. Kyler Murray’s Social Media Purge Creates More Questions About Future Of Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray’s Social Media Purge Creates More Questions About Future Of Arizona Cardinals

Written By C.J. Pierre on February 8, 2022Last Updated on February 14, 2022
Kyler Murray Cardinals Futures

Super Bowl LVI is only a few weeks away. The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals supporters are getting ready for what should be a thrilling game. However, the whirlwind of rumors begins a much earlier if your favorite group is not participating in the big game.

For instance, the Arizona Cardinals‘ coming might have changed significantly from what it was only two months ago.

The Cardinals were 10-2 in December 2021, and they were determined to win the NFC West and work for the Super Bowl. Since then, they have lost four of their final five regular-season sports, were humiliatingly eliminated from the NFL playoffs, and their quarterback has removed any Cardinals-related messages from his social media accounts.

Kyler Murray‘s desire to remain with the team is currently up for debate. Additionally, after the team & rsquo’s late-season collapse, rumors are circulating about the future of head coach Kliff Kingsbury. Could one of them leave before the 2022 year begins? If so, without whom do the team get better off?

Kyler Murray’s current situation: Is K – 1 finished in Arizona?

The starting player is probably the most important component for any NFL team. And at that location, the Cardinals might have a problem.

After a disappointing end to the 2021 season, Kyler Murray could be letting out some frustration. After taking part in the 2022 Pro Bowl, Murray made quite a stir on social media after reportedly unfollowing the Cardinals on Instagram and removing all team photos from his page.

Arizona decided to hitch its future to Murray by selecting him with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft. The team has seen improvements during each of his three seasons as the starter. In fact, leading up to the midway point of this past year, Arizona sportsbooks pegged Murray as one of the favorites to win the MVP.

However, the way the previous season ended might have left the team rights with a poor taste. Not to mention that a significant multi-million dollar decision needs to be made regarding Murray & rsquo’s future with the team.

Kyler Murray & rsquo’s employment situation

Murray is entering his third season of a rookie contract and is expected to earn close to$ 11.4 million. Murray was a former first-round draft pick, so the Cardinals have the option to extend his commitment through 2023. He will make more than$ 25 million from that option, though.

Murray & rsquo’s social media purge might be a subtly aggressive way of informing the Cardinals that he wants to extend their contract. From Murray & rsquo’s perspective, pursuing a new deal is an obvious decision. He anticipates earning more than$ 30 million annually. with a lengthy improvement. Since football is a risky sport, most players won’t have the chance to improve their earnings. Murray might be pondering his lifetime after missing three games due to injury this past year.

On the other hand, extending him now could put the Cardinals in a tough spot from their point of view. The team already has salary cap issues, and 2022 gives them one final year to play Murray with a low cap hit, allowing them to add talent around him and try and compete for a Super Bowl. But if they have doubts about Kyler’s ability to be the long-term answer at quarterback, then locking him into a long-term contract would be a bad idea.

Therefore, extending Murray may limit the amount you could pay to include talent around him, which could be problematic if he doesn’t keep getting better. On the one hand, it would mean Murray will serve as the team’s quarterback for another five years. However, no extending him gives the team more flexibility. But then the issue arises: Who are you going to take his place?

Great quarterbacks for the start are important. Excellent starting players are extremely valuable, but they are also uncommon.

Coach Kingsbury & rsquo, his previous failures might come back to haunt him.

Kliff Kingbury’s time as the Cardinals’ head coach has been a roller-coaster ride. The team has improved every year if you just look at the records, including last season, when Arizona Cardinals betting odds made it appear as if a Super Bowl run was in order. But when you dive deeper, the uncertainty surrounding Kingsbury’s future starts to make sense.

Kingsbury has experienced collapses before, including the late-season dip of 2021. A similar collapse in the 2020 Cardinals‘ performance toward the close of the year eliminated them from playoff contention. You & rsquo will notice a similar pattern when you reflect on his time as the head coach of Texas Tech‘s college. a promising beginning, then several dubious costs.

Kingsbury is about to start the last year of his employment. It is extremely uncommon to see an NFL head coach function on the final year of his contract. Some people would have anticipated that Kingsbury may receive a contract extension if they had won the season and placed in the playoffs. Team owners are now wondering if Kingsbury has reached his cap with the franchise after yet another setback at the end of the season.

He may not have been fired by the group into the head coaching gondola at this late hour. If he wants a new contract, the likelihood is high that 2022 will be an” andldquo ,”” prove it ,” year for him. Kingsbury is currently in the warm seats.

Murray-Kingsbury: Sometimes, Neither, or Both?

Whether they like it or not, Cardinals enthusiasts may anticipate the return of Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingbury for the 2022 campaign. In other words, they will both had the chance to get the money they want, I promise.

Murray will be the one to watch. There is a chance he could hold out to get a new contract. However, he doesn’t have much leverage in negotiations. The team can pick up his fifth-year option, which could be the end of the discussion. It’s not like the former first-round pick in the MLB draft has a baseball season he could potentially look forward to.

Kingsbury’s best option is to discipline his behind off and expect Murray doesn’t hold out. He would be the simpler to change of the two.

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