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NBA Finals and Playoffs Odds


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Becoming champions of the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals requires more than just skill. Teams like the Lakers, Warriors, Raptors, Cavaliers, Spurs, Heat, and Mavericks have all proven that it also takes guts and composure to triumph over the league in the past decade.

Bettors are more interested in who will win next rather than who has already won. Sports betting in Arizona offers a plethora of opportunities, from futures betting to in-game wagers, particularly during the NBA Playoffs and Finals. Here are the latest NBA playoffs odds and more information on NBA postseason wagering in Arizona.

2022 NBA Finals and Playoffs odds

See the latest odds for the 2022 NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals below. Our odds feed automatically updates with the most recent odds from legal online sportsbooks in Arizona. Remember to check back daily during the playoffs for NBA game lines.

How do NBA odds work?

Similar to other betting odds you’ll encounter in Arizona sportsbooks, NBA betting lines also use the American odds format. This is a common style throughout North America where the favorites are indicated with a negative number (like -130), while underdogs are shown with a positive number (such as +175). The number fluctuates depending on how tight the game or outcome is predicted to be.

Here are a few small examples of bet types and odds that you might encounter in Arizona sportsbooks.

Point spread betting

The most common type of bet in basketball is the point spread. This betting concept involves oddsmakers giving points to the less favored team to balance the game. Your task is to determine whether the favored team can win with a higher point difference than specified, or if the less favored team can either lose with a smaller point difference or win directly.

For instance, consider this example from DraftKings Arizona:

  • Phoenix Suns -10.5 (-113)
  • Sacramento Kings +10.5 (-108)

In this scenario, the Suns are predicted to emerge victorious, with oddsmakers projecting a win margin of 11 points or more. Should this prediction hold, a $113 bet would yield a $100 win, resulting in a total payout of $213.

Conversely, the Kings need to either secure a victory or not lose by more than 10 points. If this happens, a bet of $108 could result in a win of $100, yielding a total payout of $208.

Totals betting

This type of wager, also referred to as the over/under, involves oddsmakers estimating the total cumulative score of both teams. Your task is to determine whether the teams will score more or less than this predicted total, hence the term over/under.

You don’t need to be concerned about who will win, just the combined final score of the two competitors.

Here’s a sample from FanDuel AZ featuring a match between the Suns and the Portland Trail Blazers.

  • Over 234.5 (-112)
  • Under 234.5 (-109)

Oddsmakers believe that there’s a marginally higher likelihood of an under in this situation, hence the sportsbook odds are slightly nearer to zero than the over bet. Should the two teams compete fiercely and the Suns manage a 122-114 win, the combined score would be 236 points – slightly above the forecasted total. A bet of $112 would yield a $100 profit, making the total return $212.

Moneyline betting

The most straightforward bet on the NBA in Arizona is the moneyline. The odds makers will present the two teams, designate the favorite and the underdog with corresponding odds, and let you predict the winner.

That’s all there is to it, just select the winner. However, it’s not as simple as it seems, otherwise everyone would be victorious.

Here’s a sample from BetMGM Arizona:

  • Phoenix Suns -180
  • Golden State Warriors +148

The bookies anticipate a significant win for the Suns, but not a complete rout. If you place your bets correctly, you stand to earn a profit of $100 on a $180 wager on the Suns, with total returns of $280. On the other hand, if you bet $100 correctly on the Warriors, you could earn a profit of $148, yielding a total return of $248.

Phoenix Suns playoffs odds

The Suns emerged as one of the top teams in the Pacific Division in 2021, securing a No. 2 seed in the playoffs. The team had a strong season, a level of success that wasn’t always anticipated by oddsmakers.

In August 2020, the Suns had +650 odds of winning the Western Conference. By May 2021, despite leading the Pacific Division, they faced a potentially tough first-round playoff matchup and their odds stood at +550. At the same time, their odds to win the NBA Finals were at +1,400.

Even though the Suns had their best season in over a decade, they still didn’t receive much recognition from the oddsmakers.

