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In 1996, Major League Soccer (MLS) was launched with 10 teams. Since then, the premier soccer league in North America has seen tremendous growth. Currently, it comprises 27 clubs from across the US and Canada, with plans for more to join. The Phoenix Rising, a top local club in the USL, is keen to be one of the new additions.

The expansion of the league has been paralleled by an increase in betting interest. All major sportsbooks offer soccer betting, with MLS being a key draw. This comprehensive Arizona MLS betting guide will provide you with necessary information like where to locate the best MLS odds and the most effective betting strategies.

Latest MLS Soccer odds

Browse the most recent MLS odds straight from the leading AZ sportsbooks right here on our live odds feed. When you’re prepared to place a bet, simply click on the odds you prefer to register and claim the bonus.

Phoenix Rising odds

The Phoenix Rising is aiming to compete in the MLS, which will likely increase their fanbase within the state. Their home games are held at the Phoenix Rising Soccer Complex in Chandler, Arizona, which accommodates up to 10,000 spectators.

The USL club boasts the record of 20 consecutive wins by a North American professional soccer club. The team’s most renowned former player is soccer superstar Didier Drogba, who joined the club towards the end of his illustrious career.

Who is favored to win the MLS Cup?

Some franchises consistently outperform others. These teams usually dominate near the top of the league table annually. This trend is observable in every league, including the MLS. Here are some perennial favorites:

D.C. United

D.C. United, one of the 10 founding teams of Major League Soccer, is based in the nation’s capital. It has consistently been one of the more powerful teams in the league since its inception.

The franchise has been awarded four MLS Cups, four Supporters’ Shields, and a CONCACAF Champions League title. Most of the franchise records are held by Jamie Moreno, including those for the most games played, goals, assists, and game-winning goals.

Soccer icon Wayne Rooney, renowned in England, had a short stint with D.C. United towards the end of his career. Over the years, the team has successfully attracted big names like Rooney to enhance its roster of talent.

  • Manager: Hernàn Losada
  • Players at the top: Ola Kamara, Edison Flores

Los Angeles Galaxy

As one of the 10 founding members of MLS, the Los Angeles Galaxy has proven to be the league’s most successful team. The Galaxy holds a record of five MLS Cup victories and has also reached the championship four other times, although they did not win.

The club has seen several prominent players like Zlatan Ibrahimović, Rooney, Robbie Keane, and Giovani dos Santos. The team’s financial muscle allows it to draw in European superstars past their prime, in addition to the allure of Los Angeles and all the perks it offers.

Landon Donovan, an icon of American soccer, is closely associated with the LA Galaxy, having spent numerous years playing for the team. Even with several big names having played for the club, it is Donovan who holds the records for the most career goals and assists with the team.

  • Manager: Greg Vanney
  • Top performers: Javier "Chicharito" Hernández, Julian Araujo.

Seattle Sounders

Since joining MLS as an expansion team in 2009, the Seattle Sounders have consistently been one of the league’s top-performing teams most years.

The Sounders have claimed victory in the US Open Cup four times, won two MLS Cups and earned one Supporters' Shield. Clint Dempsey, a longtime stalwart of the US National Team, and Osvaldo Moreno, a defender, are among their most distinguished alumni.

  • Manager: Brian Schmetzer
  • Fredy Montero and Nicolás Loderio are top players.

How to bet on MLS in Arizona

When you visit an online sportsbook, the most common way to bet on MLS will be prominently displayed. All the upcoming matches will be listed individually once you click on the Soccer link to check the schedule.

Match Up Home Tie Away
LA Galaxy vs Colorado Rapids +110 +230 +210

This closely resembles a typical moneyline bet seen in other sports, but it also includes the possibility of a tie. Given that a draw is not uncommon in Soccer, it’s incorporated into the main bet, often known as a three-way moneyline.

Three possible choices exist for the standard bet, which can offer considerable value with positive odds. Occasionally, a clear favorite will emerge, which will carry associated negative odds.

When you select a primary game listing, you’ll discover additional methods to participate in the action. While the three-way moneyline attracts substantial betting volume, you should also consider other popular types of bets such as:

Spread Bets

Similar to other sports, a spread element is involved in MLS and other soccer leagues, though it is usually quite minimal.

  • San Jose Earthquakes -0.5 with odds of -110
  • Minnesota United        +0.5 (-110)

You have the option to select the favorite, subtracting the goals, or the underdog, adding the spread. The side you select must exceed the number for your bet to be successful.

Totals Bets

MLS games may not score as high as other sports, but you still have the option to bet on the Over/Under for total goals scored in the game.

  • Over        3.5 (-110)
  • Under        3.5 (-110)

In our example, Over bettors will be pleased if more than 3.5 goals are scored. On the other hand, Under bettors are hoping for a score of three goals or fewer.

Double Chance Bets

This is a wager where you can hedge two sides with one bet. There are three potential selections with the odds modified correspondingly for each.

  • Atlanta United/Draw -400
  • -115 Toronto FC or Draw
  • -390 Atlanta United or Toronto FC

Tie No Bet

This type of bet eliminates the chance of a draw. If the teams end up tied, your bet will be deemed a ‘no bet’ and your stake will be refunded.

  • New England Revolution    -420
  • D.C. United            +330

This encompasses many of the primary options for MLS betting, but there are even more betting types for those who want to delve further. Some examples are:

Place your bet on the exact final score of the game from a variety of options.

