s look back at those legendary games.

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Jan. 28, 1996: Super Bowl XXX – The First In Arizona

For a still-record third time, the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers squared off in a battle for the Lombardi Trophy. Unlike the previous two meetings, however, the Cowboys got the last laugh with a 27-17 victory for the franchise’s fifth — and, so far, last — league title.


Super Bowl XXX was played at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, a game that was years in the making. Tempe was initially selected to be the host city for the Super Bowl three years prior. However, the NFL reneged after joining a nationwide tourist boycott to protest the state’s refusal to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Once Arizonans voted to adopt the federal holiday in 1992, Tempe was put back onto the table as a potential Super Bowl host city.

The first Super Bowl played in Arizona featured two of the NFL’s blue-blood franchises. Most remember this game as the beginning of the end of the Cowboys’ dynasty of the 1990s. It was the final Super Bowl for “The Triplets”: quarterback Troy Aikman, running back Emmitt Smith and receiver Michael Irvin.

Meanwhile, this was also the first time the Steelers advanced to the Super Bowl since winning their fourth back in 1980. And it was the first league championship appearance for now Hall of Fame coach Bill Cowher.

Dallas was walking into Tempe as heavy favorites, as sportsbooks listed the Cowboys as 13.5-point favorites.

The Game

Dallas built an early 13–0 lead before Pittsburgh scored with 13 seconds left in the first half to make the score 13–7. Midway through the 3rd quarter, though, Dallas cornerback Larry Brown intercepted a pass from Steelers quarterback Neil O’Donnell. The pick helped set up a 1-yard touchdown run by Smith to increase Dallas’ lead to  20–7.

Things picked up in the fourth quarter. After a Pittsburgh field goal cut the lead to 20-10, the Steelers caught the Cowboys off guard by executing a successful onside kick. Pittsburgh took the ball and scored on a 1-yard touchdown run by Bam Morris.

With the score 20-17, the Cowboys were forced to punt on their next drive, and Pittsburgh got the ball back with about four minutes left in the game. However, it was not too long before Brown intercepted another O’Donnell pass. This pick also set up a touchdown run from Smith, helping the Cowboys secure a 27-17 win. For his part, Brown became the first cornerback to take home the Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers
AP / Susan Ragan

Feb. 3, 2008: Super Bowl XLII – The Helmet Catch

No team before and no team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins put together an undefeated season complete with the Super Bowl championship. It appeared the New England Patriots were on their way to joining that elite fraternity. Yet the New York Giants stunned the world, defeating New England 17-14 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale to become the first NFC wild card team to lift the Lombardi Trophy.


Over 10 years after hosting its first Super Bowl, Arizona finally returned to the NFL spotlight. And it was the site of one of the biggest upsets in the history of professional sports. It is also viewed as one of the greatest Super Bowl games of all time.

The Patriots entered the game as 12-point favorites. After record-breaking seasons by QB Tom Brady and receiver Randy Moss, New England was trying to complete the perfect season by going 19-0 and keep in the cork in the ’72 Dolphins’ champagne bottle.

On the other side, the Giants had become the third team ever to make it to the Super Bowl after winning three road playoff games. New York’s journey included a 23–20 overtime win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship game, which stood as the third-coldest game in NFL history and ended up being Brett Favre’s last in a Packers uniform.

The Game

The game was tight throughout, with both defenses dominating the action, as shown by both teams combining for just 10 points through three quarters. Once again, things picked up in the fourth, which saw a Super Bowl-record three lead changes.

David Tyree caught a 3-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning to put the Giants ahead 10-7. New England then drove down the field to take a 14-10 lead with 2:42 to play after Brady and Moss connected for a touchdown.

On what is now seen as a legendary third down, Manning found himself in trouble as the Patriots’ pass rush got to him quickly after the snap. He miraculously evaded three New England defenders before launching the ball deep downfield. Tyree then outjumped Patriots safety Rodney Harrison and grabbed the ball. Tyree maintained possession as they fell to the ground by pinning the ball against his helmet as Harrison tried to rip the ball free. This 32-yard pass play is now known as “The Helmet Catch.”

