. How to Bet on Soccer in Arizona

How to Bet on Soccer in Arizona


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The popularity of soccer is rapidly growing throughout the US. Major League Soccer, which is the leading professional league in North America, has seen tremendous growth over the past several decades. Fans are also becoming more familiar with major international competitions such as the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and Bundesliga, and they are enjoying what they see.

The excitement on the soccer field is thrilling in itself, but there’s another factor contributing to the surge in interest. Soccer has become a significant draw at sportsbooks, with the influx continuously growing as more states legalize it.

From a betting standpoint, soccer has many similarities with other sports, but it also has unique differences. We’ll dissect everything for you in our comprehensive guide to wagering on soccer in Arizona.

Betting on the Premier League/MLS in Arizona

The English Premier League, or EPL, is the most renowned soccer organization globally and dominates soccer betting. It receives ample attention in the US, with numerous ways for Americans to view its matches. The EPL comprises 20 teams and employs a promotion and relegation system, common in many soccer organizations. Each season, the three least successful teams are relegated to the English Football League, while the top two from the EFL are promoted to the EPL. The third team is determined through matches between the third, fourth, fifth and sixth-place clubs in the EFL. The EPL season typically runs from August to May, with each team playing 38 matches, both home and away against every other team in the league. For more information, see our live feed of English Premier League odds.

Major League Soccer (MLS) represents the pinnacle of soccer in the United States and Canada, consisting of 27 teams, 24 based in the US and three in Canada. There’s potential for the number of teams to increase in the near future. Throughout a regular season, each team plays 34 games typically commencing in late February or early March and concluding in mid-October. Subsequently, the top 14 teams engage in the MLS Cup playoffs in the late fall to crown the champion. Unlike some leagues, MLS does not employ a promotion or relegation system for its clubs. For more information on wagering on MLS games, refer to our MLS betting odds page.

Best sportsbooks for betting on soccer in AZ

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Why bet on soccer?

Betting on soccer is thrilling, particularly given the abundance of opportunities to wager due to the multitude of matches occurring daily worldwide. The sheer number of games that bookmakers need to consider offers bettors the chance to spot potential oversights by the sportsbooks. Moreover, the option to bet during the match increases the wagering possibilities, eliminating the need to place bets before the match begins.

Soccer provides a variety of betting opportunities, allowing you to experiment with different wagering methods and figure out what is most effective over time. These could range from choosing the overall champion, the total number of goals in a match, or numerous proposition bets.

How do US sportsbook odds compare to the UK?

Sportsbook odds can be read in three main ways, which may be encountered when betting on soccer. These include fractional, decimal, and American odds. Fractional odds are favored by British bettors, while decimal odds are predominantly used in other parts of Europe and globally. Conversely, American odds are primarily popular in the US. Regardless of their presentation, these odds fundamentally convey the same information, they just calculate and present it in different ways.

Here’s an example of how fractional odds work. Suppose Manchester United has odds of 5/1 to win the EPL. To determine possible winnings, you divide the top number by the bottom number and then multiply by the amount you’re betting. So, if you bet $100 on Manchester United at 5/1 odds, you could earn a profit of $500 if your bet is correct. This is in addition to getting your original bet of $100 back, bringing your total to $600.

In decimal odds, suppose Los Angeles FC has odds of 6.00 to win the MLS Cup. The decimal figure indicates the total amount you could receive for each dollar correctly wagered, including the return of the initial dollar. Thus, if you were to bet $100 on Los Angeles FC, you would multiply 100 by 6.00, resulting in a potential return of $600 from a winning bet. This would equate to a profit of $500.

Lastly, American odds, also referred to as moneyline odds, are dependent on whether the odds number is positive or negative, with all figures linked to $100. For instance, if Manchester City has -140 odds against Chelsea, who has +130 odds, Manchester City is considered the favorite due to the negative sign. In this scenario, a bet of $140 would be required to earn a profit of $100 with -140 odds. On the other hand, Chelsea, the underdog, with +130 odds implies that a $100 bet could yield a $130 profit.

Getting used to each of the odds can take time, and a lot of it depends on your location in the world. For example, Unibet, a widely recognized sportsbook in Europe, now also provides odds in the American format at its sportsbook in the US.

Due to the intense competition between legal US sportsbooks, each one should provide competitive lines. Otherwise, bettors may recognize the inferior quality and potentially desert the platform. If you prefer, you have the option to register with various sportsbooks. This would allow you to compare and choose the one offering the most favorable odds for your desired bet.

Other international soccer leagues to bet on

Numerous professional soccer leagues beyond the English Premier League and Major League Soccer offer a range of betting options. Notable leagues include Series A, La Liga, and Bundesliga.

Serie A, consisting of 20 teams, is the premier soccer league in Italy. Each team faces every other team twice in a season, once at their home ground and once away, making a total of 38 games played by each club from August to May. At the conclusion of each season, the bottom three teams are relegated to Serie B, while the top three teams from Serie B are promoted to Serie A.

