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MLB Cy Young Betting Odds


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In the relatively brief history of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona has witnessed Cy Young-level pitching, with Randy Johnson and Brandon Webb both claiming the award at least once.

The Cy Young Award not only holds high prestige in the world of baseball, but it also creates a vast market for futures bets. If you’re interested in wagering on the upcoming Arizona Cy Young Award winner, you can find the most recent odds listed at legal online sportsbooks in Arizona. Additionally, we provide some helpful hints and strategies for betting on the Cy Young Award.

NL & AL Cy Young odds

Check out the most recent NL Cy Young odds at the online sportsbook in Arizona below. Simply click on any odds to be directed straight to the sportsbook where you can register your account and claim your bonus. Use the drop-down menu to modify your odds board and view AL Cy Young odds.

How betting on Cy Young futures works

Betting on the Cy Young Award can be divided into two specific parts. The first involves choosing the player you believe will win the award. It’s crucial to select someone with a high likelihood of winning, but beginners may overlook the importance of the odds associated with their selection, which can be equally, if not more, crucial.

The odds for this bet will be available long before the opening day. They might even be accessible soon after the conclusion of the previous year’s World Series. Predicting something so far into the future may be challenging, but as we accumulate more information over time, the odds will adjust to accommodate new developments.

Bettors enjoy placing bets on futures due to the high odds that typically accompany these wagers. The challenge of accurately predicting something far in the future makes the potential payoff all the more rewarding.

Arizona sportsbooks will default Cy Young futures to the American odds format. Although you have the option to change the format, knowing how to interpret odds in the American style is a beneficial skill for gambling.

A positive number initially denotes an underdog, or an event with less than 50% likelihood of occurrence. This number will be three digits minimum, indicating how much you could potentially win from a $100 bet. For instance, if you placed a bet on Randy Johnson to win the Cy Young at odds of +400 at BetMGM Arizona, a wager of $100 would have resulted in $400 in winnings, yielding a total return of $500. This odds format is consistent with what you would see when examining Diamondbacks odds.

Bets with favorites and outcomes that have over 50% implied probability are represented by a negative odds number. This number will always have at least three digits and it indicates the amount you have to stake to win $100. For instance, if you placed a bet on Brandon Webb winning the Cy Young Award with odds of -150 through the FanDuel Arizona app, you’d need to stake $150 to win $100, giving you a total return of $250.

Throughout the season, odds will fluctuate to minimize the sportsbook’s risk against any particular result. For instance, on the DraftKings app, if one pick is getting most of the bets, the sportsbook will lessen the odds to make it less attractive. Odds will also adjust to mirror the latest developments in the league. For instance, if a pitcher is performing exceptionally well early in the season, his odds may decrease as his chances of winning the award increase.

When placing a futures bet, such as predicting the winner of the Cy Young, there is a risk that your chosen player may sustain an injury and miss the majority of the season. This is particularly feasible for pitchers due to the intense strain they exert on their arms. Therefore, it is advisable to verify if your sportsbook has any special provisions for such scenarios before placing your bet.

A similar instance occurred with Major League Baseball’s 2020 season. The season was cut short, and initially, there was no definite plan to resume play. Various online sportsbooks reacted differently to this situation. Some suspended bets, while others annulled them entirely.

Data to consider for Cy Young bets

When wagering on Cy Young futures, it’s important to take into account historical patterns. Firstly, consider the type of pitchers who typically win this award. Most winners have been starting pitchers, although occasionally a reliever has clinched the title. Therefore, choosing a starting pitcher is generally the wisest move. However, a record-breaking season from a reliever could lead to a substantial payout if timed correctly. Throughout the award’s history, nine non-starters have emerged victorious.

When evaluating a pitcher’s potential to win the Cy Young Award, the two key factors to consider are statistics and narrative. The role of narrative can often be undervalued in the discussion of a player’s likelihood to win, but its impact on voters can be significant. For instance, a pitcher who has had a lengthy career without a Cy Young win or several near wins in succession could be perceived as “due” for the award, swaying the voting outcome.

In addition to the story, statistics are paramount. For a player to be considered for an award, they need to post superior numbers. Any data demonstrating a pitcher’s significant impact can be beneficial. Naturally, the fundamental pitching statistics that have long been in use continue to hold significance. These encompass a pitcher’s win/loss ratio, ERA, total innings pitched, and strikeouts.