Phoenix Suns Playoff History

Since their induction into the NBA in the 1968-69 season, the Suns have experienced periods of regularly participating in the NBA Playoffs. However, like all franchises, they’ve also had their fair share of downtimes, including a recent one that has just concluded.

Looking at the brighter side, the team qualified for the postseason in nine out of 10 seasons, from the 1975-76 season through to 1984-85. They had an even more successful stretch from 1988-89 to 2009-10, where they managed to secure a playoff spot in 19 of the 22 seasons.

Phoenix experienced a significant drought from 2010-11 to 2019-20, which was eventually broken with their journey to the NBA Finals last season. Below are some important statistics and information about Phoenix’s history in the NBA Playoffs.

  • 7 Division Titles, with the most recent one in 2021.
  • The playoffs have been reached 30 times in 53 seasons.
  • The team has won 3 conference titles, with the most recent one being in 2021.

The NBA Finals journeys are undoubtedly the most significant highlights, but the Suns have reached the final four on multiple occasions. Let’s review all the team’s ventures to the conference finals and the ultimate series outcomes.

  • In the 1975-76 season, triumphed over the Golden State Warriors in seven games.
  • In the 1978-79 season, they were defeated by the Seattle SuperSonics in seven games.
  • In the 1983-84 season, they were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers in six games.
  • During the 1988-89 season, they were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers in four games.
  • 1989-90: Was defeated by the Portland Trail Blazers in six games.
  • 1992-93: Triumphed over Seattle SuperSonics in a seven-game series.
  • In the 2004-05 season, they were defeated by the San Antonio Spurs in five games.
  • In the 2005-06 season, they were defeated by the Dallas Mavericks in six games.
  • In the 2009-10 season, they were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers in six games.
  • 2020-21: Triumphed against Los Angeles Clippers in six games.

How Many Times Have The Suns Made It To The NBA Finals?

To date, Phoenix has reached the esteemed NBA Finals three times. Although they have not yet secured a victory, they’ve nonetheless displayed strong competition in all three final appearances. Let’s take a brief retrospective at these three ventures.

  • In the 1975-76 season, they were defeated by the Boston Celtics in six games.
  • In the 1992-93 season, they were defeated by the Chicago Bulls in six games.
  • In the 2020-21 season, they were defeated by the Milwaukee Bucks in six games.

The Suns have experienced extended periods between NBA Finals appearances so far. Ideally, they will become more frequent contenders in the coming years, although it remains to be seen if the success of the 2020-21 season will continue.

How does a team make the NBA Playoffs?

Traditionally, the eight best-performing teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences, ranked by their win-loss records, qualify for the playoffs. This forms a 16-team field.

In the event of a tie, the first tiebreaker is the head-to-head results between the two teams. The second tiebreaker is whether a team has won its division.

However, in 2020-21, a play-in tournament structure was implemented by the NBA. This structure had been utilized after the NBA restarted, following a shutdown caused by the pandemic. In this structure, automatic playoff spots are granted to the top six teams of each conference. The teams that finish seventh and eighth are placed in a four-team play-in tournament with the ninth and tenth place teams from each conference.

The team in seventh place plays a one-game playoff against the eighth-place team to secure the No. 7 seed against teams that have already secured their bids. At the same time, the teams in ninth and 10th place compete in a single game. The team that loses is eliminated, while the victor advances to play against the loser from the seventh/eighth place game. The team that wins this game will secure the No. 8 seed in the playoffs.

Following this, the postseason proceeds as usual. The format has been subject to much critique from prominent NBA figures, among them LeBron James. Thus, whether the format will be maintained beyond 2021 remains to be seen.

How to bet on the NBA Playoffs and Finals in Arizona

Recent legislation in Arizona has legalized sports betting. However, online and mobile sportsbooks are not yet operational, preventing the placement of bets for the time being. This is expected to change in the imminent future. Once it does, we aim to provide you with all the necessary information to commence your betting activities.