La Liga, Spain’s premier football league, utilizes the double round-robin format where each of the 20 teams plays 38 matches from August through May. The bottom three teams are relegated to the Segunda Division, while the top two teams from the Segunda Division are promoted. Furthermore, another club gets promoted following a playoff series involving the teams that finish third, fourth, fifth, and sixth in the Segunda Division.

The Bundesliga, Germany’s premier football league, consists of 18 teams. The season spans from August to May, during which each team faces every other team twice, resulting in a 34-game schedule. The two lowest-ranking teams are relegated to the 2. Bundesliga, while the top two teams from the 2. Bundesliga are promoted to the Bundesliga. Additionally, the team that finishes 16th in the Bundesliga and the team that finishes 3rd in the 2. Bundesliga compete against each other, with the winner securing a spot in the Bundesliga and the loser being relegated to the 2. Bundesliga.

How to bet on the World Cup/Euros

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup captivates soccer fans globally, hosting separate tournaments for men's and women's teams. The US Women's National Soccer Team has triumphed in the last two consecutive World Cup finals. Conversely, the men's team missed out on the last World Cup, and their chances of winning the next one are slim. In the lead-up to and during the World Cup, there will be an abundant array of betting options. Given it’s the first World Cup where legal sports betting extends beyond Nevada, a large volume of bets are expected to come from the United States.

The UEFA European Football Championship, which determines Europe’s continental champion, takes place every four years in the even-numbered years between World Cups. Numerous sportsbooks in Arizona will provide odds for this event.

Soccer bets explained

When you select the ‘Soccer’ link on online sportsbooks, it displays all the forthcoming matches in order of their start time. Furthermore, you can narrow down the information to view only the specific league that interests you. The game listings present the odds for the primary pregame bet type.

  Home Tie Away
Southampton vs. Manchester United +450 +300 -165

The bet mentioned above is termed a three-way moneyline because it offers three potential selections: a victory for the home team, a draw, or a victory for the visiting team. Given that draws are not uncommon in soccer, the conventional moneyline bet is enhanced with an extra option to accommodate this potential outcome.

This type of bet is extremely popular for Soccer betting, but many other options are available for exploration. By clicking on the game listing, you can see the odds for a multitude of other betting opportunities.

Spread: A spread is applicable to soccer, but it typically features lower numbers akin to those seen in MLB or NHL, rather than the larger spreads associated with NFL or NBA. Here’s an example of what a spread bet may appear like at BetMGM Arizona.

Totals: This refers to an Over/Under wager placed on the total number of goals scored in a match. Considering soccer is typically a low-scoring game, the stated totals take this into account. Below is an example of what a totals bet would appear like at Caesars Sportsbook Arizona.

Double Chance Bet: This type of bet allows you to cover two out of the three potential outcomes on the regular three-way moneyline with just one wager. Here are a few examples of double chance bets.

Bet Without Draw: This is the wager to consider if you wish to eliminate the possibility of a draw. In instances where the game ends in a tie, it will be considered a push. Below is an example of what a bet without draw looks like at DraftKings Arizona.

In addition to extra game bets, there will also be a wide range of proposition bets available. You’ll find choices related to individual teams and players, like which side or player will score a goal, as well as several bets related to game situations.

Goals, penalties, assists, and individual halves of the game are all surrounded by numerous props. As you explore the menu of options, you’ll discover that soccer betting offers a plethora of choices to consider.

2 soccer betting tips for beginners

Now that you’ve grasped the fundamentals of soccer betting, it’s time to put that knowledge into practice and prepare you for placing bets. Here are three vital tips and strategies for those new to soccer betting:

  1. Select a league: It’s particularly advisable for beginners to concentrate on one league that they find most interesting. Determining your specific area of interest is crucial in sports betting. Specializing in one particular league can help streamline your focus, thereby increasing your chances of making a profit.
  2. Monitor your bets: By keeping track of your betting performance, you may start to notice patterns that highlight certain bets you’re more skilled at than others. For instance, if you find that you’re more successful at betting on totals, compared to moneyline wagers, it might be a good idea to focus more on totals wagers.

Live betting on soccer

Soccer games are nearly always taking place somewhere around the globe, and leading sportsbooks offer odds for a variety of different leagues. In addition to pregame bets, you have the opportunity to continue wagering once the matches have started.

In-game or in-play, also known as live betting, allows you to place bets in real time as the events unfold. The best sportsbooks have specific sections dedicated to these types of betting markets.

Apps serve as excellent partners while you relish games on the tube or at any location. They provide real-time updates on the ongoing events and a rapidly changing range of odds and offerings. You may encounter the following:

Betting live can intensify your enjoyment of Soccer significantly. Some bettors use it as an addition to their single-game betting tactics, while some use it independently. Regardless of your involvement method, always remember to bet wisely and avoid going overboard.

How to find soccer bets at a sportsbook

The availability of this feature depends on your chosen sportsbook, which often have both a physical location and an online platform. The sportsbook’s app should provide a list of sports to bet on once you’ve registered. If you select soccer, you’ll see a range of betting options from leagues worldwide.