It’s important to note that baseball analytics’ progress has altered the importance of certain traditional statistics in determining the Cy Young Award recipient. Previously, an outstanding win/loss record was crucial for pitchers, but this has become less significant in recent years. Analytics have facilitated a clearer distinction between a player’s performance and their team’s. Consequently, stats like wins are now less indicative of an individual’s skill level.

Felix Hernandez’s victory in the 2010 AL Cy Young with a 13-12 record was a significant event for those who often downplay a pitcher’s wins and losses. As we progress, we may observe an increasing number of trends supported by analytics emerging in the Cy Young voting.

Handedness doesn’t seem to significantly affect baseball. Approximately a third of all pitchers are left-handed and they win a commensurate portion of Cy Young Awards. Hence, a player’s throwing hand is not a critical factor in selection. Equally, there’s no major discrepancy in how the two leagues value pitchers. While the National League lacks a designated hitter, hitting stats have not impacted the competition in that MLB division. Pitching stats are what truly matter. However, this could alter if more players participate in both batting and fielding or if a particularly close contest requires an additional deciding factor.

Another crucial factor is determining when to place your bet. The earlier you place your bet, the greater the likelihood of longer Cy Young betting odds. However, this is because the information available to you at this stage is limited, thus increasing the level of difficulty.

Recent Cy Young award winners

Year AL Winner NL Winner
2020 Shane Bieber Trevor Bauer
2019 Justin Verlander Jacob deGrom
2018 Blake Snell Jacob deGrom
2017 Cory Kluber Max Scherzer
2016 Rick Porcello Max Scherzer
2015 Dallas Keuchel Jake Arrieta
2014 Cory Kluber Clayton Kershaw
2013 Max Scherzer Clayton Kershaw
2012 David Price R.A. Dickey
2011 Justin Verlander Clayton Kershaw

Other MLB futures bets

Although wagering on the Cy Young Award is quite common, there are other MLB futures bets that are equally enjoyed by people.

The majority of futures bets fall into one of two categories. The first category involves betting on the results of a team, such as the odds on the World Series champion, division champions, or the highly favored season win totals. These futures are concerned with a specific team’s performance throughout the season.

Futures bets that operate on a more personalized level typically involve various accolades, such as the Cy Young, or a player’s statistical performance. Apart from the Cy Young, the MVP award for both leagues is another common accolade for futures betting in baseball.

Here are the most frequently seen MLB futures:

  • Cy Young Award winner
  • MLB MVP winner
  • World Series champion
  • Division winners
  • To make playoffs
  • Season win totals

Cy Young betting FAQ

Wagering on the Cy Young Award may seem perplexing to beginners. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Who votes for or determines the AL/NL Cy Young?

The Baseball Writers' Association of America members are responsible for deciding the winners. In each league, two writers from every city with a team in that particular league participate in the voting process. Consequently, each league has a total of 30 voters. The responsibility of voting is shared among writers and rotates annually. The voting system requires voters to rank five choices from one to five. Players accumulate points for each vote they receive, with the highest points awarded for first-place votes, and subsequently lesser points are given for lower ranks.

In the uncommon event that two players score an equal number of points, they will jointly receive the award. This situation is rare due to the vast number of voters. Typically, each league has only one victor.

Who has the most Cy Young awards?

Roger Clemens holds the record for the most Cy Young awards won by a player, having secured the honor seven times. His first award came in 1986, and he last clinched it in 2004, making him the oldest pitcher ever to win. Randy Johnson trails behind him in second place with five awards. Clemens’ achievement, however, is shadowed by allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs.

What team has had the most Cy Young winners in its history?

The Los Angeles Dodgers, including their time in Brooklyn before relocating to LA, hold the record for the most Cy Young awards, having won it 12 times. Among these wins, Clayton Kershaw and Sandy Koufax have been multi-time recipients.

Who is the youngest pitcher to win the Cy Young award?

Dwight Gooden is the youngest pitcher to ever win the Cy Young Award, having won it at the tender age of 20 in 1985.

Who was the last Arizona Diamondback to win the Cy Young?

Brandon Webb is the most recent player from the Arizona Diamondbacks to secure the Cy Young Award. His triumph came in 2006, a year when he achieved a 16-8 record, a 3.10 ERA, and 178 strikeouts. Only one other Diamondback has won this award – Randy Johnson, who impressively captured four consecutive Cy Young Awards from 1999 to 2002.