As some may forget, though, there was still a lot of game left. Shortly after Tyree’s incredible reception, Manning found Plaxico Burress for the go-ahead touchdown. Brady had a chance to make a comeback, but a deep pass on fourth down was batted down, sealing the 17-14 upset victory for New York.

Super Bowl XLII was ranked fifth on NFL.com’s 100 Greatest Games, the highest-ranked Super Bowl game. Meanwhile, Tyree’s “Helmet Catch” ranks third on NFL.com’s 100 Greatest Plays.

AP / Gene Puskar

Feb. 1, 2015: Super Bowl XLIX – The Butler Did It

Should the Seattle Seahawks have run it with Marshawn Lynch? Or did Pete Carroll make the right play call, and the New England Patriots simply made the better play? That’s up for debate. What’s not: Malcom Butler intercepted a Russell Wilson pass at the goal line to halt Seattle’s potential game-winning drive and earn New England a 28-24 victory at University of Phoenix Stadium.


Brady returns to the scene of the crime. He and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made their way back to Arizona for their sixth Super Bowl together. After losing the Giants in 2008 and 2012, New England was back for another crack at the apple. But this team, the Pats would face a new opponent.

The Seahawks, led by their “Legion of Boom” defense, made their second straight league championship appearance after winning Super Bowl XLVIII. As the defending champ, Seattle sought to become the first repeat winners since the Patriots in 2004.

After the AFC championship, an NFL investigation discovered many of the footballs the Patriots used were under-inflated. Brady and Belichick became targets, as talk about “Deflategate” swirled around during the lead-up to the Super Bowl. The controversy would drag on for nearly two years. Brady eventually received a 4-game suspension at the start of the 2016 season.

To add to the excitement, oddsmakers had no idea how the game would go. The Seahawks initially opened as 2.5-point favorites, but within hours, heavy betting on the Patriots moved the line to a pick-em at most sportsbooks. During most of the two-week lead-up to the game, the line held steady with the Patriots as slight 1-point favorites. But, a surge of large bets on the Seahawks the day before the Super Bowl pushed the line back to a toss-up.

The Game

Unlike past Super Bowls in Arizona, things started to heat up in the second quarter. Both teams scored two touchdowns and went into halftime tied at 14. Seattle took control in the third and carried a 10-point advantage into the fourth quarter. The Patriots responded by scoring 14 unanswered points to take a 28–24 lead with 2:02 remaining in the game.

On the ensuing Seahawks drive, Wilson threw a deep pass to Jermaine Kearse, who was being covered by Patriots rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler, who deflected the pass away. However, the ball fell right into the waiting hands of Kearse, who tipped it to himself and caught the ball while he was lying on his back. The play gained 33 yards and gave the Seahawks a chance to win.

Lynch ran the ball four yards to the 1-yard line on the next play. New England did not call a timeout, and the clock ticked down to 26 seconds. The Seahawks called a pass play that saw Wilson fling a pass toward Ricardo Lockette, but Butler beat him to the ball and intercepted the pass to seal the Patriots’ victory.

Butler’s interception is regarded as one of the greatest in NFL history. Meanwhile, Seattle’s decision to pass instead of run the ball is considered one of the worst calls.

AP / Kathy Willens

Arizona has held just three Super Bowls. All three, though, have stood the test of time, each seemingly topping the previous iteration with drama and excitement.

When the NFL championship arrives in 2023, online sports betting in Arizona will be over a year old. The Grand Canyon State will become the first Super Bowl host with legal mobile betting, likely, even, with a BetMGM retail sportsbook nearby.

Still, a fair warning for Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium:  Those three memorable games will be tough acts to follow.

Photo by AP / Gene Puskar
C.J. Pierre Avatar
Written by
C.J. Pierre

CJ Pierre is a multimedia journalist currently residing in the Phoenix-Metro Area in Arizona. He has been covering news and sports for over a decade for both online and TV broadcasts. He was born and raised in Minneapolis and an alum of Minnesota State University: Moorhead. CJ has experience as a reporter and videographer and has covered high school, college and professional sports throughout his career. Most notably following Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Vikings and North Dakota State University football.

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