Both Teams To Score: A straightforward question asking if both teams will manage to score or not.

Outcome and Both Teams to Score: Select the victor or a draw, while wagering on both teams to score in a single bet.

Halftime Result: A wager on which team will be leading, or if the game will be tied, at the midpoint of the game.

Betting on MLS is not limited to the outcome of the game. Numerous sportsbooks provide more opportunities to participate by offering same-game or single-game parlays. This type of bet allows you to make multiple predictions on the same slip, like a three-way moneyline and the first goal scorer. If you are interested in betting on MLS, you will have a wide range of options to consider.

MLS props and futures

Prop bets are bets placed on minor events occurring within the game, not the overall result of the game. A popular type of prop bets, known as player prop bets, relate to the performance of individual players in terms of statistics.

Betting on whether a specific player will score a goal in a match is one of the most popular player prop bets in MLS. The odds can vary greatly based on the player’s goal-scoring skills. Other types of prop bets might involve predicting the number of corners in the game or which team will be the first to score.

If you’re interested in betting over a longer period, futures bets are an ideal option. These bets pertain to the entire season or playoff outcomes, with odds being established prior to the season commencement. Considering the challenge of accurately predicting outcomes, futures bets frequently offer attractive odds.

The suspense associated with futures is distinct due to the potential long periods of holding your bet. Major unforeseen events such as injuries or trades can significantly impact your odds. For instance, if you place a bet on a weaker team to win the MLS title and they subsequently acquire a strong player, your bet could suddenly improve. While it’s nearly impossible to forecast these events, predicting them accurately can yield substantial rewards.

Betting on live MLS games via apps

Live betting has quickly become a popular format in sports betting in recent years. This involves placing bets on a game as it unfolds in real time. The addition of live betting has brought a new dimension to watching live sports, injecting an extra layer of excitement and engagement. This is equally true for the MLS.

Live betting can also be advantageous for experienced MLS bettors. The opportunity to observe the game as it progresses and monitor the shift in momentum provides critical information that cannot be obtained by placing bets before the game begins.

The fast-paced nature of the game results in sportsbooks updating MLS betting lines swiftly. Consequently, they have less time to refine these lines which can occasionally lead to odds that are more susceptible to exploitation.

Betting live is most convenient through a mobile device app due to its unmatched betting speed. The slow process of live betting at the teller is inefficient when the odds are rapidly changing. Another advantage is the swift line shopping, as you can quickly browse through Arizona sportsbooks.

Betting on a live game usually offers most of the same options that are available before the game starts. Additionally, there may be new options that weren’t available pregame. These typically involve dividing the game into smaller segments and placing bets on the winner of these sections, such as a half or a 15-minute portion of the game.

MLS betting trends

If you intend to start betting, it is crucial to be aware of a few specific trends in the MLS.

Major League Soccer has a high level of parity

It is not uncommon for MLS teams to have notable playoff performances despite average regular-season records. Therefore, don’t immediately dismiss a team due to a poor record. By conducting further research, you can gain a more accurate understanding of the team’s strength.

Winning back-to-back MLS Cups is very hard

If a team clinically secures the MLS Cup, it logically becomes one of the favorites for the subsequent season. Yet, a glance at recent victors reveals that consecutive wins are quite challenging. Therefore, if a team triumphed in the prior season, it might be worthwhile to consider its rivals as potential champions for the next season.

MLS playoff odds

The Major League Soccer (MLS) is among the few soccer leagues that conduct a playoff. The playoffs see the participation of fourteen teams, seven from each conference, which qualify according to their performance in the regular season.

The leading team in each conference receives a bye into the subsequent round from there. The remaining six teams in each conference compete in a bracket. Both the conference semifinal and final rounds consist of two games, played at the home stadiums of each team. The MLS Cup final is a one-game championship, with the winner taking all.

During the playoffs, there are usually a few more betting options, typically involving wagers on a particular team’s progression through a round. The playoffs are also significant as this is typically when the outcomes of your futures bets are revealed.

How to watch MLS online in Arizona

If you’re interested in streaming MLS games online, several apps can facilitate this. It allows for convenient MLS viewing, particularly for those who have placed bets on teams. Apps like DAZN and ESPN+ are likely to meet your MLS streaming requirements. However, a full access to all their features necessitates a purchase.

Past MLS Cup winners and results

Here are the recent champions of the MLS Cup, along with the teams they defeated.

Year Winner Runner-up
2020 Columbus Crew SC Seattle Sounders FC
2019 Seattle Sounders FC Toronto FC
2018 Atlanta United FC Portland Timbers
2017 Toronto FC Seattle Sounders FC
2016 Seattle Sounders FC Toronto FC

Top Arizona MLS players

Several top-notch MLS players have connections to Arizona, either through birth or spending a substantial part of their early life in the state. These are the finest MLS players with links to Arizona.

  • Greg Vanney, who spent a portion of his high school years in Arizona, ultimately became a significant figure in North American soccer. His career included playing in the MLS, representing the US National Team, and a prosperous tenure as a manager following his retirement.
  • Tate Schmitt achieved an impressive feat of scoring five goals in merely 19 games during his rookie season, along with eight assists. He also spent time with the Arizona Soccer Association.
  • Luis Robles, the sole goaltender mentioned in this list, is a prominent player for New York. He is also a product of the Arizona Soccer Association.