Placing your bets in Arizona is best done through legal and regulated online and mobile sportsbook apps. These are not only convenient and user-friendly, but they also provide high security. These apps even allow you to place your bets from anywhere within the state. Whether you’re enjoying the NBA Playoffs at a sports bar with friends or relaxing at home, you can always access your sportsbook.

Regardless of your location in Arizona, you can engage with your online and mobile sportsbooks.

Opening an online betting account in Arizona

You’ll be amazed at the ease of setting up an online sportsbook, especially as you’re already on the top resource site to access all the ones currently available.

Firstly, determine the book you want to register for.

You can start by registering an account, involving setting up a username and a secure password, along with providing identification details. This process will only take a few minutes. After that, you can complete the process and download the mobile app onto your preferred device.

You’ll subsequently be able to claim your bonus bets and/or bonuses. By leveraging our exclusive promotions on this website, you’ll gain an edge by accessing the top promotions offered by your sportsbooks. This is because we possess agreements to provide our visitors with the leading bonus codes and promotions in the industry through our links.

Now, simply make a deposit using your preferred method and you’re all set for your first bet! Easy, isn’t it? We told you so.

Bets available during the NBA Playoffs

There are a myriad of betting options for the NBA’s postseason. Even before the season kicks off, you can venture into the futures market and predict which teams will reach the playoffs, clinch the Finals, and beyond. Additionally, you can place bets on individual awards such as the NBA MVP and Rookie of the Year. We provide an odds feed at the top of this page, which offers the latest NBA finals betting odds and lines.

When the season arrives, participate in the excitement by placing individual game bets such as moneylines, point spreads, and totals.

In addition to betting on individual games, you can also place bets on different playoff series, like which team will triumph in the best-of-seven format.

Now, live betting, also referred to as in-game betting, is one of the latest thrilling enhancements to sports gambling. Utilizing mobile and online sportsbooks, you can place prop bets during a live game.

While watching the game unfold on television, you can place bets on which player will score next, which team will lead after three quarters, and whether there will be any technical fouls.

Betting is exclusively conducted on mobile and online sportsbooks. Retail sportsbooks simply cannot keep pace with the shifting live odds. On the other hand, the technology employed by online sportsbooks enables immediate data access.

Top tips for NBA Playoffs betting

So you’re prepared to place a bet on the NBA Playoffs, right? Before you proceed, let’s review a few NBA Playoffs tips for rookie bettors.

Primarily, we cannot emphasize enough the significance of thorough research before placing a bet. Remember, you’re wagering your own hard-earned money, not something you should gamble on a whim. The more knowledge you gain about the game, its players, and the latest updates, the more precise your predictions are likely to be. Just as the oddsmakers have meticulously researched before setting the betting lines, you too need to put in your homework before attempting to beat them.

Secondly, always maintain and adhere to a budget. Excessive spending can be detrimental to your sports betting pastime. Be aware of your spending limit ahead of time, restrict yourself to that limit, and resist the urge to gamble beyond it, even if you encounter an enticing prospect.

We recommend you to consider placing bets on the third game of any series, especially when one team is leading 2-0. Historical data suggests that the third game can often be disappointing for such teams, particularly if they are playing away. Research thoroughly and assess player performance in closely scheduled games. If you notice a decline during the third and fourth games of a prolonged series, it may be worth investing in.

How to watch the NBA Playoffs online in AZ

Several online platforms provide access to the 2021 NBA Playoffs, with fuboTV leading the pack. Starting at $60 per month, fuboTV offers most of the necessary channels to view the entire playoffs. It’s available on streaming gadgets such as Roku, as well as on mobile devices and computers.

Hulu provides another streaming alternative, but you have to choose the Hulu Live subscription which costs $65 a month. Sling TV, available from $30 a month, also offers access to some of the games.

Moreover, you can subscribe to Vidgo for $40 a month or YouTube TV for $65 a month to access some channels that broadcast playoff games.